Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Running Through…

Quick, quick post today.. Like subtitles quick, blink and you will miss it bwahahahah..

Anyhooo remember yesterday picture I just wanted to show, the difference

Yesterday’s ghastly effort..


Today’s not so ghastly effort


Still a tad ghastly because I can’t take pictures. The lovely Pop from Pop’s Cards gave me a tip which I shall try with my next card.  To put a white sheet of cardstock behind and underneath and use a daylight lamp.  So I am going to give it a try here is hoping..

I am sooooooo proud of Sonny he has started a group outside of school, with people he doesn’t know and he love it..  He started St Johns Ambulance you can read more about them here.  He goes once a week for an hour and a half and he is learning.  He learned all about asthma and the kinds of medication.  This will give him perfect, perfect experience for the career he wants to pursue which is to be a nurse..

What are you proud of today?


  1. This is such a cute card Paula! :)

    Lovely image, just adorable.

    I also photograph my projects on matching card - white for fresh cards and ivory for the vintagey ones, so I keep the cool from the warm. I lay my cards flat on my windowsill (I am lucky to have 2foot deep ones!) and I photograph directly from above.

    I also import my pics into Adobe Lightroom and adjust the picture (which is often yellowed) to make it true to the colours I see :)

    Just keep experimenting ;)



  2. You can make your own light box pretty easy hon. We use them for pictures of swatches and products on the beauty forum. Just google it and you will find it. I can already see the difference between the two.


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