Saturday, 14 July 2012

My Favourite Thing

Well I will have to say that my favourite thing is music. I went through a lot of things and come to the conclusion that yes music is in my soul..
What music does for me:
It calms me when I am in a storm
It makes me happy when I feel a bit blue
It un-complicates my complicated mind
It always brings back memories of happy
It makes life a whole lot better when there is a song in your heart
I love it so much, I learned to play the guitar and I can make music on a piano,
I love music so much I sing along, whistle, hum everywhere
Here is my Smash*Aholics 30 day challenge number 3… Yes I know I am still behind lol
Thank you for looking x


  1. Oh this is just to cute! I agree on the music too

  2. Music is so powerful in our lives too. I love your little girl too. The music notes on her hair is so cute!


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