Sunday, 30 June 2013

fiasco of birthday’s

Summer is here! OH YEAH! YEEEEHAWWWW!  Are you happy?  Well thanks for asking but no, the heat is my nemesis lol.  Warm I can do, hot is a big no, no.  I get all sticky and puffy and sweaty and smelly and tired and bothered and BURNED lol!  Other than that I have had a really upside down week.   Charlie celebrated his 20th birthday, Sonny celebrated his 16th birthday.  I celebrated cried at my credit card statement bwahahahahahaha…

On top of all the fiasco of birthday’s I made a few cards and a crocheted pursed.

{This is for my Aunty Chris}

{This for my friend Gina}

I didn’t do the boys one this year as they don't really DO birthday cards any more lol.  I used promarkers to colour them in and Tiddly Inks Fayth Stamps <3 Tiddly ..

Now this purse slightly off balance I know, but it was my first attempt, which as you all know mum gets the try outs lol…  Don’t tell her though.  I think in hindsight maybe I should have counted how many sew holes there were and then increased to the same diameter as the snap frame.  Hmmmm Yes! I think I will try that was next time?  I think I have way to many stitches.  Just do extra rows?  Oh well try and try and then try again.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

A little plug

Hiya all I thought I would share this fabulous offer from The Yvestown Blog.  I must admit I was a bit naughty and purchased a bunch of fabby colours.  There are some really pretty colours over there and such a bargain.  Around 85p per 50gr.  Go see for yourself x


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Enough Nostalgia….

Is it only me who loves Jimi Hendrix?  I’m sitting chilling out with him warbling in the background as only Jimi can do.  Amazing talented man, such a waste.  Oh well he lives on though his music.


Anyhooo enough nostalgia..  This week has been a tad crazy.  When I say crazy for the most part of it for me it seemed to be Wednesday for a long time bahahahahahaha..  Anyhooo I thought I would share a few goodies that I have been playing with this week.





The top image is from dilly beans and the bottom image is from crafts and me, see iShop for links.  I like to colour these images.  They are not the traditional birthday cards.  I like to do them very plain and simple to take nothing away from the picture either.  I did sprinkle them up with plenty of stickles, as you do when you can’t leave nothing alone lol!   My card muse seems to be on her holidays.  Well who can blame her, it’s not been really fantastic weather has it.

Ahhhh that’s my crafty news for another week.  Yippee!  I hope you all have a fantabby week xx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

my man slaves

“What they doing mum!?”SDC12170

“When the boys have nothing better to do but argue and be nasty to each other then they become my man slaves!”SDC12169


“Well ok then, I shall be on guard just in case they slack off!”

“Ahhh thanks Rosie, mummy can get on with some well earned hooky time”


Sunday, 2 June 2013

……its a win, win …….


So here is my newest cushion cover and in all it only really took a few hours..  I did end up making up my own pom pom flower.  As hard as I did try I could not get the one suggested.  The good thing is that the dog hasn’t realised that I have finished it yet.  I got the inspiration from one of my blog subscriptions Apple Blossom Dreams.  Astri has done a wonderful job with hers, mine is well mine lol..

I made mine with Patons Smoothie in White and something that I got from the range in Clacton on Sea. I also used some lurking blue cotton.  I used up the last little bit from my stash and sadly there is no more of that delish colour BOOOO…

Back to work for me next week.  I must say GOOD I am really tired.  There is always so much to be done at home.  But lucky for me UNLUCKY for Sonny though.  He is going back to 6th form next term hopefully and so he has about oooooohh 3mths to spare.  So guess what bitch slave boyo will be doing.  Yes all my ghastly chores that I hate.  Of course I did say to him if he does a good job I will pay him. (That’s to ease the guilt of me making him do these chores.) Anyway its a win, win, he earns a few pennies for over the summer and I get my rotten jobs done.

I think this afternoon I am going to make some bunting for yarndale and get that sent off to lucy over at attic 24. After dinner, after a wee power nap too I think lol!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday xxx

Friday, 31 May 2013

I’m an octopus don’t you know?

Good afternoon.  I hope you are all well lovelies.  The sun is shining here in sunny Clacton although its not a powder blue sky, I’m not complaining..  I thought I would pop in and show you what, I have been up to over the weeks of absence.  I currently have an hour on my hands while I wait for the walls to finish drying in the bathroom to add the last and final coat, while I wait for the last of the washing to finish drying and while I wait for it’s time to put dinner on.  And I guess all those things are going to be all at the same time.  BWAHAHAHAHA!! I’m an octopus don’t you know?  LOL!

The Dog Hogger is not letting anyone near ‘HER’ new cushion..  Yeah right!

I was inspired to make this from a new little blog I have found and as you know I do like to silently stalk blogs.  I have had Annie’s Place on my rss feed for a while and I really love her creations.  I adore the way she writes her stuff and I enjoy reading her. 

I really can’t remember what yarn it was I purchased and how much it was, but I do know it was from ebay lol..  I love the muted colours on this and its really lovely to work with.   I have enough to do a really small project with it.  I am doing cushion covers at the moment for my living room.  I think that sometimes the cushions can look dull and need a breath of life in them.

Slightly wonky but that’s why it’s unique.  I just totally love these colours on here.

OOOOOOO Have you heard about the new pay it forward on pinterest.  Apparently pinterest has launched in the uk?  I’m a tad confused cos I have been using it for a few years lol..  Oh well I think it’s a fabulous idea. I have found so many new boards to follow..  Love it! I can find everything there and know what the heck the link is lol.  Rather than book mark it and then think what’s this or where did I put that link..  Oh where, oh where lol!! I’m a link loser.  I find something then love it and lose it.  GRRRR anyhooooooo pinterest is good for a link loser like me ha ha aha ha.

Anyhooooooo tiddly hum ho  to the bathroom I go to finish that job finally. 

Have a truly spectacular day xx

Thursday, 30 May 2013

erm it’s may!

Hello loves long time no see.  I hope you are all fabby out there in your corner of the world.  I know it has been a disgustingly long time since I have been here.  He ho tiddly oh, such is life and it’s been super duper busy..  Remember I got the new job, well I have spent a lot of time fixing, mending, organising and re-organising and that’s going tickety boo for now.  (shitting hell this font is small – must change it!) Also I have been training for counselling and I have a client.  I know just the one and it’s a simple case, thankfully, I don’t think I would be ready to dabble in anything too complicated.  I am still shadowing a colleague learning the way she works and the watch and learn method is really working well.  Also I am mentoring a student at school who is a wonderfully bright child but errrrrrrrrr yup lets leave it there.  So it all does seem very busy and it is and I am kinda getting back into a little routine.    I have began my GCSE maths which I am feel like an LSD overload victim.  Yah I am totally brain dead with maths.  I did want to get lots done this week but I decided to paint the bathroom.  That's another story for another day lol.


As you have noticed I have had a make over.  Finally after forever searching for the perfect theme I found it.  My little frweend Sandra from Cherry Heart directed me to a wonderful site called Pugly Pixels very helpful site, and home of my new template.  Of course I can’t leave nothing alone so I will be changing it up and down lol!!!  I want to get some pics of my projects and on going projects..  Now don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t think I will be putting any logo’s on here. well not yet anyway.  I just hate clutter and so I have a blog roll and will be using that to link to those I have subscribed in my rss feed.  I’m not going to promote those I don't read sorry! 


I have been crafting, and it’s a perfect amount.  I have made a few baby shower baskets and blanket, which I totally forgot to take a piccy of bahhhhh!  I have made a few cards (showcased above) and I have finished a few crochet projects, which I have yet to photograph.


I must say I am really enjoying life, even though sometimes it does throw you a lemon or two, I have a fabby backhand and bat them straight back bahahahahaha…

Happy Thursday.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

You Don’t Want To Know

Hello Everyone.  I hope your day isn’t as miserable as mine?..  In the past week or so we have had every possible season lol..  And I have been poorly BOOOOOOO but not dying horahhhhhh! Not a lot of crafting BOOOOOOOO but I did get a new job.  And I have been working it for a week and I LOVE IT!!  I have just finished some easter cones while listening to The Rocky Horror Soundtrack…  Sad I know but still I love it bwahahahhaha!


A birthday card for my lovely work colleague


Mothers day Card for my ex’s mum.  We are still close and she is so helpful with the kids.  I also am still practising clouds and think maybe I am improving.. I added some stickles, just because I can’t leave nothing alone lol.


I actually liked the way this one came out.  So this is the story that goes with it *SIGH!*

Mum: Can you make me a card for my friend at work?
Me:   Yeah sure when for?
Mum: *Whispers* Tomorrow!
Me:   When?
Mum: *AHEM!! Tomorrow?!
Me:   WHAT!! Bloody hello ( and a lot of other stuff that cant be repeated.)
Mum: Laughing!!
Me:   Really breaking my new years resolution of not swearing now!
Mum: Roaring with laughter
Me:   Getting all my bits together

So In such short notice I did the button heart and filled it up with glossy accents and of course I had to have some stickles but just a little.  Added some twine and bobs your uncle.  I did print the sentiment from Pink Petticoat.

Ok that’s me done today, I am hoping to get round to your blogs I have a billion RSS Feeds to sift through and go and reply and ooo and ahhh at.. 

Out for now x

Friday, 15 February 2013

……….strain your brain…

Hello my lovelies.  It feels like forever since I have written some news on my blog.  But I do actually have some time.  I dont like to rush my blog posts.  I like to think about what I am saying and take my time and try and tell you as much as I can.  I have lots of news today so bring up a chair, grab a beverage of your choice and lets do this.

I work at a school which I must say is my pleasure and don't be offended with what I say next.  I love my job to death, I get to spend time with kids who are in the world and know the world they love their life and seem to live it to their fullest ability.  It’s my escape and my time that I can laugh which I do the whole time I am there.  I love my boys to death and I really, really do that's no doubt.  But they are super hard work mentally and it’s so nice not having to strain your brain. Well this week I applied to be Senior MDA (mid-day assistant) which 3 years ago I wouldn't have even dared do that.  I think I am up for the challenge and I am keeping my fingers crossed.  But hey if I don't get it then that's ok too….Kinda, I hope I don't take the rejection to badly but then saying that, i will get over it.

I made a pen pal this week.  Now one thing you must understand is that I am not a social butterfly.  I am a shy little creature who likes to keep friendships at a safe distance.  I am really happy to do that.  It takes me a long, long time to even talk to people.  And this may or may not sound stupid, but even to write a comment on someone's blog I might have deleted it a billion times.  It’s an acceptance thing.  I don't do rejection very well and I like everyone to like me and if they don't my world comes crashing down. So I tend just to stay away for safety reasons.  Anyhoo I made this little card and sent of my letter.


I absolutely LOVE the way this card turned out.  and I did something completely different.  I used fabric for the hair ribbon and shaded it a little, although it hasn't come out very well.  But that's my crappy picture taking bwahahahahahaha!!!!

Also if you hadn't noticed all the roses, hearts, flowers and chocolates it has been valentines day (pancake day was the day before)  I made these yummy heart shaped hunks of chocolate goodness


I know you can’t really see them properly but let me just say they went a treat.  I made some for Sonny for the cadets and staff at St Johns Ambulance, they went down a treat, they sold about 20 for their fundraising..  I took the rest into work and came home with just 5 which mum took in to her work.  They were super simple to make, but definitely NOT for the faint hearted.

Hot Chocolate on a spoon/stick
(makes 10 – 15)

250g of good milk chocolate the best you can afford
60g of icing sugar
30G cocoa powder
1 teaspoon of salt
Additional Chocolate, sprinkles, marshmallows or whatever to decorate or add flavour.


  • Sieve the icing sugar, cocoa powder and salt in to a bowl, mix well and leave aside. 
  • Melt the chocolate, I used a double boiler basically a bowl on top of a saucepan of hot water, the reason is because I have full control over the chocolate, it wont burn either unless the bowl is sitting directly on the water.  if you want to use a microwave then just blast it for a few seconds at a time so not to burn it.  I melted the chocolate until it was runny but still shiny, this means its still at tempering stage and will set nice and shiny and not all brittle and bitty looking like some cheap old stinky chocolate.
  • Once the choccy has melted add the dry ingredients really slowly making sure its mixed in well.  You may not have to use them all.  Keep the bowl over the heat, but please be careful not to burn yourself.
  • Once the mixture is to a thick consistency then you can fill your mold.  I put my mold on to a baking sheet filled it up added a spoon and then popped in the fridge.  You can add addition flavours or such at this point, like coconut, orange peel, peppermint candy, whatever is not going to seize the chocolate.  They take about 10 minutes to set, but you can just feel when they have set. 
  • Pop them out of the mold, I recommend silicone as you just peel them out, add them too a small bag with some yummy goodness and give them to your friends.  Super easy peasy and super sweet.

Anyhooo I am out of here for today, I hope you try the recipe I got it from a site online and for the life of me I can’t even find in my history where.. Thanks for reading today x

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

…hippy chick…

Happy, happy Tuesday to you.  I am suffering listening to Les Mis, and I must say that Hugh Jackman has a brilliant voice, who would have thunk it lol.

How am I?  We funny as it seems I am very well considering the weather doesn’t know if it’s spring or winter *sigh* When I am working at school I do have to go into the playground to watch the kids, come rain or come shine *bursts into song, swaying like the hippy chick she is*  Ahem!! Anyhooooo! I’m doing lots of projects and I am managing to keep up with them without the feeling of being overwhelmed which means I am enjoying to the projects and that my friends is how I like to roll.

Mum asked me to do her friend from work a birthday card.  She is an avid tea/coffee drinker and when I was looking for a stamp I remembered this one from Faery Ink.  Amanda really does capture life as it is..  I love her work. Anyhooo you should check out Manda’s new layout and her new freebie it is so swoony.  Have a look and leave her a comment send her some hugs we all love them don’t we…


I am getting into the box making for the cards which are a lot less than flat lol.. The more I do the better I get.  My Measurements are still terrible, I think it could be my ruler?  You never know! 

Today I am proud that I am finally on the way to feeling less pointless.  What are you proud of?


Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Patch of Spring…

This Possibly may be the most famous grassy wreath on the internet lol.. So of course I just had to make one.  Mum keeps touching it every time she goes by it.  Which mean my grass may become worn, I will have to change the sign to please do not fondle the grass bwahahahahaha..  I have hung it on the top door to my little flat and when you come in from the cold you see it and for some reason it does make you have a little smile..



I couldn’t help myself I had to add the butterflies otherwise how would you know its mine lol? I would love to to make your own and just drop me a line or a comment and I will come and visit your patch of spring.

You can find Patty’s Tutorial to make your very own patch of spring here

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

… the postman stinks …

So Saturday I got up and I was pretty much depressed.  You know the weather stinks, your house stinks, the kids really stink, the postman stinks cos he is here so early.  OOOOOOO Wait I recognise this handy work……..



Yes you are right if you guessed Keanu.  Yes my darling boy sent me a lovely gift box (although he did send it to Amanda to forward on) In the box was a delicious heart shaped box of choc-o-late and an edible rose and some stickers and a fabby journal from Michaels which I have been drooling over ever since Krista showed it on her blog and lastly a hand made card.


Of course I loved all my gifts but my card was so special and so thoughtful and so very me and the words inside were just wonderfully heart felt.  I am so speechless that someone could be so kind and to me of all people. 


Could you imagine how my day went after my fave boy sent me his love..  Well I certainly was cheered up and it really came at the right time.  Sometimes not often enough we need to be told how fabulous we are..


I would like to send my hunk a big huge thank you and also thank Amanda for being so kind for sending it on to me.. ;o)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

I swallowed some pride………

Happy Sunday, It’s been forever since I have blogged, well it really hasn't but it does seem that way. Well what a week I have had, Sonny is being 15 and he never came with the teenage years manual so I have a little bit of a headache with him this week, I am hoping that he calms down a little after the chat we had and the fact that I have come down on him like a ton of bricks..  I do feel guilty but he has to learn, and I have tried being nice and talking now action has been taken, and I have banned him from his console use…  Of course he can’t breath anymore and he is going to die of boredom but he needs to learn a valuable lesson.

Meanwhile back in the bat cave……..  I made this birthday card for a work colleague I shall pop in a box and give her that…  I hope she likes it.  I asked her what she likes and she said tinkerbell.  Well I wasn’t going to do her a tinkerbell so I did her a whimsy stamp instead ha ha ha ha!!


I think my hair work is improving?? I still need to practise my background skills..  June from Yorkie Lover gave me some tips, she uses chalk and build up the colour..  I think that will be the best idea for me… How do you do your backgrounds?


I’m still working on my photography, coops and pops said just use some white card behind and it does seem to come out well.. errrr better than before lol..

I got a little creative in word DUN! DUN! DUN! <insert dramatic music> I added my personal touch to the cards I am making at the moment for Christmas.  You may mock but it will be on us before you know it and I hate making Christmas cards at the best of times lol..


These are my 12 days of Christmas stamps from penny black I have stamped all 12 3 times. One is for me, one is for selling and one is for charity. I usually do charity card with materials that are left over from my projects that way I get minimal waste.  I hate waste so badly..


Waiting for the glitter and glossy accents to dry before I get going with the background.  I am a tad backward like that.  I did the glitter then realised oooooo where is the background ha ha ha ha ha…

Today I am proud because yesterday I swallowed some pride and met up with my mum’s sisters.  I think there is a long way to go for me to forgive but I made a start by meeting them and I was nicely surprised and we did have a giggle as they are super funny.  They are meeting again in April, I hope to get some pictures of the four of them together..

I hope you all have a very happy Sunday, until we meet again x

Sunday, 20 January 2013


I can share this card I made for Amanda for her birthday.  I must say it does look much better in life, I just cannot take a picture to save my life.. I used a Delicious Doodle digi stamp and coloured her in with prisma coloursoft pencils and added a touch of stickles along the highlights. 


Here is a little close up of her again naff photography.


So I did finish my spring wreath, well wrapping the yarn round and round all I need now is to put some ribbon and floral features, which I will get when I go to townSDC12078SDC12079

Seriously I was laughing so much, the picture just had to be naff ha ha ha ha ha..  Why mummy WHY?!..

I am so thankful that mum and I reconciled our differences. I grew up and become who I am and really that's all thanks to my mum who is my strength, my friend and also the most annoying person on the planet at times lol…

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Running Through…

Quick, quick post today.. Like subtitles quick, blink and you will miss it bwahahahah..

Anyhooo remember yesterday picture I just wanted to show, the difference

Yesterday’s ghastly effort..


Today’s not so ghastly effort


Still a tad ghastly because I can’t take pictures. The lovely Pop from Pop’s Cards gave me a tip which I shall try with my next card.  To put a white sheet of cardstock behind and underneath and use a daylight lamp.  So I am going to give it a try here is hoping..

I am sooooooo proud of Sonny he has started a group outside of school, with people he doesn’t know and he love it..  He started St Johns Ambulance you can read more about them here.  He goes once a week for an hour and a half and he is learning.  He learned all about asthma and the kinds of medication.  This will give him perfect, perfect experience for the career he wants to pursue which is to be a nurse..

What are you proud of today?

Monday, 14 January 2013

I bought this light box

to take photo’s and it’s totally naff.  It wasnt white all round the bottom was grey and it was POO..  But I tried it.  I will tell you I got it from Maplin in the UK.. It may work for you but for me it really made my picture stink…


It looks very greyed out.  I am going to take a picture in the morning of the same card and see how it turns out.  Maybe you can let me know what you think.

Anyhoooo I am proud of my baby today who received an interview for college.  *sniff* They grow up so fast….  Anyhooo that's for the 29th of January.

What are you guys proud of today?

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Belgium chocolates…….

Well I have been a super busy girl today.  I finally have stopped.  The light has run out so no more colouring.  So I am catching up on my emails, and reading my rss feeds, which I love so much.

Today started with me getting up super early, straightening my hair and then off to the salon when I meet up with Gemma and we decide what style I am going to have, and then go and do it.  I have gone with an emo cut. and no I haven’t had a chance to take a pic.  When I returned home I sorted out my craft cupboard *rolls eyes* sometimes things should be left alone, but I did gain a shelf.  The good thing is there wasn’t hardly anything I parted with today which is good, because it means I am either not buying stuff I waste or I am using it.  I don’t know about you but are you one of these people that buy something and then don’t use it because it is so gorgeous bwahahahhahha..  Anyhoooo I definitely, have stopped being wasteful.  Yippeeeeeee!!..

I did manage to finish the trinket box I started.  Lots of lace and gluing patience lol.  I am thinking of getting or 5 of those really special choccies to pop in there.  We have a Thornton's at the shopping village.  Personally I can’t stand Thornton chocolate, but lots do.  I will think on that, the farm do great Belgium chocolates too.


I painted he box with acrylic paint and a coat of gloss that took the longest time letting it dry completely between coats. I added some lace from stash to the lid and bottom of the box and around the lace at the top I added some leaf ribbon i got from cuddly buddly.  The flowers, pins and other ebellies are all from my stash..

Today I am proud how that box came out and I am proud that I was proactive.

What makes you proud today?

Friday, 11 January 2013

…grabbing an hour…

*Yawns*  Well I made it to Friday, just about lol..  I am EXHAUSTED!!!.  Well I am crafting every day, but now I am back at work and the light isn’t on my side it’s like grabbing an hour in the morning.  Anyhooo This is my work desk at the moment.  There is my box of stamps, which I actually sorted out all the ones I am not going to use and have used but no longer require.  This is what I like to do.  This scissors are my favourite, they are from Tim Holtz but I don't get my fingers caught in them and they are as sharp as the day I bought them.


I started my Christmas cards today.  Yes I am medicated, yes I am medicated and yes I am medicated bwahahahahahahaa!!!  I decided to do them super early because I hated doing them in bulk last year and they drove me mad.  So I stamped up 1 set for me, 1 set for charity and 1 set to sell.  Hopefully!  I decided to make three of some of the things I make.  1 for me, one I donate to a charity and the other I want to sell.  Well The sell thing, is someone at school advised me to go to a few local shops and they buy handmade cards.  And I thought well if they don't sell I can always donate them to charity too. Tomorrow I am starting my spring cleaning.. Following Sandra’s post’s I really have only weekends and school holidays to get stuck in.  So tomorrow I am off for a haircut and then I am going to do some colouring and then DUN DUN DUN <insert screaming> I’m going to clean out my craft cupboard and I really mean go to town and have my throw out and give away boxes at hand, there is so much toot in there I have NO intentions of using so why not give it away.  And I know a girl who has just started to make her own cards.

Anyhooo I am off to bed I am sooooooooooooo tir….ZZZZZzzzzz….

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Pretty Crafty Home

Last year Sandra over at My Cherry Heart decided to take action in her home.  She cleaned, spruced, organised, de-cluttered as well as decorating and making things to make her home prettier.

This year I have decided to take up her 2012 challenge, ok I know I am a year late but hey who cares lol..  So the month of January will be me spring cleaning..  I am pretty much de cluttered and organised, but there is always some drawer that gets cluttered..  If you want to join in you can.  Sandra is silently doing a PCH this year but not blogging, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in too.

My lovely yarn came today SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!SDC12055

I have a few things to finish and then I am going to make a start on my little spring wreath..  Today I am proud that I am still managing to be proactive rather than a veggie on the sofa..  I made a box today for a gift, and painted another box for a gift..  Errrrr I really should have put a sealant on the box first, the acrylic paint I am using seems to disappear when I am painting.  Oh well I think one more coat and it should be lovely, I’ll show you when it’s finished.  I need to make an envelope and then I can start some challenge projects..

I am so happy to have found that I love crafting.. I get all fuzzy and excited inside when I start new projects. 

Oh also I would like to arrange some spotlight posts to my blog..  If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me.  I think it’s all about sharing and sharing alike.

What makes you happy?