Sunday, 27 June 2010

Time to Relax

Happy Sunday everyone. I am having a day off. Yes I deserve it. I am just having a day to myself.. The reason is Bloody Blimey Ooooeeeer what a week I had lol!!.. I really did not stop. If I wasn't shopping then I was baking and if not baking, I was decorating. Charlie turned 17 wednesday, and Sonny turned 13 Saturday. So 2 birthday's one party and out for a meal. My bedroom has been done now. It has turned out wonderful. I have just the frontroom and hallway to complete and that's my lot. I can't wait. I am sick to death of it.. *SIGH* anyhoo on the lighter note I will have a fabulously glossy home. I might send off to one of them home mags to show it off..

So I thought instead of giving you loads of waffle about what I did, wouldn't it be nice just to show you.. So we here goes

A crochet square... NOT ha! I have worked the pattern out now lol.

A lovely evening walk along the beach. ( feet super sore after though)

Rogue wave soaks Sonny, I think there is another one creeping up *hums Jaws theme*

Enuff said Guv'

That walk back up from the beach is a son of a gun!

Blueberry cookies for the oldies at mum's work place.

Yummy summer cake alert for Mum's friend Helen, who went back to the Phillipeans (spelling is not my fortay!)

Drool, drool, slobber, slurp!

My little crafty space. A blank canvas to delish up.

Enuff said Guv'

The last room..

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Lets hope the sun stays out too xxxx

Friday, 11 June 2010

Probably The Smallest...

Lolly in the world..  Take a look at this....

There I was looking forward to watching my film (The book of Eli) with a nice little (being the operative word here) nibbl of one of my weight watchers ice cream lollies.  So I screamed at mum, 'bring me in one of the weight watchers lollies please' .  Then I heard snorting and chuckling and in she came with it..  There all in it's glory was my lolly.  I dare not open a window or cough just incase it blew away..  Eating this was an amazing task.  It took ages to eat. I think though I was just savouring the taste.  I even ate the stick (wood has no calories).  So the verdict was it was delish..

I was baking yesterday and thought I would share my baking expertise.  When mum does her craft day at her work, I like to make the older ones something, but they can't eat full sized things, and they can't have lots of fat and sugar.  So for me I make someting really light which I can eat also.   I never have done blueberry muffins as I have only just discovered I love blueberries.  I baked some lemon and blueberry mini muffins.  Take a look drool and dribble at will.

These were delish, the blueberries just popped nicely in your mouth and you had an aroma and slight taste of lemon.  I was very impressed..  I got the recipe from Mary Berry's book.  Thumbs up from me..  Though Mary is my hero.  I think we have all used her recipe's and they work every time...

Anyhooo I am going to have a wonderfully relaxing weekend be busy again this week.  The boys room is complete, just waiting for carpet to be laid.  I need to clear out the big room ready for decorating next week..  I'm not gonna go mad, just plod along as I do..

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and lets hope the sun gets a groove on and shines xx

Monday, 7 June 2010

It was only an E..

Happy Monday..  I hope you had a great day..  It was kind of weird here today.  The weather was kooky, overcast, sunny, dull, sunny, nippy, boiling hot.  Definately a tad strange.

Mum and I went in to colchester to have a look for the boys carpet, as there room is being done now.  There were loads to choose from, but I do like me a little bit of different, so I picked out a really fabby stripey carpet.  No! Don't shriek with horror until you have seen it.  Anyhooo while we were there we also chose our bedroom carpet, the frontroom and hallway carpet and the stair carpet.  The stairs are also going to be stripey LOL!! I did go for a traditional one in the front room and hallway and also our bedroom though.  So thats done, one less job.

While we were in colcehster we thought we would have a change and shop in Sainsbury's.. OH it was awful lol..  It took twice as long for a grocery shop becasue I didn't have a clue where anything was.  Bad idea, I'll stick will good ole morrisons..

I have been super productive today, the carpet all ordered, and we booked a holiday, after ages of trying to find a nice hotel in cornwall we ended up picking the Cimon in Torquay.  I liked this one for more than the obvious reasons, but also because when I rang and explained about Charlie, they totally took that on board and were very helpful to say the least.  She said if there was anything that we required then just to ask and they would cater for him.  She also is popping loads of stuff in the post so Charlie can study the area.  How nice is that!?  Just by going on the telephone conversation, I am already impressed with the customer services and we haven't even got there.  The boys are already really excited and Sonny asked if this time we can stop by Stonehenge..  I would like to go either, I know they are just a bunch of rocks to some but wonderfully arranged lol..

On to some little renovation updates..

Ahhhh my kitchen finally, has a table. Let me tell you it was a thorn, a thorn, I tell you..  Finding the right size was a total nightmare, but I battled on and ta da there a perfect size table.  (ignore the mess at the back I'm still sorting stuff out into their homes)

Ok anyone notice anything strange about this.  HMMMMMM I wonder.. Yes it's meant to say bake, but the e decided it was all to much and commited suicide, by throwing itself off the wall and tumbling to the floor where it met it's death.. Let's have a moment please....

R.I.P e, I hope you have gone to a better place..  I will find your brother and bring him home and stick him to my wall.

Would you not like a room just like this?  This is the boys room about to be started..  It's improved 100% in comparison to what it was.

Remember that blue little space?  I so adore the tiles.  The are made of glass and reflects the colours around it, so they are forever changing.  Nice one!

Shelves all painted by me, towels not co-ordinating, but in colour sequence.  Charlie at the top (he wanted black towels), Sonny next with red towels, me with aqua and mum with lilac.  It's not about matching it's about not using each others towels..

OOOOOO I love these, I bought a toilet roll holder and a towel holder.  So different I love them to bits..

I can't remember where I got them but they only worked out £6.70 each..  Quite unique.. Until everyone tells me I am way behind on the unique scale LOL!!

Anyhooo another day is completed and some more of the house completed.  I had a wonderful day and I hope you do too xx

Sunday, 6 June 2010

No DIY posts today.  I'm having a day off completely.  No paint, sanding, wallpaper, drilling, screwing (with a screw driver you dirty pervs) NO NOTHING.  I think I am way over due a little me time.  So where do I spend it LOL..  Cleaning, ironing, and now blogging.  ha ha ha Life is a Beach is it not?

Isn't that lovely carving of my finger?  I thought for my newest craft I would start carving up my fingers into different shapes.  I must tell you it's rather painful.  But here is the true story lol.. last night while I was cutting up onions of all things, I happily slid the knife through my finger, I pleasently skipped to the sink to wash it before continuing chopping that onion. Ok it was nothing like that in a pleasant kind of way, more like I had to press my lips together and skuttle to the sink where I thought I might need a blood transfusion and cursing the pesky knife.  But with a good ole English stiff upper lip, I did continue (with a plaster on of course, I mean who wants my blood in their onions?)

please excuse the bloodstained nail and bad manicure.

My crotcheting is really coming along fab000000-li here's a look at the next section of squares I have done.

I learned how to put in bobbles..  And yes it's wonky for those of you with eagle eyes, who notice these little wonky bits.

This is treble twist stitch, which look like cornrolls and has a really nice texture to it.  I really enjoyed this stitch it was very easy to do.

Another Granny, different from the last, it took me four attempts. but once I was off there was no stopping me.. I have trouble with the circle lol.

Finally a little half treble square..  I have no idea what this throw will look like when it's all sewn, but already I am so proud of it..  This year one of my goals were to learn to crotchet and although I may not be the neatest, I know I have learned..

Anyhoo I am off to do some dinner and I'm also going to play around with my blog.  Have a great week and hope to catch up with you guys soon.. xx

I blog because....

I was over at Pip's today reading her post about why she blog's.  I decided that I also wanted to reflect on why I blog.  So here is my little post on why I blog

I blog because :

I love to write, but wish to improve on that finding my own style.
I love to share new things I have learned
I love to share what I am upto and maybe just make one person smile
I love to talk about  the people who make me happy
I love to find ways to meet people