Saturday, 31 December 2011

Yes they are slightly different.

OHHHHH I must say I do really really love these..  It does take a little practice to get used to them, but if I can do it, then you can for sure!  I haven't got many colours, but the colours I have are great.  So last night ( I know you shouldn’t colour at night ) mum, Sonny and I were watching Captain American (don’t bother) I decided to have a play with my promarkers

Now a few days ago into my inbox came this post from Pop.  Go check it out, she is so talented I love her work, and totally fell in love with Sugar Nellies Girls.  Pop described how easy it was to colour and I was like, yeah right!! In my dreams maybe.  But seriously I downloaded a few of the girls and yes they were easy to colour.  Why?  I shall tell you.  I am not an artist, I cannot draw, I have no clue about light, or colour, or which blends well together.  I pick up a colour and start colouring.  With the Sugar Nellie designs all the ‘arty’ stuff is done for you, all you have to do is add colour..

This is Joy from Sugar Nellies Home Grown Range over at Funky Kits


Yes they are slightly different.  I always do 2 of everything and pick the one I like the best, but to be honest with you, I just can’t pick.  I totally love the way she came out.  It is the same image I just flipped one over.  I so love them you can pick them up from Funky Kits.  You know why I like them, I like the fact I can print them in whatever size I like.  I much prefer digital stamps to rubber ones.  Less mess for a start and because I am super talented rubbish at stamping, I find it much less frustrating.

Anyhoooo today I am going to paint the same picture using my Derwent Inktense pencils and see how that comes out.

Buh-bye for now x

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

What can I say!! Another year gone, where does all the time go?  The children are not children any more but young men, going through all the challenges of life.  I’ve shared some good times this year, some bad times and a few sad times.  But look, I’m still here and so are you.. Lets have a little looksie what has gone on over the last year!


We has snow! Sonny is proudly showing off his snowwy endeavours.


We learned how to shoot pigeons (EWWWWWWW!)


We Chilled at the beach!


We did some bird watching.


We danced at the end of year party


We had fun at the pier…


We broke our Achilles Tendon (OK I!)

Errrrrrr we didnt do much after that LOL!!!!! We couldn’t.  But through it all we got to the end..

Wishing you all the best in 2012 and for the believers that the world is going to end.  I’ll see you on the other side..  Have a wonderfilled 2012…..

Monday, 26 December 2011

Another Christmas Over

Hello and a very merry Christmas, or happy holiday, or happy day if you don't celebrate at all..

Again another year of me being hostess with the mostest..  I am tired beyond belief.  As many of you know Christmas is not my favourite holiday BAH HUMBUG!!! I do enjoy the preparation's but I hate the day.. I must admit this year I have been a tad tipsy since Christmas eve bwhahahaha!

Today is Boxing Day, traditionally the day after Christmas day when the wealthy would basically box up their old stuff food toys clothes etc and give them to the servants or to the poor..  Charming!!!  Now its mainly just another glorified holiday for spending more money at the shops..  No I am not grinchy when I say that, I just feel that Christmas has lost its spirit.  What happened to Baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph, where did the carol singers go and what's with the heat wave in the middle of the winter LOL!!  Maybe a little grinchy.  The only good thing is that I spend the say with my closest..  My babies and Mum.. They are what make me get out my Christmas tree and do the festive things. Although I did get on my Mum’s nerves this year can you tell


I’m gonna so die when she finds out I have put this up.. Can you guess what she is saying??  Answers on a postcard!!!! Bwahahahahahahaa!


OMGoshly! Someone call childline! No wonder I am so scarred LOL!!!! *sings I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die*

Though we do still have a laugh I cut her fringe or bangs as you guys across the pond say..  A bit wonky I know this.. See below her beloved hair is ruined by my hand  *hangs head in shame, then laughs in abundance*


Although this pic does get all of my five chins in and guess what this is what we are..

Crafty things to come in the New Year and still my surprise to unveil. 

Wishing you a wonderful 2012 and I hope you are as happy as we all are,,

Monday, 21 November 2011

Z Z Z z z z . . .

CRIKEY!!! It’s the best I can come up with, without offending someone lol..

So last time I spoke I had the worst throat infection ever, I couldn't even speak.  As you can imagine everyone was so happy about that, never mind my pain they were just joyous for the peace…  I did feel a little sorry for myself though when they were skipping and dancing about **SIGHHHHHH!

Good news is I finished the jackets, yes still almost finished the fringing on my shawl..  For goodness sake I didn’t realise how boring fringing is, so I am doing a little bit at a time..

In between fever, sweating and the chills I started this project..  Come on have a guess at what I am doing..

Elastic Bands +


Nappies or Diapers if you are American or Poop Catchers if you don’t know either word LOL!!


= 192 rolled nappies later


Any guesses yet?  Yep I am making 3 nappy cakes..  I’ve never done one so I researched on you tube how to and it’s so easy and really effective and it can be as expensive or as cheap as you like..

I also started some sheep today before I went to work..  Yes I said back to work..  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – BLOODY – HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Yah last week my lovely physiotherapist signed me off and I skipped went to the Doc’s and hoped for the same.  He was happy to let me back to work but he just wants me to ease back into it..  I am happy with that.  My first day back and my ankle felt it.  My hip. leg and ankle are feeling it now but that’s to be expected. 

Sonny and I are joining the gym.  We want to be fitter than we are, me for lots of reasons, mainly the fact that if anything goes wrong I am gonna be stuffed..  Last week I started back at Aqua Aerobics and my leg loved the weightless feeling, but didn't like the work.. LOL!!  It really felt odd..  I finally got over my fear of getting out of the pool and went along only to discover they have a completely different stair system..  YIPEEEEEEE!!!

Well I do have one more piece of news for you guys buy I will save it..  You will lurrrrve it…

Friday, 4 November 2011

Long Time No See…


(Above me looking out the window all forlorn.. *sniff*)

Well what can I say?  The was nothing to report other than the fact I was sitting in my chair festering about the fact I was missing the summer and the fact there were so many things I wanted to do, but couldn’t.  But I soon fell into that dreaded place called depression.  And it was hard for me to paint on the brave face every day and tell everyone I was ok..  Hopefully now I am out the other side..  The boot is off hooray!!! I’m hobbling around and driving..  Next step is back to work when the physiotherapy department discharge me..

I am back to getting crafty (something I neglected to do).  My mood is lifting slowly the more I get around.  It really does make you think about how on earth others cope.  Luckily there is a light at the end of my tunnel but others are not so fortunate and now I am more aware that when someone is a little bit grumpy with me there maybe another reason why that maybe not the fact they are just rude and mean.

So me being crafty I have crocheted up some little things..  Actually it was great. I bought some lovely chunky wool and made three little jackets from that, this is the smallest one.


Yes I know my photography is something to be desired and I probably should have used a small hanger lol..  But still this was so easy and fun to do..

A little close up of the curlews


I got this pattern from Annie’s Attic Scrap Crotchet.  A really lovely little book I swiped from amazon for a few pounds.. I didn’t have the wool in my stash because I did make three, but for under £20 this wasn’t a bad price either.  There is a little hat to make but I have run out of wool.  I am working on a shawl too it’s kind of my own pattern and has gone awfully wonky so I need to undo and do the wonky bit again lol..  Oh well..  That’s me so far..  And just to make you sick, I only need to get one Christmas prezzie LOL!!!!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Never Forget

10 years on and we are still effected by the devastation of that awful September day.  I remember it well..  I had just finished my housework, the day was a quiet day and all the windows were open letting in the breeze.. It wasn't blistering hot but it was a warm day.  The sky was blue with just a brush of cloud.  I made myself a drink and sat down for the news.. There it was on every channel.  You know when you are not quite really listening, that was me.  It wasn't really registering at that point.  Shock, horror,  I don't know why?.  I went into the kitchen made myself some toast and came back in.  Usually I would watch an afternoon soap, but this day I kept the news on.   As the news was showing it showed everything it hit me, all those people, all those families, where are they, where did they go, did they get out, are they still in there?   Unknowing the tears were falling..  What I can only explain what was despair.  Never have i felt that and not since either..

Wishing peace and celebration of lives, rather than pain of death x

Friday, 2 September 2011

Clumsy Arsed Kid..

What can I say but nothing really..  I have been up to nothing..  Simply because there is nothing I can do..  I must say, my mood has hit rock bottom and I am struggling to keep my chin up..  I totally believe it is to do with the fact that I am incapacitated (is that even a word?) I am going stir crazy, driving myself up the wall and there is nothing that can actually be done to change that, so my frustrations are just insane.  There is only so much you can do stuck in a chair..  At the moment, you know when you are so bored, you can't be bothered to do anthing or talk to anyone, that's how I'm feeling..

On a fabulous note, I have managed to crochet a shawl for one of my mum's work colleagues who is having a baby first time..  AHHHHHHHH!!!  Also I have been playing with card making and I've crocheted a few nifty ornaments..  My bathroom is finished and not leaking, but thanks to my precious clumsy arsed kid, I have to fix the bloody toilet roll holder seen as he took it off the wall.  *sigh*   Pictures are to follow when I can stand long enough to take a really nice one..  At the moment I kinda lean to one side ha ha ha..

So about the old hoof.  I was wrapped in a cocoon of plaster for 6 weeks the Doc decided it was time I was out of plaster and in to a therapeutic Air boot.  Sounds all snug..  Seriously it's torture..  It has been nice though to let my foot roam free..  When I came home last week I was in a lot of pain where they had stretched the tendon even further.  I had 2 wedges in the boot.  One has to be removed each week.  I'll be in the boot for around another 3 weeks and I have to wait for physiotherapy *sigh*  Oh well the good thing is that I had a bath.  Not one bath but one every day..  This morning I had a shower/bath.  I let the water just flow over me and it honestly is nice feeling clean..

I got in to college.  I am really happy about that, but again the mood isn't letting me enjoy it..  I can't wait to get out and resume my little life..  I have made a vow though, that no matter what I am going to be going out every day..

I hope you have had a wonderful summer..  Kids back next week YIPPPEEEEEE!!!! House can stay clean all day...  I've got a 60th birthday to organise..  Hopefully the mood will start to lift..

Have a great day xxx

Saturday, 23 July 2011

One leg is better than no legs.

First off hello and how are you guys??..  Thank you for reading me it’s always a pleasure.
So as you can remember last weekend I was off to do my sponsored 24 relay for life for cancer research.  Well you know you should pack up when you are trying to get up 3 million marquee’s and 2 tents and start a B-B-Q and a refreshment stall all the while the rain is falling happily from the sky..  Yeah you know that feeling right?.  For me it was all good, the sun didn’t come out but it definitely stopped raining by the time I had to to my support for breast cancer walk ..  Saturday passed and Sunday came. I was up for my last walk at 9am.  I grabbed my BFF Gina and off we went a couple of times round the track and then she snuck off to get me a nobbly bobbly, yes my fave everyone knows it..  Mark (Mr Salter our maths teacher) took over and we skipped probably just one skip and I felt like what only can be explained as if someone had jumped on the back of my leg and then a big twang and the my foot went all wobbly and I think because I was standing on it, was the reason it didn’t fall off.  Anyhooo a few St Johns Ambulance people (which I would like to thank for helping me) 2 hospitals later, I was home with one ruptured Achilles tendon and a plaster cast..  How lovely is that have a look what it is I have done…
Until Thursday I wont know whether its gone all the way through, I have an appointment with the Orthopaedist who is probably going to prod and poke and also examine my leg LOL!!! So I wont know until then.  In the mean time I’ve got to keep totally off it.. Not even stand on it, which is harder than you think. It’s the most painful thing I have ever done, and it cramps a lot which brings tears to my eyes..  Though I am hoping to get a lot done in the craft way..
On a good note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sponsored me, I myself raised around £160.00 which I still need to collect but I don't think they will mind me being a bit late with it..
It’s a total pain up the bum because I had so much planned for the holidays.  All the free days out and walks and picnic’s and beach time. BOOOOO..  Oh well never mind I can make up for that once I’m back on my feet….
Hope to give you all an update soon…xxxx

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Winding Down.

Well hello my long lost people.  Actually though it was me who was long lost, but hello when you find out what I’ve be up to you will wonder why I’m not in a mental ward..
So since the last time we spoke I’ve had a trip to London, a wild time, 2 birthdays, a end of year disco, a mammoth cake making week, a shock to my system and to top it off a jab to my foot.
For Sonny’s birthday I said I would take him and a friend out for the day.  He chose Woburn Safari Park, oh it was lovely.  The animals were bouncing all over the place, mum was proposed to by a Rhino and the monkeys left footprints all over my car.  I did get any pics simply because I was driving and mum was filming with her camera, but I will try and figure out how to get a video here or on you tube and you can see for yourself how close we were to the animals.
Charlie was lucky enough to go back to London this year.  I found out the week before he could go so that was like a rush a round getting all his bits and bobs together.
My baby Charlie was 18 OH EM GEEEE!!!!!  He has gone from this……My little 1lb 13oz baby
to this………
My handsome little boy to this ……
My fabulous Young Man..  Oh how handsome is he!!!!…  Congrats Char for getting to 18 and getting though all the trials and tribulations of your life..  Love ya Loads moany bum xxxxx
Charlie chose to go to Clacton Pier and Sonny invited everyone and his aunt.  It was a great day it really was and I was surprised at how many people turned up here is a little list and I thank you all for coming
Jo Turner and her family, Carol Munday, Tamsin Beattie, Sarah, Harry and James Knapp, Nicola Alves and their friend Mel and Guy, my BFF Gina and her family Claire and James, Sally Booth along, Marie, Brian and Mark Folkes, Shazza Mumfy Mumford, Charlie, Sonny and Me!  It was a day to remember..  Thanks guys for making the boys birthday so special xSDC11190
Miss Munday with Zoe and Sonny.SDC11176Harry and James
Tams and Sonny
Sarah and Char
The Melted Mario Cake
Marie being Roy
All smiles before the ride, I was laughing so much at Sarah I couldn’t get a picture lol
Tams on the Dodgers.
Tams, Sonny and Zoe on the bikes.
Arsoles to you say Gina, Claire and James lol!!SDC11191
My BFF Gina xxxx
Me and My BFF
At the Year 9 Leavers Party

Tams and Sonny Awwwww!SDC11195
BFF with her mint choc chip diet Ice cream.  Seen as it was her birthday Mr Muldoone treated her..
BFF And Julie Claxton
Dickie Nibbling his ice cream.

Tamsin and Sonny’s first Dance AWWWWWWW!!!
So yes a really busy time.  All I have now is the RACE FOR LIFE this saturday and then I’m done.. 
Happy days readers…  Thanks for staying with me xxxx

Saturday, 4 June 2011

I have found a new passion

Hey all I hope you are enjoying the weather..  Summer seems to have came early.  We did have a spot of rain here in good old Clacton which cleared the air..

This week I have been everything lol.  Busy is an understatement.  So you remember I had a bodger job put my bathroom in last year, which leaked and was falling apart, I found a really nice plumber called Ian who runs his company JB Plumbing.  Well he took out the old bathroom and installed the new and you wouldn’t even know he was there.  His partner in crime Colin was also very nice and they were both very polite and really clean and tidy.

Also this week I have found a new passion.  Which is for stamping..  I am loving it.  I have made quite a few cards.  Lucky I’m not starting a business otherwise we would go under in a week lol..  I’m very slow at making cards, I think that's because I am a tad ocd when it comes to having this perfect.. Though on saying that, I can see all the wonky bits on my cards lol.

So the week progressed I had char’s social worker come to see him.. Deep joy!  He is moving from children services over to adult services, as he is 18 this month.   Oh where does the time go??..  I remember finding out I was preggy with my little baby binkle..

So to add to the mayhem.  I only had to have a cold and on top of that find out I had a dying nerve in my tooth, which needed emergency treatment.  I am so thankful for that.  I was in so much pain, I nearly bit Sonny’s head off.. Anyhoo Mr Willam Botha fitted me in before surgery.  He drilled and pulled and poked and when he pulled on my nerve it actually exploded, the smell was vile and the taste, well I wont go into..  But it was horrible.  He gave it a good clean up and sent me on my way looking like a chipmunk and feeling ok.  Once the numbness wore off, OH EMM GEE!!!! I was in that much pain I went to bed..  The Pain has subsided as well as the swelling, so I know it’s getting better.

I’m looking forward to going back to work on Monday.  The relay for life is  approaching fast.  I’ve been chosen to walk the hour for breast cancer support.. So I need to whip up some really funky bra’s..

I hope you have a wonderful week xxxx