Sunday, 22 April 2012

Single Really?!

SDC11479Just in case you don't recognise me!!! I’m standing in the bathroom with my rotten child who is taking pics of my trying to get some beautification…  *SNORT* Is it any wonder why I am single LOL!! My nose looks like a a squashed tomato. And yes those curls are oh so natural….

I really haven't got much to say today so I will just show you what I have been up to instead.. This week I made the boys birthday cards.


This is for my baby Charlie.  My eldest precious.


This one is for my baby Sonny who is 14 this year.  I love these Mo Manning Digi’s, they really do represent today’s teenager..

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  1. But you look like a lovely princess with your face mask on haha. I do know what you mean though. My kids tend to get ahold of the camera at the most inopportune moment.


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