Thursday, 5 April 2012

Is that a mummy thing?


I framed up my picture added a garden and a few pins on the side and it sits happy on my window sill. I REALLY want to learn to take better pictures. I might do a course in how to use your camera or something.. I am so naff.

Is is me or has this year flown by? It’s April already. Currently off on holiday for the spring break yippeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately so are the boys BOOOOOO!!! I am fretting a little about the boys, they are old enough to entertain themselves (18 and 14) but yet unless I physically take them they wont do eff all the lazy little darlings….. Is that a mummy thing? Should I still be trying to entertain them, or should this be something they should do it themselves? Where oh where did I put the parenting handbook. I knew I would need it sometime. Am I worrying to much? You know I think back to when I was that age and I did my own thing. I wanted to put as much distance as I could between me and my mum to assert my own independence and as a good mummy she was she let me get on with it… Well I was also pretty much as headstrong then.. My boys just don't seem to want their independence, they want to hang on to the apron strings… Maybe I should just chop them off? They can either fly or crash right? *SIGH* What to do….

I am so jealous of happy for Sonny, he saved for an iPad (ok yes I did lend give him £20 for the case) Anyhooo I have the iPhone which is basically the same, but I sneaked off with it the other day and had a little play with it. My verdict, if you want to email, surf, watch you tube or listen to music, then its perfect, anything else you might be a little limited… Do I think it’s worth how much he paid. NO!!! Its very expensive for what it does.. I though I would be totally impressed, then again I do have the iPhone… Anyhoooo would I steal it.. Well duh!! YEAH! LOL!

Righty I am off I have 4 birthday cards to make, 2 wedding cards and I have bought a quilt kit to make up for a Christmas present. ( I like to be ahead rather than rushing)..

Happy Spring

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