Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My skanky old online mate..

So I sent this over to my skanky old online mate Angel, who I have know for way too long, but she keeps finding me and I have to keep changing my blog home bwhahahahahaha..  Seriously though, she is a good old stick..  So I did this for her cos I felt nice for a few minutes..  And now she has it I thought I would share with you guys.. I actually forgot to take a photo so I got Angel-bobble-bom-bum to do it..


I used a combination of chalk and pencil..  I was reallllly brave with the colours because the colours I used here are NOT the colours I would usually use..

Anyhooo I thought I would give you a look see what you think..


OOOO and I am going to really out do myself when I show you a project I am working on dun du du dummmmmmmmmmmmmmm watch this space little readers xxx


  1. I am still blown away that you sent her to me. She is so gorgeous. My terrible photos do not do your art justice. She is breathtaking.

    I still think you are 99% wicked but that 1% of sweet sure did make my day.


  2. So beautiful, love it. Angel would of been ticled pink. I haven't spoken to her for the longest time, I think I should start up a new blog or something.

  3. yes Kay you should you have so much to share now eh!!!! lol!!


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