Friday, 11 June 2010

Probably The Smallest...

Lolly in the world..  Take a look at this....

There I was looking forward to watching my film (The book of Eli) with a nice little (being the operative word here) nibbl of one of my weight watchers ice cream lollies.  So I screamed at mum, 'bring me in one of the weight watchers lollies please' .  Then I heard snorting and chuckling and in she came with it..  There all in it's glory was my lolly.  I dare not open a window or cough just incase it blew away..  Eating this was an amazing task.  It took ages to eat. I think though I was just savouring the taste.  I even ate the stick (wood has no calories).  So the verdict was it was delish..

I was baking yesterday and thought I would share my baking expertise.  When mum does her craft day at her work, I like to make the older ones something, but they can't eat full sized things, and they can't have lots of fat and sugar.  So for me I make someting really light which I can eat also.   I never have done blueberry muffins as I have only just discovered I love blueberries.  I baked some lemon and blueberry mini muffins.  Take a look drool and dribble at will.

These were delish, the blueberries just popped nicely in your mouth and you had an aroma and slight taste of lemon.  I was very impressed..  I got the recipe from Mary Berry's book.  Thumbs up from me..  Though Mary is my hero.  I think we have all used her recipe's and they work every time...

Anyhooo I am going to have a wonderfully relaxing weekend be busy again this week.  The boys room is complete, just waiting for carpet to be laid.  I need to clear out the big room ready for decorating next week..  I'm not gonna go mad, just plod along as I do..

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and lets hope the sun gets a groove on and shines xx

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