Saturday, 16 March 2013

You Don’t Want To Know

Hello Everyone.  I hope your day isn’t as miserable as mine?..  In the past week or so we have had every possible season lol..  And I have been poorly BOOOOOOO but not dying horahhhhhh! Not a lot of crafting BOOOOOOOO but I did get a new job.  And I have been working it for a week and I LOVE IT!!  I have just finished some easter cones while listening to The Rocky Horror Soundtrack…  Sad I know but still I love it bwahahahhaha!


A birthday card for my lovely work colleague


Mothers day Card for my ex’s mum.  We are still close and she is so helpful with the kids.  I also am still practising clouds and think maybe I am improving.. I added some stickles, just because I can’t leave nothing alone lol.


I actually liked the way this one came out.  So this is the story that goes with it *SIGH!*

Mum: Can you make me a card for my friend at work?
Me:   Yeah sure when for?
Mum: *Whispers* Tomorrow!
Me:   When?
Mum: *AHEM!! Tomorrow?!
Me:   WHAT!! Bloody hello ( and a lot of other stuff that cant be repeated.)
Mum: Laughing!!
Me:   Really breaking my new years resolution of not swearing now!
Mum: Roaring with laughter
Me:   Getting all my bits together

So In such short notice I did the button heart and filled it up with glossy accents and of course I had to have some stickles but just a little.  Added some twine and bobs your uncle.  I did print the sentiment from Pink Petticoat.

Ok that’s me done today, I am hoping to get round to your blogs I have a billion RSS Feeds to sift through and go and reply and ooo and ahhh at.. 

Out for now x