Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Puffed out proudly

Hello everyone.  What a nice holiday we are having so far.  The weather is a bit naff but hey, we have squeezed a beach trip in and picnic. We was going swimming today but I wasn't feeling up to it.  So we are having a lazy day in.

So last week the boys broke for the summer.  I love this time of year because they bring home all the stuff they have been doing.  Sonny's report was absolutely dazzling this year.  He is on all of his targets and on track for higher targets next year.  I am a proud mummy.  He won awards this year for excellence in music (yah I know!) and in science (looks miffed).  There I was all puffed out proudly watching him get his certificate and his award.

Awwww there he is (naff pic I know!) He is on the stage with Col/Sgt from the Walton Sea Cadets.  I was of course being the most embarrasing parent in the hall..  Clapping and beaming with joy, YAY SONNY! But I never cared I was so proud of him.

Charlie doesn't have reports now, as he is older and is supposed to be in college.  I am so not going down that road.  With my baby Char' he is more of hands on and I am the proud owner of a one off exclusive, especially for me.

Isn't it just fantasic.  I asked Char if he did this all by himself.  "Of course I did Paula!"  It was a stupid question I know LOL!  But of course I absolutely love it.  There are some other things he did which I will show you as I snap up snippets of my home.

So a big well done to my fabulous 2 BIG monsters! You are fabulously fabby and I love you both as much as I love myself  *SNORT*

So I have almost finished the Stockholm Throw (10 more squares to go).  This is the biggest project I have tackled since learning to crochet this year.

The final 10 to edge with white.  Actually this pattern became quite easy once I had memorised it.  I think around square 72 hahahahaha!

I'm using DK Calico wool.  It was becoming an obsession trying to find Debbie's Full O' Sheep wool in the UK.  But I picked some really soft colours.  I really love how it's coming on and the fact I haven't become to bored with it yet.

Have a great day everyone and hope to see you again soon x

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