Saturday, 28 July 2012

The boys are still alive…

Hello people of loveliness..  Well did you watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics?  Oh just me then..  At the moment I am watching the male gymnastics and blimey is all I am gonna say about that.. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

First weeks of the holiday has gone well, like really well.  The boys are still alive, we have cleaned all the toot out the loft and did a boot sale today making almost £100.  Yah I know..  It was like getting rid of the last remnants of my house too…  Still painful after all this time and sometimes I feel like I am watching myself and not quite getting a grip…

Anyhooo less of that clap trap and more of my little friends, a wonderful pair of mates they are, coming into my life when I needed them the most specially at the moment.. And look


I was so surprised.  There I was in my kitchen, in my nighty, cleaning the sink as you do when the doorbell rang.. This is how that drama went..

“Sonny door”

“what door?”

“The doorbell, someone is there can you get it please?”


“The front door, how many f*&^ing doors do we have?” *Starting to get annoyed now*


He goes down stairs and says……………..

“There's a man at the door?”

“Well open it then!”  By this time I am have steam coming out my nostrils but trying to keep my cool BAH! Anyway there is me up the top of the stairs trying to stand up right (back has gone) telling him to take the parcel and he turns to me and says…………… Wait for it ………………………………………………………………………………….

“What parcel?”

The air suddenly thickened and dark cloud came overhead, the man at the door shaking his head and Sonny looking as if to say WHAT! lol   Why God why?  So finally the parcel came up and I was looking and thinking, I never ordered anything, what’s this big (don't be rude) I guessed by the box it was from a florist, I checked the card and wooooooooooooo It was from my friends…  I had a huge grin and thanked them both as it was such a big deal for me.  So nice a so thoughtful.  I hate receiving gifts, I get pretty embarrassed.  For some reason I never think I do anything to deserve them.  They sit on my mantle scenting the whole house.  The scent is really powerful from the lily’s

Anyhooo just so you know I am not really around during the hols..  I hope you are enjoying the summer………

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  1. Awww they are so pretty. Kids can be so mentally testing at times. Just find some small squishy fruits and toss it at his head. That slows em down... sometimes.


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