Friday, 4 February 2011

February Make

Howdy all..  What a week it has been.  I have been slowly recovering from the big sinusitis/flu back at work and loving it.


This week while I was waiting for some freezer paper for some applique, I decided to make something really random for the February make..  After being inspired by Country Bliss for both the monthly make (hosted over at The Felt Fairy) and a crochet wreath, I knew I had seen the pattern before which I found over at Attic 24.  I followed Lucy’s instructions and then added my own little bit on the edges.  I also know that the flowers are wonky lol.


Thanks for visiting xxx


  1. oh your wreath is lovely, and the edging is inspired....wish I'd thought of that!!
    lots of love

  2. Lovely work...glad to hear you're better..

  3. Thank you Heidi and Lucy.

    The edging is to draw your eye away from the wonky flowers Lucy LOL!!

    Thank you for sharing such a great pattern x

  4. Oh this is lovely and very unusual .I have'nt seen one of these before-it's lovely.x.

  5. Hiya Maisie, welcome to my blog. Thank you for the comment. I made the wreath which was a pattern that Lucy from Attic 24 has on her site x

    It's great to meet you x

  6. (((FLutter)))) Awwww that is so cute. You are so crafty and talented.

    Luv ya

  7. This is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could crochet..

  8. I couldn't crochet either last year Sian. But I invested in The Art of Crochet, which is a monthly mag that teaches you and I learned that way. There are also some really good video tutorials on You Tube that teach really well. It IS really easy, in fact, I would go as far to say it's easier for me than knitting xxx

    Thank you for your comment x


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