Thursday, 12 July 2012

Washi Tape

Hello readers, I hope you are well on this fine Thursday..  So over at Smash*-aholics I am on day 2, while everyone else is on probably day 12 LOL!!! Those of you who know me know for a fact that I am never the “hare”..

So Washi Tape..  I don’t like it..  I am not really seeing the point, however saying that it is pretty.  Maybe because I am so organised?  I just can’t rip a piece of anything off and stick it in lol..  For me it has to be uniform and uncluttered.  Anyhooooooo less of my therapy session.

My interpretation on Washi Tape.  I absolutely love this stamp too I cant remember where I got her from, and its the first time I have used her..  I tried out my greys and funny I do like her grey but I also want her to go on some candles, so I need to really colour her with colour and see how she comes out..  As you can see I used the word solace, its my absolute favourite word.  It has so much meaning for me and I do find solace in many things I do..  I wrote a little verse, it makes no sense maybe to you but for me I know exactly what it means…


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Have a happy day!
Paula xx