Sunday, 30 June 2013

fiasco of birthday’s

Summer is here! OH YEAH! YEEEEHAWWWW!  Are you happy?  Well thanks for asking but no, the heat is my nemesis lol.  Warm I can do, hot is a big no, no.  I get all sticky and puffy and sweaty and smelly and tired and bothered and BURNED lol!  Other than that I have had a really upside down week.   Charlie celebrated his 20th birthday, Sonny celebrated his 16th birthday.  I celebrated cried at my credit card statement bwahahahahahaha…

On top of all the fiasco of birthday’s I made a few cards and a crocheted pursed.

{This is for my Aunty Chris}

{This for my friend Gina}

I didn’t do the boys one this year as they don't really DO birthday cards any more lol.  I used promarkers to colour them in and Tiddly Inks Fayth Stamps <3 Tiddly ..

Now this purse slightly off balance I know, but it was my first attempt, which as you all know mum gets the try outs lol…  Don’t tell her though.  I think in hindsight maybe I should have counted how many sew holes there were and then increased to the same diameter as the snap frame.  Hmmmm Yes! I think I will try that was next time?  I think I have way to many stitches.  Just do extra rows?  Oh well try and try and then try again.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

A little plug

Hiya all I thought I would share this fabulous offer from The Yvestown Blog.  I must admit I was a bit naughty and purchased a bunch of fabby colours.  There are some really pretty colours over there and such a bargain.  Around 85p per 50gr.  Go see for yourself x


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Enough Nostalgia….

Is it only me who loves Jimi Hendrix?  I’m sitting chilling out with him warbling in the background as only Jimi can do.  Amazing talented man, such a waste.  Oh well he lives on though his music.


Anyhooo enough nostalgia..  This week has been a tad crazy.  When I say crazy for the most part of it for me it seemed to be Wednesday for a long time bahahahahahaha..  Anyhooo I thought I would share a few goodies that I have been playing with this week.





The top image is from dilly beans and the bottom image is from crafts and me, see iShop for links.  I like to colour these images.  They are not the traditional birthday cards.  I like to do them very plain and simple to take nothing away from the picture either.  I did sprinkle them up with plenty of stickles, as you do when you can’t leave nothing alone lol!   My card muse seems to be on her holidays.  Well who can blame her, it’s not been really fantastic weather has it.

Ahhhh that’s my crafty news for another week.  Yippee!  I hope you all have a fantabby week xx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

my man slaves

“What they doing mum!?”SDC12170

“When the boys have nothing better to do but argue and be nasty to each other then they become my man slaves!”SDC12169


“Well ok then, I shall be on guard just in case they slack off!”

“Ahhh thanks Rosie, mummy can get on with some well earned hooky time”


Sunday, 2 June 2013

……its a win, win …….


So here is my newest cushion cover and in all it only really took a few hours..  I did end up making up my own pom pom flower.  As hard as I did try I could not get the one suggested.  The good thing is that the dog hasn’t realised that I have finished it yet.  I got the inspiration from one of my blog subscriptions Apple Blossom Dreams.  Astri has done a wonderful job with hers, mine is well mine lol..

I made mine with Patons Smoothie in White and something that I got from the range in Clacton on Sea. I also used some lurking blue cotton.  I used up the last little bit from my stash and sadly there is no more of that delish colour BOOOO…

Back to work for me next week.  I must say GOOD I am really tired.  There is always so much to be done at home.  But lucky for me UNLUCKY for Sonny though.  He is going back to 6th form next term hopefully and so he has about oooooohh 3mths to spare.  So guess what bitch slave boyo will be doing.  Yes all my ghastly chores that I hate.  Of course I did say to him if he does a good job I will pay him. (That’s to ease the guilt of me making him do these chores.) Anyway its a win, win, he earns a few pennies for over the summer and I get my rotten jobs done.

I think this afternoon I am going to make some bunting for yarndale and get that sent off to lucy over at attic 24. After dinner, after a wee power nap too I think lol!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday xxx