Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Is it Spring yet?

Oh I do hope so, though I seriously doubt it.  The sun was shining brightly today and I had an overwhelming wash of happiness.  I love spring it’s really my most treasured season.

Saturday was fabulous.  Mum, Sonny and I went off to Peterborough to watch Holiday on Ice Energia.  It was amazing, the costumes and choreography obviously amazing.  I couldn't take any pics because of the rules of the show that you are not allowed to take pictures.  So the next best thing is to send you over to Holiday on Ice website where you can have a little glimpsy of the show.

Sunday I had a really wonderful day.  I did all my chores as you do, showered then sat for a rare moment and crafted on and off (wrist allowing).  I started a love cushion, I am really enjoying making.


The pattern I am using is from The DIY Dish.  I really am enjoying this project, did I say this before LOL!!

I went for a little wander today into town.  The wind has really died down so it’s possible to walk upright instead of being blown left right and center.

I bought some unnecessary fabric as you do.  I went in for 2 zips and came out with a candy coloured bundle,



two of these fabulous country blues, Victorian Garden called Winter,


and a snazzy pair of scissors.


Such a lovely day I had.  I hope you had a lovely one too x

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