Thursday, 12 April 2012

Your mates lived close

I know I am back again in the same week.  Well I have been sorta busy this week.  After my little moan about my squids I decided that they are old enough to entertain themselves and I should not worry if they are getting enough stimulation.  I looked back when I was 14 and I was always out, that's because

1. We only had 3 channels on the TV
2. There were no computers
3. There were no Game Consoles
4. Your mates lived close
5. Your mates never had to go to their grandparents for the holidays because their parents were working.
6. You could hang out over the park (the cool part) and not fear getting beaten up

Oh the list can go on.  Times have changed so much.  Anyhooo so my week in pictures I think..

SDC11461Wedding Card made for Mum

SDC11463Lap top ready to make Kirsty’s Quick Bestest Curry Ever


It was very nom nom nom.  I thought my gosh this is pale, then I realised well hang on there is no rubbish in there.  I had a lot left over so I froze that for another day. 

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  1. It's funny how much everything has changed. My mom used to get annoyed with us and shoo us outside to play and told us to be back before twilight. Now there is not only so much to do inside, there are so many more dangers outside.

    I really like the textures on the card, it looks great.

    I loooooove curry. Guess I'll have to go check out the recipe hehe.


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