Saturday, 28 July 2012

The boys are still alive…

Hello people of loveliness..  Well did you watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics?  Oh just me then..  At the moment I am watching the male gymnastics and blimey is all I am gonna say about that.. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

First weeks of the holiday has gone well, like really well.  The boys are still alive, we have cleaned all the toot out the loft and did a boot sale today making almost £100.  Yah I know..  It was like getting rid of the last remnants of my house too…  Still painful after all this time and sometimes I feel like I am watching myself and not quite getting a grip…

Anyhooo less of that clap trap and more of my little friends, a wonderful pair of mates they are, coming into my life when I needed them the most specially at the moment.. And look


I was so surprised.  There I was in my kitchen, in my nighty, cleaning the sink as you do when the doorbell rang.. This is how that drama went..

“Sonny door”

“what door?”

“The doorbell, someone is there can you get it please?”


“The front door, how many f*&^ing doors do we have?” *Starting to get annoyed now*


He goes down stairs and says……………..

“There's a man at the door?”

“Well open it then!”  By this time I am have steam coming out my nostrils but trying to keep my cool BAH! Anyway there is me up the top of the stairs trying to stand up right (back has gone) telling him to take the parcel and he turns to me and says…………… Wait for it ………………………………………………………………………………….

“What parcel?”

The air suddenly thickened and dark cloud came overhead, the man at the door shaking his head and Sonny looking as if to say WHAT! lol   Why God why?  So finally the parcel came up and I was looking and thinking, I never ordered anything, what’s this big (don't be rude) I guessed by the box it was from a florist, I checked the card and wooooooooooooo It was from my friends…  I had a huge grin and thanked them both as it was such a big deal for me.  So nice a so thoughtful.  I hate receiving gifts, I get pretty embarrassed.  For some reason I never think I do anything to deserve them.  They sit on my mantle scenting the whole house.  The scent is really powerful from the lily’s

Anyhooo just so you know I am not really around during the hols..  I hope you are enjoying the summer………

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Someone Special

I have chosen my little doggie poggie Rosie Pickles for this one..  I don't really have a special someone so the dog is the nearest thing to my translation anyway..
She has a character that matches mine, a little bit dim, a little bit laid back and lots of crazy.  I fall over her most days.  She follows me where ever I go, to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to bed, to get the mail.  She helps with the housework, the ironing, the cooking, the laundry, she chastises the boys when they argue, she chases the birds and barks at every little teeny thing (GRRR)  She likes cuddles and she is very spoiled and demanding, but saying that she knows who the boss is..  She listens without commenting, and she is great to dry your eyes with when you are feeling a little tearful..  The best thing about her, she is always consistent in her ways. To me she is my best friend and I love her to bits that crazy dog…
Here is my Smash*Aholics 30 day challenge number 4…

Thank you for looking x

Saturday, 14 July 2012

My Favourite Thing

Well I will have to say that my favourite thing is music. I went through a lot of things and come to the conclusion that yes music is in my soul..
What music does for me:
It calms me when I am in a storm
It makes me happy when I feel a bit blue
It un-complicates my complicated mind
It always brings back memories of happy
It makes life a whole lot better when there is a song in your heart
I love it so much, I learned to play the guitar and I can make music on a piano,
I love music so much I sing along, whistle, hum everywhere
Here is my Smash*Aholics 30 day challenge number 3… Yes I know I am still behind lol
Thank you for looking x

Thursday, 12 July 2012

White on White

I mean come on WHITE really?!  What on earth was Lynsey thinking???  What on earth can I do with white?…..


This is what I did LOL! My entry for Winter Wonderland


Thanks for looking x

Washi Tape

Hello readers, I hope you are well on this fine Thursday..  So over at Smash*-aholics I am on day 2, while everyone else is on probably day 12 LOL!!! Those of you who know me know for a fact that I am never the “hare”..

So Washi Tape..  I don’t like it..  I am not really seeing the point, however saying that it is pretty.  Maybe because I am so organised?  I just can’t rip a piece of anything off and stick it in lol..  For me it has to be uniform and uncluttered.  Anyhooooooo less of my therapy session.

My interpretation on Washi Tape.  I absolutely love this stamp too I cant remember where I got her from, and its the first time I have used her..  I tried out my greys and funny I do like her grey but I also want her to go on some candles, so I need to really colour her with colour and see how she comes out..  As you can see I used the word solace, its my absolute favourite word.  It has so much meaning for me and I do find solace in many things I do..  I wrote a little verse, it makes no sense maybe to you but for me I know exactly what it means…


Thank you for looking x

Sunday, 8 July 2012

All About Me

Ok I am pretty naff at talking about me so I decided to give this page a little bit of a twist.  I love this image by Saturated Canary and her cheeky little face reminds me of how I can be..  And the hair wooooooo my hair all curls and bubbles.. I hope its ok because I am more of an organised smasher rather than a smash it in lol….

So here is my page I am entering in:

Smash*aholics 30 Days Challenge List
Saturated Canary Bling It Out 



The Bling for the Bling it on is the butterflies and the hair has little liquid pearls and the earrings are blingy too lol

enough of me moaning……

Hello readers, I hope you are doing fine…  I am feeling a tad like the weather, up and down..  I know why, I am reducing my meds and its making me erratic, but I just want to be normal again.  I am feeling very unloved and lonely, and also I feel very self conscious, unnerved and not confident at all,  which may be the side effects.. 

I am also very anxious about next weeks relay for life..  Getting on the grass going back to the place where i broke my Achilles this time last year. *SIGH*  OH BOO HOO ME *SLAPS SELF*

Okies enough of me moaning…………………

Ok so what have I done?

I made this pattern for a quilt with a jelly roll..  I am still naff at it but Kenzie loves it so she says..  I hope so, I really do.. I never did this pattern at all and I used a wool batting which I find makes it a smoother finish.  I hope Kenzie takes some pics for me I will have to get her too. co I am naff lol


And a little card to accompany


PS: 50 shades of grey is all I am saying bwahahahahahahaha…  Angel this is just up your street love ………..

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I think that's the word.  Anyhoo I had to look this word up to see what it meant.  by all accounts it means of the same colour.  I could have go that wrong though.  So I used greys.  I really liked using greys, but this doesn't feel very christmassy.  I even added some white stickles to add some kind of glitz..


I am entering this in the Winter Wonderland Challenge


This little guy I really tried to get to the challenge but sadly I was just toooooooooooooo late..

Oh well thank you for looking xx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

It’s Smashing!

So today after work and many many dark clouds passing by, I decided to finally get around too making a card to send back some goods that someone had given me one to many.  It was pretty simple and took me longer to dash the edges than to actually make the card..


He’s so vain.  I had the camera snapping various things and there he was smiling away.. Good onya my son!!


Yep I have joined the smashing community.  I never realised scrapbooking could be so therapeutic, it totally has me hooked, I will have to becareful of my spending here bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!




{WOW I havent changed a bit, well maybe not the stripy hair}


Monday, 2 July 2012

A Week of Dying

Hello Little blog readers..  How the heck are you?  I hope all is well as it is here, well as well as it could be over the last week or so…

I have been the perfect headless chicken as you do when you have 3 birthdays, 4, colds, a dog leg trapped in a recliner, collecting and preparing for relay for life weekend, collecting for the charity boot sale (garage sale for the American's), making a few cards, posting parcels and in between all that going to work..  WHEWWWWWWWY!!!! Yahhh pretty busy……

So last friday number one baby had an asthma attack due to a wonderful cold he has.  Up to casualty I go to get him nebulised.  Back home sleep one minute 5 sec’s, I am now wide awake BOOOOOOO… Up early singing happy birthday to a dying child man he turned 19… Plans all cancelled but he did get up to open cards and pressies.

By Monday I am dying of a cold.  Tuesday Sonny turned 15, croaked a happy birthday to him and explained sorry I may be dead when you come home..  Ok he says and goes off to school.  Thursday mum is now dying of cold, *sigh* and back to the weekend and Sonny is all full of cold.  Saying that in our week of dying, the poor doggy decided to sit under my recliner and of course when I was running to the toilet with stomach flu, I accidently caught her back leg in the chair. 

The good news is now Monday a new week and we are all still alive, just, but we all made it though.

Anyhoooooo I did manage to finish up lots of projects.  I think its because I just could not be bothered to do any housework/chores I just did the basics. I made this birthday card, simple and I am learning to use promarker pens, which I have had for a millennium and this little treasure from Mo’s I must say I find Mo’s stuff really affordable and original..  Just saying…


This was just a letter of thanks to Amanda and Phil who put up with us when we visited them in Somerset.