Sunday, 9 June 2013

my man slaves

“What they doing mum!?”SDC12170

“When the boys have nothing better to do but argue and be nasty to each other then they become my man slaves!”SDC12169


“Well ok then, I shall be on guard just in case they slack off!”

“Ahhh thanks Rosie, mummy can get on with some well earned hooky time”



  1. Bwah hahaha! I love your methods! I also love that little bit of crochet. Is it broomstick or cabling that you are doing?
    xXx Helen

    1. It's neither Helen. I haven't tried broomstick or cabling. It's just normal old crochet. The pattern is from red heart and I think it is called hearts throw or somthing xxx

  2. lol I like it, must admit my hubby is really good at housework. have trained him well :D

    xx coops xx


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