Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Feel For Myself….


Happy Sunday one and all.  I would like to say it feels a lot like spring!!! Isn’t that wonderful.  The sun is shining away and blow me down with a feather even though the temperature is still a bit chilly but the sun is really lovely and warm coming in through the window.

I’ve been really busy this week.  I’ve had the boys home for half term school holidays.  Char went off to his nan’s for the week and is back today.  It’s been great, as we all needed a well earned rest from him (not meaning that in an awful way, but autism does sometimes get the better of things) anyhoo!  I spent some quality time with my baby.  We went to see, Tangled 3D and Gnomeo and Juliet 3D.


I also have a confession.  After Lucy showed off her wonderful Debbie Bliss Andes yarn, I had to have a feel for myself.  So while I was out and about I saw some at a yarn shop but was like falling over with shock at the price which I must say is well over priced at £6.10 a hank.  Good old trusty google.  I had a look and found that HCS crafts do the exact same wool for £4.90 a hank wooooooooohoooo!!.  I found a really lovely pattern from Sarah London, and as I am a bigger girl it is going to take more wool and time, but the pattern I picked is going to be worth it and really easy too.  I decided to make myself a jumper/cardigan for the spring.  I picked some amazing colours, although I think they are more Autumn colours, I don’t care.  The feel of this wool is wonderful.


The kids are back at school tomorrow, and me back to work. I have a super busy week.  Wednesday I am back at the hospital about the old wrist yippee!! Lets hope they can fix it.  Thursday it’s Mum’s 98th 64th birthday, I hope she likes the surprise I got her. Friday I am back to see nurse Debbie.

I’m still smoke free.  Is it any easier? Yes it is getting easier, I’ve worked out instead of having something to eat, I do a bit on my lovely jumper lol.  So it’s my jumper is really coming along fast.  Although sadly I have put on a bit of weight.  But that’s because the metabolism does slow down and also that ciggies can act as a laxative.  Anyhoooo I am 8 days free.  And I will not go back.  I will battle it and conquer it and when I feel that I have successfully done it, I am going to then move on to my weight problem.

I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful week.  OOOO And hopefully I will have finished up my heart cushion to show you, all I need to do now is add some buttons x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hoo Are You? #33

1. Where do you usually have your thermostat set at in the winter?

We don’t have a room thermometer, our radiators each have a thermostatic vaulve on them so we can turn them up and down individually.  Like in the boy’s room is really low cos they sweat and stink and in my bedroom is medium and in the living room is way up high cos we are in there.

2. What room do you tend to put off cleaning until last?

Oh this is so easy. The floors and stairs, I hate mopping, so this is my last job, and once it’s done then I know housework is over.

3. Do you like to clean with music on or off?

This depends on what I’m cleaning.  If I am generally doing housework then off, but if I am deep cleaning, I like music on, it seems to take the mundaness at bay.  Then again I like to listen to the stories channel too.

4. When do you take time to blog?

I pretty much blog, when I have a spare 2 minutes to sit down.  I am a fussy blogger, I would rather write something that is interesting whenever, than write a load of toshwackle everyday.

5. How much time do you spend looking at other blogs a week?

OH EM GEE!! I am a total blog stalker.  I have feeds which I read everyday and then when I am in that lets find a new blog mood, i can add another hundred to my feed.  I would say to scan read my feeds takes about an hour….

Thank’s Leslie for another Hoo Are You?


Monday, 21 February 2011

Retail Therapy

Happy Monday everyone.  It’s still dreary in Clacton BOOOOOOO!! I’m hanging in there for the spring..  I can’t wait.

I had a really lovely weekend.  I have a confession to make.  I had a lot of retail therapy OOOOPPPS!! Oh well when my goodies come I will show it.  But as a sneaky tell tale, one of the goodies I really had to save for this item, and it’s gonna be really useful and practical.

Saturday Mum and I went off too the Stitch and Craft show and as usual we got lost on the way, I mean come ON it was only up the road in Braintree, but we did have a lovely drive through of Stisted. The craft show was wonderful, impossible to take photo’s as there were so many people.  There was everything there and more.  I was there for a look see as I had never been to one before and Mum was looking for a new craft.  If you are into paper crafting, scrapbooking, card making etc then you would have been in your heart of glory. There were loads and loads of stalls there for paper crafting.  Hmmm let me think about the kinds of stalls.  Well there were paper craft, quilting, sewing, knitting, silk painting, clothes makers, basket weavers, cross stitchers oh loads and loads.

I bought myself a cross stitch kit, the design is one of my favourite artists, Suzanne Woolcott with one of her girls.


I also bought this lovely basket, which I am thinking beachy for the summer to put my crafts in when I go down there.


And I bought a new craft which I’ve never done before.  It’s called Decopatch and it’s a fast craft with quick results.  I did one tonight just before blogging.  I bought a giraffe which I’ve yet to name.  But I think he has come out really well.  I really enjoyed doing it and also because of the non smoking me, I am looking for things to do.


I finished my love cushion finally.  I did enjoy this one, but I don’t want to make another one.


My cushion front is coming along really well.  I am really happy with it.  I’m going to make another one for a gift.  I bought all the material I needed to do it.  It’s so easy to make.  Although it does take me ages because of the wrist.

Anyhooo I am off to take mummy to work. 

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Dreaded Puff

Hello from really dreary Clacton.  I hope the spring is springing here soon. 
I've been smoke free for 30 hours and 30 minutes.  This is the longest time I've been smoke free in a long time.  It is about time.  And I don't think I am ratty yet.  But I am feeling picky.  I've been trying to keep busy, to keep my mind off things.  I went to my doctors on friday and see Nurse Debbie.  My Carbon Monoxide levels were at 11mg, a non smoker registers at around 1mg.  So that is horrible.

I must say that I do feel more energetic.  I am hoping that keeps up becasue I am getting sooooo much done.

Anyhoooooo I'm hoping that by talking about my goings on during my withdrawel from nicotene that someone might read this and be inspired to maybe think about giving up the fags.

I decided to give up for many reasons, but I had to make that decision for myself.  I always liked smoking, it was relaxing and before I knew it, had become a habit.  I would get up in the morning have a shower and a fag, go in the car have a fag, have something to eat have a fag, read a book, have a fag, watch t.v have a fag, talk on the phone, have a fag. So basically over the years it had become a habit.  In my decision to give up, the thing that was bugging me the most was the stench.  My breath, my hair, my body, my car, my house, my clothes, all stunk to high heaven of fag smoke.  The next thing what was bugging me was my breathlessness.  I would get out of breath even showering, which for me was getting ridiculous.  I was polluting, my house my family how selfish and unfair is that, making them smoke along with me cos I couldn't be bothered to move.  And for health reasons, I mean how selfish is that to puff away, when my child is pleading with to stop before I die.  So all these major factors made up my mind.  Smoking wasn't enjoyed anymore it was a habit that had snuck up on me.

Yesterday was my first day of the smoke free me and it wasn't really hard.  When I thought about it, I wanted a fag, I managed to get over the urge by doing something to take my mind off the dreaded puff.  Although I wasn't craving.  Today hasn't been too bad at all really.  I've just had my dinner and I never missed that puff.

Symptoms I am having are none that are bothering me as of yet.  My chest is a bit tight and I have a slight head ache and a bit of a sore throat.  Other than that, I'm feeling fine.  The upside is I'm getting more done, becasue I am not having a fag break every 2 minutes.  My breath or should I say my mouth feels loads cleaner.  So all good, all good.

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend x

Friday, 18 February 2011


Happy friday! What a weird ole day I had today!   I learned a new word called pedagogy, yeah it’s real.  It means something to do with teaching.  It did take us MDA’s a good 20 minutes how to even say it lol, then we did the thesaurus thing lol.

So here is the great news.  I went to the smoking cessation appointment I booked up.  Yes I am going to stop smoking.  Not only for my health but also because it’s a really bad habit and obviously over the years has got worse.  I noticed my breathing is just awful, sometimes it sounds like I have had a set of bag pipes shoved down in my chest.  Not good.  So yes me and the patches are on track. I’m all ready for tomorrow.

So for some nicely news.  I’ve finished my love pillow, but I need to just snag up some edges in order to look fab.  I started my heart pillow


I got the tutorial from Miss Ellie and this is how far I am.

Tomorrow I am off to the create and craft show, hopefully I will be able to take some snaps, depends on the rules and regs.

Have a wonderful weekend…

Ps. Have you have any signs of spring where you are?

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hoo Are You #32

1. What did you get/give for Valentine's Day?
Well this year when I went into work, there was a little chocolate heart.  It was a lovely thought.
2. Do you have a vacation planned in the next couple of months or in the summer?
No not this year, I don’t know why.  I think I am being a tad lazy. My wrist is a factor for driving so if we do  go away it wont be that far
3. What is one thing you do to pamper yourself?
I’m not really into pamperage.  I don’t know why.  I would like to have a go of the fish therapy, you know the one where you stick your feet into a bucket full of fish and let them nibble the cares away.
4. What sparks your interest to other people's blogs?
The way people write really.  If they are humorous its great.  Or the way they can draw you into their life.  I love looking at blogs where they are really creative and inspirational.  I like soft colours and well organised sites.  If a site is hard to navigate or really messy it gives me a headache and I tend to move on.
5. What kind of a mood are you in today?
A PMSY one LOL! You know the kind, the ones where you don’t know how you feel but any little thing my cause you to go and bite someone.
Thank you Leslie for the questions .
If you want to play along with Hoo are you?  You can click the link below and play along.


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Happy Valentine x

Yes another valentines is but upon is.  I am single again this year, something that doesn’t actually bother me.  I have never really celebrated valentine in a romantic way.  But I made a decision and decided that, ‘poo’ I am gonna have a little valentines all of my own.  I love hearts so I made this cake


I used the recipe from my new favourite Cherry Menlove.  I absolutely love Cherry’s site, she is full of inspiration.

I also finished my little pillow


Wonderfully inspired by The DIY Dish

I do have another pillow on the go and I am hoping to run that up on the machine after I have finished blogging here. 

The thing I have found out about these projects that although they are NOT perfect, they are indeed handmade all by me.  I love the way they have turned out.  I think crafting for me is a sense of achievement rather than a perfect finish.

What does crafting give you?

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Is it Spring yet?

Oh I do hope so, though I seriously doubt it.  The sun was shining brightly today and I had an overwhelming wash of happiness.  I love spring it’s really my most treasured season.

Saturday was fabulous.  Mum, Sonny and I went off to Peterborough to watch Holiday on Ice Energia.  It was amazing, the costumes and choreography obviously amazing.  I couldn't take any pics because of the rules of the show that you are not allowed to take pictures.  So the next best thing is to send you over to Holiday on Ice website where you can have a little glimpsy of the show.

Sunday I had a really wonderful day.  I did all my chores as you do, showered then sat for a rare moment and crafted on and off (wrist allowing).  I started a love cushion, I am really enjoying making.


The pattern I am using is from The DIY Dish.  I really am enjoying this project, did I say this before LOL!!

I went for a little wander today into town.  The wind has really died down so it’s possible to walk upright instead of being blown left right and center.

I bought some unnecessary fabric as you do.  I went in for 2 zips and came out with a candy coloured bundle,



two of these fabulous country blues, Victorian Garden called Winter,


and a snazzy pair of scissors.


Such a lovely day I had.  I hope you had a lovely one too x

Monday, 7 February 2011

Night Owl is Partyin!



{Image Stolen from Leslie’s Blog}

My lovely little friend Leslie from Night Owl Crafting has done something really wonderful.  She is doing a week of giveaway’s n stuff over at her blog de blog.  If you want to know more about it then check her out here:

Friday, 4 February 2011

February Make

Howdy all..  What a week it has been.  I have been slowly recovering from the big sinusitis/flu back at work and loving it.


This week while I was waiting for some freezer paper for some applique, I decided to make something really random for the February make..  After being inspired by Country Bliss for both the monthly make (hosted over at The Felt Fairy) and a crochet wreath, I knew I had seen the pattern before which I found over at Attic 24.  I followed Lucy’s instructions and then added my own little bit on the edges.  I also know that the flowers are wonky lol.


Thanks for visiting xxx

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hoo Are You? #31

1. Are you married/in a relationship/single? For how long?
No I was never married. But I was in a relationship for 18 years..  I’m currently single, and really enjoying it to be honest!
2. What do you do for a living? Do you enjoy it?
I am a full time parent, professional drama queen extraordinaire, domestic goddess and I also work at my son’s school as a Mid Day Assistant.  And I absa-blinking-loooootly love my job.  It gives me, me time and a whole new separate life away from the house.
3. In what state do you live? Where were you born and raised?
photo2{Holland on Sea beach where I live near Clacton on Sea}
I actually don’t live in a state (unless you are talking about my house and then yes that can be a right ole state at times) I live in a county called Essex.  I am in the east of the country on a beachy bit called Clacton on Sea. I only moved here around 5 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.  I have always lived in Essex in a place called Dagenham, which isn't the nicest of places to live these days.  I was born in Barking which is now the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.  I do not miss it there at ALL.

4. Do you have children? If so, how many? If not, do you want them?
100_0030{Sonny Left – Charlie Right}
I do have children.  I have 2 boys Charlie who is 17 and Sonny who is 13.  Yay! 2 teenagers in one place such joy.  But they are the loves of my life and even if I had the chance to swap them for a 27p and a half chewed piece of gum, I probably will have to think on it really hard.  Although sometimes I will give them away for free LOL!
5. Who is your favourite blogger to follow and why?
I don’t think I can actually answer this one fairly, because so many bloggers are my favourite.  I have hundreds of blogs added to my feed and I read them all.  They are all fantastic bloggers and I wont commit to any being my favourites, because they all are.

Thank you Leslie for hosting and Stephanie for the questions x