Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

Well I made it! Just about. My stinky old dog Rosie decided to chew on a squeaker I thought I had disposed of. Anyway she found it so mum held her while I tried to pry it from her mouth and my thumb got stuck in her front teeth.  Anyhoooooo after a lot of coaxing we had to use drastic measures which is turning on the tap and putting her nose under it.  Sounds cruel, but I would rather her have a wet nose than an operation to remove a squeaker..  Anyhoo she knew and retreated before her nose even got there and the battle was won… *Sigh* I love that dog!!!!


As promised the painted girls.  I think the Promarkers and the Derwent are really on par with each other.  Its not the pencils or markers, its my colouring lol..


I dunno though I think when I paint I am less afraid of colour.  Although why she has orange lips I dunno?


Background fail, but still not too bad.  Her hair could have been shaded a lot better, but I love how I am improving on the facial shading.

Next step to make them into cards.  DU DU DU DUMMMMMMM LOL!! Oh well we shall see what happens..

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