Friday, 30 July 2010

Which Cutter?

Hi all I hope your summer days are going well.  Mine are going extremely fast keeping the boys entertained.  Although I have been sneaking a bit of crotcheting in of a night while I am watching Supernatural.

So here is a question for all you guys who cut a lot of things.  I am thinking about getting a cutter.  I have no notion to which cutter.  Price isn't a problem as I am super at saving for things, that work and are a good investment.  I always think that buy what you can afford rather than cut corners and pay twice, if you get my drift.

So I would like to cut out shapes and things, but a cutter that can cut through fabric/card/felt and stuff lol cleanly.  I have been to the forums and they have just confused me even more ha ha ha!! Typical!

What are your thoughts to this?  Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hoo are you? #8


One of my feeds suggested that I check out this blog hoppy.  I've linked up at the top and also in my side bar if you want to play..  So here I am checking out and seeing if I can make some new friends on the way.  That would be wonderful, wouldn't it?!  So here are my answers to Leslie's questions this week.

Here are this weeks questions!
1. Do you sing in the shower or car when no one else is listening?

Yes I do, do, do.  I sing at the top of my voice and give my vocal chords a really good stretch.  Specially when I am in the car.  I do sing terribly, but you know I don't care.  It makes me as happy as larry to sing.  I think singing changes your mood for sure.  I sing, I hum, I la la la.  Love it!

2.  Do you have a nickname you go by now or growing up?

When I was young I was refered to as the baby lol!  Growing up in a house full of adults well I mean I was the only baby in the house ha ha ha!  Now my nickname is flutter.  I chose this name yonks ago and I mean yonks. It is associated with a butterfly, they flutter their wings and learn to fly, they dance on the wind never staying in one place, always searching.  But if you keep still enough it may land on you and you will know your life has been touched.  Well words similar to that, which reminded me of myself, never settling long enough to get attached to anything, but when I do settle I hope the impact is noticable lol!

3. Do you speak another language?

Yes I speak, french but only when I get really annoyed!! **GRINS**

4. Where is you favorite vacation spot?

My favourite place on the planet is America and I would love to see it properly for all it is.  But my Favourite place in the UK is cornwall, I feel that God made that place just for me.  It's where I am at my most peaceful.  The place itself is a stunning array of grassy meadows, beautiful coastal views and wonderful little villages that make you feel welcome.

5. What do you cook the most for dinner?

Toast LOL!! I ab-so-lute-ly hate cooking.  I would rather have my fillings done with no numbing stuff, I would rather eat glass, I would rather, stick pins in my eyes, I would rather have my fingernails removed, I would rather have my ................Oh ok you get the message ha ha ha..

Thank you Leslie for allowing us to play x

Puffed out proudly

Hello everyone.  What a nice holiday we are having so far.  The weather is a bit naff but hey, we have squeezed a beach trip in and picnic. We was going swimming today but I wasn't feeling up to it.  So we are having a lazy day in.

So last week the boys broke for the summer.  I love this time of year because they bring home all the stuff they have been doing.  Sonny's report was absolutely dazzling this year.  He is on all of his targets and on track for higher targets next year.  I am a proud mummy.  He won awards this year for excellence in music (yah I know!) and in science (looks miffed).  There I was all puffed out proudly watching him get his certificate and his award.

Awwww there he is (naff pic I know!) He is on the stage with Col/Sgt from the Walton Sea Cadets.  I was of course being the most embarrasing parent in the hall..  Clapping and beaming with joy, YAY SONNY! But I never cared I was so proud of him.

Charlie doesn't have reports now, as he is older and is supposed to be in college.  I am so not going down that road.  With my baby Char' he is more of hands on and I am the proud owner of a one off exclusive, especially for me.

Isn't it just fantasic.  I asked Char if he did this all by himself.  "Of course I did Paula!"  It was a stupid question I know LOL!  But of course I absolutely love it.  There are some other things he did which I will show you as I snap up snippets of my home.

So a big well done to my fabulous 2 BIG monsters! You are fabulously fabby and I love you both as much as I love myself  *SNORT*

So I have almost finished the Stockholm Throw (10 more squares to go).  This is the biggest project I have tackled since learning to crochet this year.

The final 10 to edge with white.  Actually this pattern became quite easy once I had memorised it.  I think around square 72 hahahahaha!

I'm using DK Calico wool.  It was becoming an obsession trying to find Debbie's Full O' Sheep wool in the UK.  But I picked some really soft colours.  I really love how it's coming on and the fact I haven't become to bored with it yet.

Have a great day everyone and hope to see you again soon x

Monday, 19 July 2010

Twilight Eclipse

At last I finally went to see this film. I must admit that the book was not my favourite out of the four. I did still enjoy it. As for the film. AHHHHH The special effects were super fab. I loved the way that the film stuck ridgedly to the book without veering off to something completely different. Yup makers of twilight you definately have this book to a T.

You know I don't think they thought that this film was gonna be a huge hit.  I think they would have picked Edward a little better if they did.  But then saying that, I can't think who would play him other than Rob Patterson.  Who do you think would be better at playing Edward? I think they have the rest of the cast perfectly, but Edward just seems wrong somehow.  I can't seem to put my finger on it.  (Maybe it's the eyebrows ?)  Hmm anyhooooooooo..

Have a fun day! x

Saturday, 17 July 2010

how horrendous?

Oh what a great day I had today, just totally relaxing and pottering about. After all the housework and laundry was done. I put on the lappy and just had a good ole surf, ordered some bits and pieces, stalked facebook for a bit, had some lunch then watched valentines day. I really liked this film. It was a really nice film, perfectly girly and perfect for a chilling out day. Mum and I was supposed to be going out tonight to the theatre to watch the rock n roll show. I think the exhaustion is catching up with mum and I and we just can't be bothered, so we are finishing the day still chilling out.

I really should figure out how to arrange flowers properly, take a look at this, how horrendous?

This is a vase that mum etched a few years back. There are some really pretty butterflies on it, but I have ruined it by shoving carefully arranging flowers in it. All I did was pop in some pebbles. The ironic thing is that I live 1 minute from the beach but yet I bought the pebble. That is not frugal at all, is it! Anyhoo as you can see my flipping flower arranging skills need lots of work. I mean I was out there snipping and poofing them for ages and they still look like I just threw them in, which was really not the case.

I also made a really easy table cloth for my kitchen table.

I was so proud of my idea that I thought I would share it with you guys. You can take a looksie here. I hope you enjoy it!

Friday, 16 July 2010

deep joy mixed with enthusiam and a dash of deflation.

So at very last, it has happened. I waved fairwell to my builder and a strange feeling washed over me. The feeling I feel is deep joy mixed with enthusiam and a dash of deflation. By this I mean I am overjoyed with the results of my house and it's still so very new and all I can do with it now is improve on it. I am enthusiastic with the fact I can actually get back to my normal life but at the same time I feel very deflated becasue where do I go from here? I think I am going to take time to reflect and get used to my new surroundings. Does this make any sense to you at all? Oh well it does to me ha ha ha ha!!

Ok here's another peek at the things I have been collecting over the months.

This is my living room light. Oh it took me forever to find a nice one that was not too modern and not too tacky looking. Anyhooo I liked this light from Homebase. It looks lovely at night, the bulbs are bright enough to be able to see, yet not as bright as Blackpool illuminations.

LOL yes I got this from a little vintage shop in Frinton on Sea. You know when sometimes you think hmmmm I might have made a mistake, especially when you want to redial. Well I love it!! It's wonderfully pink and sits perfectly by my bed. All I need is a pair of them high heeled fluffy slippers, some rollers and bright red lipstick and I could pass as a 1950's pin up lol!

Ok not a new thing but still a lovely old jug. It came from my mum's kitchen and I stole it for the table in the kitchen..

Well I am going to do some well earned crafting. I don't know what I'm going to do as of yet..

Oh and before I go, just a quick questions. Does anyone know where I can make some like minded friends online? If you do can you drop me a line to tell me where. Thank you muchly x