Sunday, 22 April 2012

April Showers…

Drip drip drop little April Showers..

I am entering this scrapbook page over at Saturated Canary’s Challenge Blog..


I really enjoyed colouring this digi image which is from Krista’s Etsy store Saturated Canary.  My favourite part was the sentiment from the Disney Film Bambi.


She don't look like she cares at all does she! LOL!!

Single Really?!

SDC11479Just in case you don't recognise me!!! I’m standing in the bathroom with my rotten child who is taking pics of my trying to get some beautification…  *SNORT* Is it any wonder why I am single LOL!! My nose looks like a a squashed tomato. And yes those curls are oh so natural….

I really haven't got much to say today so I will just show you what I have been up to instead.. This week I made the boys birthday cards.


This is for my baby Charlie.  My eldest precious.


This one is for my baby Sonny who is 14 this year.  I love these Mo Manning Digi’s, they really do represent today’s teenager..

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Robin Redbreast

Hello readers I have joined in for this weeks challenge over at Winter Wonderland. Kate asked for a robin to be put on the card.  So here is mine. I’m not very creative yet with the winter theme.  I dunno why.  It feels like I am struggling..  OH well!!


This is card number 2 for my card stash, I know I wont be running around like a loony this year trying to get everything done.

Digi Stamp by Bugaboo Stamps

Your mates lived close

I know I am back again in the same week.  Well I have been sorta busy this week.  After my little moan about my squids I decided that they are old enough to entertain themselves and I should not worry if they are getting enough stimulation.  I looked back when I was 14 and I was always out, that's because

1. We only had 3 channels on the TV
2. There were no computers
3. There were no Game Consoles
4. Your mates lived close
5. Your mates never had to go to their grandparents for the holidays because their parents were working.
6. You could hang out over the park (the cool part) and not fear getting beaten up

Oh the list can go on.  Times have changed so much.  Anyhooo so my week in pictures I think..

SDC11461Wedding Card made for Mum

SDC11463Lap top ready to make Kirsty’s Quick Bestest Curry Ever


It was very nom nom nom.  I thought my gosh this is pale, then I realised well hang on there is no rubbish in there.  I had a lot left over so I froze that for another day. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My skanky old online mate..

So I sent this over to my skanky old online mate Angel, who I have know for way too long, but she keeps finding me and I have to keep changing my blog home bwhahahahahaha..  Seriously though, she is a good old stick..  So I did this for her cos I felt nice for a few minutes..  And now she has it I thought I would share with you guys.. I actually forgot to take a photo so I got Angel-bobble-bom-bum to do it..


I used a combination of chalk and pencil..  I was reallllly brave with the colours because the colours I used here are NOT the colours I would usually use..

Anyhooo I thought I would give you a look see what you think..


OOOO and I am going to really out do myself when I show you a project I am working on dun du du dummmmmmmmmmmmmmm watch this space little readers xxx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Is that a mummy thing?


I framed up my picture added a garden and a few pins on the side and it sits happy on my window sill. I REALLY want to learn to take better pictures. I might do a course in how to use your camera or something.. I am so naff.

Is is me or has this year flown by? It’s April already. Currently off on holiday for the spring break yippeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately so are the boys BOOOOOO!!! I am fretting a little about the boys, they are old enough to entertain themselves (18 and 14) but yet unless I physically take them they wont do eff all the lazy little darlings….. Is that a mummy thing? Should I still be trying to entertain them, or should this be something they should do it themselves? Where oh where did I put the parenting handbook. I knew I would need it sometime. Am I worrying to much? You know I think back to when I was that age and I did my own thing. I wanted to put as much distance as I could between me and my mum to assert my own independence and as a good mummy she was she let me get on with it… Well I was also pretty much as headstrong then.. My boys just don't seem to want their independence, they want to hang on to the apron strings… Maybe I should just chop them off? They can either fly or crash right? *SIGH* What to do….

I am so jealous of happy for Sonny, he saved for an iPad (ok yes I did lend give him £20 for the case) Anyhooo I have the iPhone which is basically the same, but I sneaked off with it the other day and had a little play with it. My verdict, if you want to email, surf, watch you tube or listen to music, then its perfect, anything else you might be a little limited… Do I think it’s worth how much he paid. NO!!! Its very expensive for what it does.. I though I would be totally impressed, then again I do have the iPhone… Anyhoooo would I steal it.. Well duh!! YEAH! LOL!

Righty I am off I have 4 birthday cards to make, 2 wedding cards and I have bought a quilt kit to make up for a Christmas present. ( I like to be ahead rather than rushing)..

Happy Spring

Very First……

I am a challenge virgin and I am going to enter this card over at Winter Wonderland..  I think its an amazing idea and have been following the blog for some time now..  Anyway The challenge is called It Takes Two


I used Prima Pencils to colour in the picture and fine pens for outlining…  Actually the stamp was a freebie from a magazine.  I dunno who made the stamps but it looks lovely and I had saved it to use for this coming Christmas.

Thank you for looking