Sunday, 11 September 2011

Never Forget

10 years on and we are still effected by the devastation of that awful September day.  I remember it well..  I had just finished my housework, the day was a quiet day and all the windows were open letting in the breeze.. It wasn't blistering hot but it was a warm day.  The sky was blue with just a brush of cloud.  I made myself a drink and sat down for the news.. There it was on every channel.  You know when you are not quite really listening, that was me.  It wasn't really registering at that point.  Shock, horror,  I don't know why?.  I went into the kitchen made myself some toast and came back in.  Usually I would watch an afternoon soap, but this day I kept the news on.   As the news was showing it showed everything it hit me, all those people, all those families, where are they, where did they go, did they get out, are they still in there?   Unknowing the tears were falling..  What I can only explain what was despair.  Never have i felt that and not since either..

Wishing peace and celebration of lives, rather than pain of death x

Friday, 2 September 2011

Clumsy Arsed Kid..

What can I say but nothing really..  I have been up to nothing..  Simply because there is nothing I can do..  I must say, my mood has hit rock bottom and I am struggling to keep my chin up..  I totally believe it is to do with the fact that I am incapacitated (is that even a word?) I am going stir crazy, driving myself up the wall and there is nothing that can actually be done to change that, so my frustrations are just insane.  There is only so much you can do stuck in a chair..  At the moment, you know when you are so bored, you can't be bothered to do anthing or talk to anyone, that's how I'm feeling..

On a fabulous note, I have managed to crochet a shawl for one of my mum's work colleagues who is having a baby first time..  AHHHHHHHH!!!  Also I have been playing with card making and I've crocheted a few nifty ornaments..  My bathroom is finished and not leaking, but thanks to my precious clumsy arsed kid, I have to fix the bloody toilet roll holder seen as he took it off the wall.  *sigh*   Pictures are to follow when I can stand long enough to take a really nice one..  At the moment I kinda lean to one side ha ha ha..

So about the old hoof.  I was wrapped in a cocoon of plaster for 6 weeks the Doc decided it was time I was out of plaster and in to a therapeutic Air boot.  Sounds all snug..  Seriously it's torture..  It has been nice though to let my foot roam free..  When I came home last week I was in a lot of pain where they had stretched the tendon even further.  I had 2 wedges in the boot.  One has to be removed each week.  I'll be in the boot for around another 3 weeks and I have to wait for physiotherapy *sigh*  Oh well the good thing is that I had a bath.  Not one bath but one every day..  This morning I had a shower/bath.  I let the water just flow over me and it honestly is nice feeling clean..

I got in to college.  I am really happy about that, but again the mood isn't letting me enjoy it..  I can't wait to get out and resume my little life..  I have made a vow though, that no matter what I am going to be going out every day..

I hope you have had a wonderful summer..  Kids back next week YIPPPEEEEEE!!!! House can stay clean all day...  I've got a 60th birthday to organise..  Hopefully the mood will start to lift..

Have a great day xxx