Friday, 11 January 2013

…grabbing an hour…

*Yawns*  Well I made it to Friday, just about lol..  I am EXHAUSTED!!!.  Well I am crafting every day, but now I am back at work and the light isn’t on my side it’s like grabbing an hour in the morning.  Anyhooo This is my work desk at the moment.  There is my box of stamps, which I actually sorted out all the ones I am not going to use and have used but no longer require.  This is what I like to do.  This scissors are my favourite, they are from Tim Holtz but I don't get my fingers caught in them and they are as sharp as the day I bought them.


I started my Christmas cards today.  Yes I am medicated, yes I am medicated and yes I am medicated bwahahahahahahaa!!!  I decided to do them super early because I hated doing them in bulk last year and they drove me mad.  So I stamped up 1 set for me, 1 set for charity and 1 set to sell.  Hopefully!  I decided to make three of some of the things I make.  1 for me, one I donate to a charity and the other I want to sell.  Well The sell thing, is someone at school advised me to go to a few local shops and they buy handmade cards.  And I thought well if they don't sell I can always donate them to charity too. Tomorrow I am starting my spring cleaning.. Following Sandra’s post’s I really have only weekends and school holidays to get stuck in.  So tomorrow I am off for a haircut and then I am going to do some colouring and then DUN DUN DUN <insert screaming> I’m going to clean out my craft cupboard and I really mean go to town and have my throw out and give away boxes at hand, there is so much toot in there I have NO intentions of using so why not give it away.  And I know a girl who has just started to make her own cards.

Anyhooo I am off to bed I am sooooooooooooo tir….ZZZZZzzzzz….

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  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Love this darling box, Paula. I love papercrafting almost as much as making cards. It is my passion. This is gorgeous and so feminine.
    Cathy Lee


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