Wednesday, 11 January 2012

*sighs, twirls and faints*

Morning everyone.  I have the man from sharps here measuring my bedroom for new fitted wardrobes, so I though I would have a little blog while he is doing that.  I have my glasses on too so he might think I am working from home because I am super intelligent.  Or then again he might think ‘wow she has so much time on her hands’.

So I finished Granddads card


I’m not super happy with it but then on the other hand boys cards?  POOOO not pretty at all lol..


I am starting to decorate the inside of my cards too.  I have seen a few cards that are decorated inside and it just is the icing on the cake.

I have started to cover my cake boards for my nappy cakes but…  DU DU DUNNNNNNNN I am having a few problems with keeping it stuck.  I think that the double sided sticky is a dodgy batch and so I am going to have DU DU DUNNNNNNN  wet glue it..  *sighs, twirls and faints*

I’ve been roped in for the cancer research for life again this year.  Although I am not walking I am refusing lol.  But I am going to get involved by making cards and hopefully selling them to raise a few pennies.  Watch this space!

Ok loves off for now.  Have a great day!

Monday, 9 January 2012

LOTV Super Duper Mega Candy

LOTV is having a Super Duper Mega Candy.  They are offering 12 stamps to one lucky winner how cool is that!  All you have to do is skip over and enter your name and display a link somewhere on your blog..  It's my first time at doing a blog candy give away so here's hoping..  Good Luck if you enter x 

LOTV Super Duper Mega Candy

Saturday, 7 January 2012

I stamp 298764321 images

I have had a eureka moment!! Say what?  I hear you cry.  Yes I have discovered 2983746 years after you guys. Rock a Block Stamp rockers!! What?  Stamp rockers! Yeah I know crazy I know. So I out came my new rock a blocks and OH EM GEEEEEEEEE!! They stamp beautifully they really do.  I never buggered it up at all.  Usually when I stamp, I stamp 298764321 images and pick the best one..  Anyhooo below is the set I bought!


Oh aright its not perfect but then neither and I lol.. I think I pressed a little to hard like I would..  So Thumbs up for crafters companion.


I finished my other card.  I know I am getting better every time I make one they are coming out nicer and nicer.  I am pleased with it, even if i have to say so myself.


I started painting a new stamp for the boys granddad.  This one i picked up in the range and its a Fizzy Moon I think!!!!!! hmmmm


Oh well another crafting moment over..  See you next time x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2 inches shorter

Woot!! The little one went back to school today..  Actually he isn't so little he is about 2 inches shorter than me lol.. Last school term we had a little bit of trouble with getting up in the morning.  So we have come to some agreement.  Lets hope one of us (not saying which one lol) keeps to the deal.

We bought a slow cooker today.  I hate cooking end of story..  So this way it cooks itself.  Although I do plan to do more cooking this year (something i say every year lol)

Anyhooo moving swiftly along.  I finished my card… Here have a looksee


Hmmm I am not sure about it really lol..  But still I am still learning.  I do like the colours, very soft.

I did some gardening today…………… *Bats eyelashes*


Paper flower gardening is always the best lol..

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

Well I made it! Just about. My stinky old dog Rosie decided to chew on a squeaker I thought I had disposed of. Anyway she found it so mum held her while I tried to pry it from her mouth and my thumb got stuck in her front teeth.  Anyhoooooo after a lot of coaxing we had to use drastic measures which is turning on the tap and putting her nose under it.  Sounds cruel, but I would rather her have a wet nose than an operation to remove a squeaker..  Anyhoo she knew and retreated before her nose even got there and the battle was won… *Sigh* I love that dog!!!!


As promised the painted girls.  I think the Promarkers and the Derwent are really on par with each other.  Its not the pencils or markers, its my colouring lol..


I dunno though I think when I paint I am less afraid of colour.  Although why she has orange lips I dunno?


Background fail, but still not too bad.  Her hair could have been shaded a lot better, but I love how I am improving on the facial shading.

Next step to make them into cards.  DU DU DU DUMMMMMMM LOL!! Oh well we shall see what happens..