Sunday, 8 July 2012

enough of me moaning……

Hello readers, I hope you are doing fine…  I am feeling a tad like the weather, up and down..  I know why, I am reducing my meds and its making me erratic, but I just want to be normal again.  I am feeling very unloved and lonely, and also I feel very self conscious, unnerved and not confident at all,  which may be the side effects.. 

I am also very anxious about next weeks relay for life..  Getting on the grass going back to the place where i broke my Achilles this time last year. *SIGH*  OH BOO HOO ME *SLAPS SELF*

Okies enough of me moaning…………………

Ok so what have I done?

I made this pattern for a quilt with a jelly roll..  I am still naff at it but Kenzie loves it so she says..  I hope so, I really do.. I never did this pattern at all and I used a wool batting which I find makes it a smoother finish.  I hope Kenzie takes some pics for me I will have to get her too. co I am naff lol


And a little card to accompany


PS: 50 shades of grey is all I am saying bwahahahahahahaha…  Angel this is just up your street love ………..

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  1. Love the quilt. You have way more patience than me lol.


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