Wednesday, 30 January 2013

… the postman stinks …

So Saturday I got up and I was pretty much depressed.  You know the weather stinks, your house stinks, the kids really stink, the postman stinks cos he is here so early.  OOOOOOO Wait I recognise this handy work……..



Yes you are right if you guessed Keanu.  Yes my darling boy sent me a lovely gift box (although he did send it to Amanda to forward on) In the box was a delicious heart shaped box of choc-o-late and an edible rose and some stickers and a fabby journal from Michaels which I have been drooling over ever since Krista showed it on her blog and lastly a hand made card.


Of course I loved all my gifts but my card was so special and so thoughtful and so very me and the words inside were just wonderfully heart felt.  I am so speechless that someone could be so kind and to me of all people. 


Could you imagine how my day went after my fave boy sent me his love..  Well I certainly was cheered up and it really came at the right time.  Sometimes not often enough we need to be told how fabulous we are..


I would like to send my hunk a big huge thank you and also thank Amanda for being so kind for sending it on to me.. ;o)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

I swallowed some pride………

Happy Sunday, It’s been forever since I have blogged, well it really hasn't but it does seem that way. Well what a week I have had, Sonny is being 15 and he never came with the teenage years manual so I have a little bit of a headache with him this week, I am hoping that he calms down a little after the chat we had and the fact that I have come down on him like a ton of bricks..  I do feel guilty but he has to learn, and I have tried being nice and talking now action has been taken, and I have banned him from his console use…  Of course he can’t breath anymore and he is going to die of boredom but he needs to learn a valuable lesson.

Meanwhile back in the bat cave……..  I made this birthday card for a work colleague I shall pop in a box and give her that…  I hope she likes it.  I asked her what she likes and she said tinkerbell.  Well I wasn’t going to do her a tinkerbell so I did her a whimsy stamp instead ha ha ha ha!!


I think my hair work is improving?? I still need to practise my background skills..  June from Yorkie Lover gave me some tips, she uses chalk and build up the colour..  I think that will be the best idea for me… How do you do your backgrounds?


I’m still working on my photography, coops and pops said just use some white card behind and it does seem to come out well.. errrr better than before lol..

I got a little creative in word DUN! DUN! DUN! <insert dramatic music> I added my personal touch to the cards I am making at the moment for Christmas.  You may mock but it will be on us before you know it and I hate making Christmas cards at the best of times lol..


These are my 12 days of Christmas stamps from penny black I have stamped all 12 3 times. One is for me, one is for selling and one is for charity. I usually do charity card with materials that are left over from my projects that way I get minimal waste.  I hate waste so badly..


Waiting for the glitter and glossy accents to dry before I get going with the background.  I am a tad backward like that.  I did the glitter then realised oooooo where is the background ha ha ha ha ha…

Today I am proud because yesterday I swallowed some pride and met up with my mum’s sisters.  I think there is a long way to go for me to forgive but I made a start by meeting them and I was nicely surprised and we did have a giggle as they are super funny.  They are meeting again in April, I hope to get some pictures of the four of them together..

I hope you all have a very happy Sunday, until we meet again x

Sunday, 20 January 2013


I can share this card I made for Amanda for her birthday.  I must say it does look much better in life, I just cannot take a picture to save my life.. I used a Delicious Doodle digi stamp and coloured her in with prisma coloursoft pencils and added a touch of stickles along the highlights. 


Here is a little close up of her again naff photography.


So I did finish my spring wreath, well wrapping the yarn round and round all I need now is to put some ribbon and floral features, which I will get when I go to townSDC12078SDC12079

Seriously I was laughing so much, the picture just had to be naff ha ha ha ha ha..  Why mummy WHY?!..

I am so thankful that mum and I reconciled our differences. I grew up and become who I am and really that's all thanks to my mum who is my strength, my friend and also the most annoying person on the planet at times lol…

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Running Through…

Quick, quick post today.. Like subtitles quick, blink and you will miss it bwahahahah..

Anyhooo remember yesterday picture I just wanted to show, the difference

Yesterday’s ghastly effort..


Today’s not so ghastly effort


Still a tad ghastly because I can’t take pictures. The lovely Pop from Pop’s Cards gave me a tip which I shall try with my next card.  To put a white sheet of cardstock behind and underneath and use a daylight lamp.  So I am going to give it a try here is hoping..

I am sooooooo proud of Sonny he has started a group outside of school, with people he doesn’t know and he love it..  He started St Johns Ambulance you can read more about them here.  He goes once a week for an hour and a half and he is learning.  He learned all about asthma and the kinds of medication.  This will give him perfect, perfect experience for the career he wants to pursue which is to be a nurse..

What are you proud of today?

Monday, 14 January 2013

I bought this light box

to take photo’s and it’s totally naff.  It wasnt white all round the bottom was grey and it was POO..  But I tried it.  I will tell you I got it from Maplin in the UK.. It may work for you but for me it really made my picture stink…


It looks very greyed out.  I am going to take a picture in the morning of the same card and see how it turns out.  Maybe you can let me know what you think.

Anyhoooo I am proud of my baby today who received an interview for college.  *sniff* They grow up so fast….  Anyhooo that's for the 29th of January.

What are you guys proud of today?

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Belgium chocolates…….

Well I have been a super busy girl today.  I finally have stopped.  The light has run out so no more colouring.  So I am catching up on my emails, and reading my rss feeds, which I love so much.

Today started with me getting up super early, straightening my hair and then off to the salon when I meet up with Gemma and we decide what style I am going to have, and then go and do it.  I have gone with an emo cut. and no I haven’t had a chance to take a pic.  When I returned home I sorted out my craft cupboard *rolls eyes* sometimes things should be left alone, but I did gain a shelf.  The good thing is there wasn’t hardly anything I parted with today which is good, because it means I am either not buying stuff I waste or I am using it.  I don’t know about you but are you one of these people that buy something and then don’t use it because it is so gorgeous bwahahahhahha..  Anyhoooo I definitely, have stopped being wasteful.  Yippeeeeeee!!..

I did manage to finish the trinket box I started.  Lots of lace and gluing patience lol.  I am thinking of getting or 5 of those really special choccies to pop in there.  We have a Thornton's at the shopping village.  Personally I can’t stand Thornton chocolate, but lots do.  I will think on that, the farm do great Belgium chocolates too.


I painted he box with acrylic paint and a coat of gloss that took the longest time letting it dry completely between coats. I added some lace from stash to the lid and bottom of the box and around the lace at the top I added some leaf ribbon i got from cuddly buddly.  The flowers, pins and other ebellies are all from my stash..

Today I am proud how that box came out and I am proud that I was proactive.

What makes you proud today?

Friday, 11 January 2013

…grabbing an hour…

*Yawns*  Well I made it to Friday, just about lol..  I am EXHAUSTED!!!.  Well I am crafting every day, but now I am back at work and the light isn’t on my side it’s like grabbing an hour in the morning.  Anyhooo This is my work desk at the moment.  There is my box of stamps, which I actually sorted out all the ones I am not going to use and have used but no longer require.  This is what I like to do.  This scissors are my favourite, they are from Tim Holtz but I don't get my fingers caught in them and they are as sharp as the day I bought them.


I started my Christmas cards today.  Yes I am medicated, yes I am medicated and yes I am medicated bwahahahahahahaa!!!  I decided to do them super early because I hated doing them in bulk last year and they drove me mad.  So I stamped up 1 set for me, 1 set for charity and 1 set to sell.  Hopefully!  I decided to make three of some of the things I make.  1 for me, one I donate to a charity and the other I want to sell.  Well The sell thing, is someone at school advised me to go to a few local shops and they buy handmade cards.  And I thought well if they don't sell I can always donate them to charity too. Tomorrow I am starting my spring cleaning.. Following Sandra’s post’s I really have only weekends and school holidays to get stuck in.  So tomorrow I am off for a haircut and then I am going to do some colouring and then DUN DUN DUN <insert screaming> I’m going to clean out my craft cupboard and I really mean go to town and have my throw out and give away boxes at hand, there is so much toot in there I have NO intentions of using so why not give it away.  And I know a girl who has just started to make her own cards.

Anyhooo I am off to bed I am sooooooooooooo tir….ZZZZZzzzzz….

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Pretty Crafty Home

Last year Sandra over at My Cherry Heart decided to take action in her home.  She cleaned, spruced, organised, de-cluttered as well as decorating and making things to make her home prettier.

This year I have decided to take up her 2012 challenge, ok I know I am a year late but hey who cares lol..  So the month of January will be me spring cleaning..  I am pretty much de cluttered and organised, but there is always some drawer that gets cluttered..  If you want to join in you can.  Sandra is silently doing a PCH this year but not blogging, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in too.

My lovely yarn came today SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!SDC12055

I have a few things to finish and then I am going to make a start on my little spring wreath..  Today I am proud that I am still managing to be proactive rather than a veggie on the sofa..  I made a box today for a gift, and painted another box for a gift..  Errrrr I really should have put a sealant on the box first, the acrylic paint I am using seems to disappear when I am painting.  Oh well I think one more coat and it should be lovely, I’ll show you when it’s finished.  I need to make an envelope and then I can start some challenge projects..

I am so happy to have found that I love crafting.. I get all fuzzy and excited inside when I start new projects. 

Oh also I would like to arrange some spotlight posts to my blog..  If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me.  I think it’s all about sharing and sharing alike.

What makes you happy?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Yes I have been experimenting today, and not the science kind, I was never good at atoms or H20’s lol.  Over the last few days I have been going crazy trying to work these colours I hardly use.  I have been using colours that are totally out of my comfort zone.  Forest greens, black EEK!! Petrol blue purple yah all those dark colours that scare me.  I think they scare me because I find it hard to process dark… I can’t wait to show you.

Here is a sneaky look as I haven’t quite finished.


So far what I have done I am proud of my experimenting because I never use these colours or when I do it’s very very sparingly.. 

I need to work on a leaving card for the end of term, on of our teachers are leaving for Cambridgeshire to live with her boyfriend so it’s a whole new beginning for her too..  So I want to do something special.  It’s a big thing to move, let alone move county and in with a man dun dun dunnnnnnnnn..

At the moment I am listening to Jose Gonzales.  What kind of music do you like? What are you proud of today?

Monday, 7 January 2013

Something I’m Going…..

To try..  Is this


I found this on Pintrest and it#s called a spring wreath, apparently it errrrrrr Japanese? But the Pictures say it all, So I have the ring, I got myself a half ring.
I’m waiting for the yarn which I had to order from US it was a million pounds cheaper to order in.
I have my lil flowers
I have my pins but I dunno if I will use them

Watch this space for my try..  I know exactly where I am going to put it …

Manda over at Faery Ink has a little digi stamp give away over at her blog check her out, she is a fantastic artist and is still looking for a DT to help promote her stuff..


Sunday, 6 January 2013

San Francisco

I’m telling ya San Francisco is the hardest word to spell lol..  It’s one of those words where you have to think every letter LOL!!SDC12040


Anyhooo this is my Smash* page I am entering over at Saturated Canary’s Challenge..  It’s really exciting because the challenge is to find an image which inspires a song..  Well Violet is such a hippy chick.  I was flicking though my SC images and there were a few and I had a few songs, you know as you do, I was singing my way though, then when violet came along I started singing this song by Scott McKenzie or Mama’s and Papa’s, although I do prefer Scott's version of Are You Going to San Francisco’

Have a listen

Well I hope you have a wonderful day.  Today I am proud to enter Saturated Canary’s Challenge

What are you proud of today?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Just Whizzing By

Urgh this weather is totally wretched… Totally! Anyhooo as I sit here listening to All Angels I thought I would blog my latest creation. I coloured up this Teddy Bo Image with Ranger Distress Pens..    It’s a little thank you to a little boy who gave me a little pot of hyacinths for Christmas.. 



This is a close up if you hadn’t gathered already LOL!! I am not sure about those little gemy thingy’s I got from The Ribbon Girl..  And let me tell you The Ribbon Girl has a fantastic service.  I ordered one day and received the next.. Lovely jubbly..

Anyhooo I want to have a quick chatty about distress markers and what I think of mine.. Like a mini review.  Ok I like them and I don't like them.

I don't like them because;
I’m heavy handed and they kill the paper when I am blending
The nibs get all weird and lumpy I am always pulling fibres from the tips
The fine tip is too fine
The colours are hard to work out

I like them because;
One pen can produce an array of different shades
You can blend them wet or dry
You can get nice lines
There are lots of colours to play with
They are permanent until you wet them
The colours can be really vibrant.

Here is what I am working on.  (Using Promarkers <3) It’s Saturated Canary challenge you know all top secret stuff lol… Gosh that’s a huge smudge there on the shoe PAH!


Well today I am proud of myself in a totally different way than being crafty.  My proud moment for today is that for 5 days I have blogged, and for 5 days I have shared things with people who I don’t know and would like to get to know.  My proud moment is getting myself out there and stop being shy or doubtful that my work is terrible and no one would really want to see it.  So that’s what I am proud of getting involved..

What are you proud of today?

Friday, 4 January 2013

I am on the ball

Happy Birthday card for my little Aussie girl.  She will be turning 3 in February and I am on the ball.  I know, I have been actually doing, rather than pondering about doing lol.


Anyhooo so here is my little card.  I used my prisma colours on it.  The edges look a little harsh but in life they are much softer lol

The Image is from Cuddly Buddly Pachela 

Today I am proud that I have been creative every day this year.

What are you proud of today?

Thursday, 3 January 2013

I’m a winner

Would you believe that me yes me actually won something.  Well I did and I am so excited..

I did a challenge before Christmas called Monochrome Christmas at Without Words

And Guess what………  I winned, I winned lol.  I never won anything before.  I was so excited I had to call my mum who was at work and tell her, sad I know! lol…  Anyhooo so I have to pick out 2 digi stamps from Rick St Dennis how I do that I don’t know check out his stuff LOL!!

Anyhooo so what I am proud of today is myself for actually taking the plunge and entering a challenge that I don’t usually.. I hope I get a bug to enter more..  I think it’s a good way for me to get out there and share.  Challenges are fun and also if you are lucky you could win something..  Although its not about the winning for me (it’s nice to win though lol) it’s about the joining in.

Thank you Without Words for the chance to join in and thank you Rick St Dennis for being so generous.

What are you proud of today?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Rain Is Falling!

But yet I feel quite contented at the moment..  I popped out to the shops today, which was nice but exhausting, but I am going to do just a little bit every day, until my strength returns to me..

Over at Deep Ocean Challenge Blog they are having their first challenge of the year and are doing something super simple.   Anyhoo they asked to share your crafting space and technically mine is everywhere..  This is my little desk I work on.  It took me ages to find something appropriate.  My lounge is like 15ft x 12ft so I needed somewhere that can be packed away.  This does perfectly.  Behind that is my draws where all my bits and bobs that I use are to hand.  My promarkers are in the tub with the big shot on that all sitting on my printer.  I’m hoping to get a little console table or something to put it away on..  In my bedroom there is a cupboard dedicated to all my crafting stuffs. Also I have a sewing unit where I do my quilting.  When its out it takes up my whole house, when it’s put away you would never know I crafted. In footstool I have all my papers and I have a bag with all my crocheting stuff.. PHEW!! And then there is my mum’s knitting stuff which she keeps in her footstool and down the side of her chair LOL!!! *SIGH*  Though I think if we had a bigger house it would still be all over the place, you know what they say, an empty shelf is a lonely one bwahahahhaa ok that’s just me then lol..


This is what I am proud of today.  It’s a Faery Ink Image.  Amanda has added some fabby new images over at her shop Faery Ink.  Amanda is such an awesome girl someone that I can really aspire too.  Her blog is so warm and inviting but she can’t leave anything alone and is revamping it again lol She is worse than me ha ha ha ha!!


Anyhooo I hope you like the card.  Thank you for looking x

What are you proud of today?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope you all made it into 2013 safely.  I sincerely wish you all the best in your year.  I wish you health, happiness and all your dreams come true.

This time of year for me is difficult, I fight the ole man depression, which I have recently come to terms with and although we live together I wont be a slave to him.  It’s a beginning of a new chapter in my life.  I am so excited, I am scared and most of all I have the nagging feeling whatever comes this year will I be good enough to do it?..  I want to get in to the habit of saying what did I do today to make myself proud?  I think that is a positive thing for me, to take each day. So what do I want for this year?  I want to trust more in people.  I have locked myself up long enough, not every person is fake, or a liar, or a user. I just have to find the nice people.  I want to re establish my faith and maybe find a church with nice people. I would like to socialise more and really get to know people.  I want to become more creative and join in the online fun more…

Farewell 2012 you wasn't a bad year but 2013 is going to be a much better year… *insert dramatic trumpet music*

Right now that is off my chest and thank you guys for listening here is what I am proud of today..  Today I made a birthday card for my ex father in law.  I used Jim on the hunt from Digi Stamp Boutique.  Brian likes to shoot pigeons, I have no clue why, seen as they are a tad suicidal here in Clacton lol.. So I thought Jim would be perfect.  You cant see it in the picture but I used greens and beiges here ..  I think I might embark on a photography course this year too lol..


I hope you like Happy New Year to you all xx

What did you do today that made you proud?