Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm DIYing and I'm organsied(ish)

Blasted bloody blog, and that's all I have to say on that matter LOL!! Please bear with me with my blog layout, I'm adding and taking away all fun fun fun!!!

Ok so this week I have been up to not a lot, but it does feel like loads and loads. Those who know me, know my decision making skills are naff (and that's being complimentary to myself if I must say). So everything takes twice as long to do until I make a firm decision, which might take me weeks.  I often wonder if it's only me who can't make a decision, but I reckon there are many out there who are the same, well I hope there are!

Since I have decided to stay put mum and I are going to gut the whole place and redecorate. Finally after weeks of trying we have found a builder who we like and seems like he can do the job. (I hope he flipping well can!) His name is Vince and he seems like a nice guy.(I hope he is!) I put on all my charm (which didn't include pushing my over large boobs in his face) and he seemed to understand in my wafflings what it was we want.

So the mother and I have been looking for a new kitchen, because that where he is going to start. My goodness, there is some right ole poop out there. The kitchen I liked starting prices were £29,000. Well it was about £27,000 out of my price range so we looked again. This time settling for a homebase snazzy country kitchen called Amalfi, which is actually under our price range.  Saturday we have the kitchen guy in to do all the measurements (the kitchen not us!)

I started the boy's bedroom, I so far have stripped the window sill and half of the walls.

So I used this stuff, which stinks to high heaven, so if you do have a go of it make sure that your room is well ventilated..

This stuff was really easy to use, I pasted it on with a scraper and left it overnight for extraness.  It says about 6 hours or over night but I don't want to be going over and over it.

This stuff did this.  Literally took off years and years of paint over night..  Impressed, yes I was..

I'm as slow as a snail, so by the time the kitchen is finished I should be just about ready to paint in there LOL! I was inspired by some wrapping paper for the boys room which is really snazzy.

It's all in my head, I hope I can relay the idea's to the walls.

Last week I made some cakey's for my mum the oldies where my mum works.  They can't have this and that and the other becasue of diet.  So I made them some teeny weeny strawberry cakes.


Hmmm! who is this naughty ole crow?  I wonder??
The pic is blurred becasue I was laughing so much but here is a mouth watering close up that isn't blurred.

(The bottles of gaviscon at the back wasn't for the purpose of over eating these luscious lovies)

So I hope you do forgive me when my posts are irratic between the DIY and sorting housework and oooo the kids are off from tomorrow on their Easter hols.  Hopefully the next post will be a little bit more crafty...

Have a great Easter xx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Parcel

all for me sent from Dawn who was my colour swap partner..

OOOOOOOOO I was squealing and it was like Christmas all over again. But I did constrain myself and opened each little goody carefully..

This is the goodies Dawn sent me. ♫ Pink glorious PINK!!!! ♫

Cute little needle holder, handy for when I set off down the beach in the summer, or waiting for the kids when I'm on a school run.

A lovely little brooch for my spring jacket

I'm not quite sure what I would like to do with these pegs, yet but I am sure they will come to good use.. ooo maybe I might use them on my notice board.?

Nope not sharing LOL!! yummy yummy choccy in my tummy! I know what I will do with this little beauties EH EH!!

These little snotties will go into my handbag, as I do have a little tissue collection in there.

I nearly ate this scrummy postcard lol.. Isn't it delish!?

Strawberry anyone!? I am putting this into my kitchen when it's all done, I can see it now all in place on a cupboard door.

My pink fantastically knitted box is going to house my crochet wool in the car when I am sitting there waiting for the kids to come out of school.

Lastly some lovely, lovely ribbon which always comes in handy.

Thank you Dawn so much I really appreciate it and I was so happy to receive such lovely gifts. @@( Ü )@@




Sunday, 21 March 2010

It's Begun

Hello and a very happy Sunday to everyone.  It's warm and sunny here in good ole Clacton today.  Although I wont be enjoying it as much as I would like.  I started to clear out the boys room for decorating so today I am clearing up and putting away.  I already have three bags of rubbish and 4 bags for charity.  I'm wondering if stuff was actually hiding in the wallpaper?  I can't figure out where all the stuff came from.  Oh well better someone make use of it..

I'm still on my crocheting spree and I have learned to do a granny square.  I thought I would share with you my little granny square journey..

So this is what the square should look like (pic taken from my wonderful Art of Crochet)

Erm that don't look right.......

My 700,456,98 attempt, it's not looking to bad, I have the holes square at least lol

Finally after 185,234,798,689 attempts, I finally finished my first granny square.

LOL you might think that i was exagerating but really 2 days it took me to get the stitches right.  But I am super loving it..

Ok I am off to go and do some more in the bed room.  I will be showing my progressions just so I can bore you to tears lol

Have a happy and fabulicious week xx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I Decided ( last)

Helloooooooo everyone, what an absolutely beautiful day it is. Here in sunny Clacton it's just wonderful. The sky is powdered gently with cloud and they are all whispy and fresh. I even managed to get all my sheets and towels dry.. Lovely just wunnerful!

Anyhoooo so Sunday gone see mothers day here in the UK and I must be honest and say it was the best mothers day ever... Even though my kids never bother my mum and Marie made it special, with cards from them and some little candles which smell wonderful.. Mum and I, we had a really nice day. We went over into Colchester to Dunelm's and we spent lots and lots.. (Sometimes retail therapy is a great thing, but only sometimes lol) We then found a rather yummy little pub that was absolutely fabulous. It server proper old fashioned dinner. We all had Sunday roast beef with all the trimmings. I had Jam Roly Poly with lashings of custard and mum had Apricot Crumble with ice cream. We came home fully stuffed and vegged out with some choccies. A lovely day. I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day, and those who can't be with their children or children can't be with their mother, I hope that you had peaceful and happy memories remembering them.

The hook has returned! YEAH! I'm back at the stick thing with a hook at the end crocheting away. Well not away. I am really learning the stitches which seem to be sticking with me, I know with practice they will become more neater.

This is what my square should have looked like, the salmony coloured one on the left.

My first attempt came out like that, the greeny coloured on the right lol.. My mum was squealing like a pig, saying 'oooooooo look you can crochet', and all I could say was 'well yes, yes I can!' ha ha ha ha ha After a few million attempts I finally decided that I had mastered 'Shell Stitch' and completed a full square.

You know what that don't look to bad if I say so myself. I really need to get my tension right but I think it will come over time. I am so proud of myself and I really enjoy it too. After I finished the square I thought I would practice some circles. HEH HEH HEH!

Yeah its really wonky, more like a pretty flower of flower. It's supposed to be that way. Ok!!! it's not, I lied! It's supposed to be circular. I will practice until my fingers drop off. Well actually no that's a lie too! For the love of Gerard Butler, I have a bout of compulsive lying, I think it's the exciting news I have to share. (and no I am not pregnant, just before you go running off into the distance for knitting needles and wool) ANYHOOOOO!! After many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, more attempts this was the last circle I am practicing with.

(Flattens it down)

So I still need to practice but I think it's a lot neater. Currently I am learning how to do a granny square. My wrist has dislocated several times and that ain't no lie heh heh.. (ok it was!) Mummypoo is going to come and sit with me because I think I am sticking my hook where it shouldnt go, as you do in these times of trouble.

So my good news. I have made a HUGE, GINORMIC, HUMUNGIO decision. Which is (drum roll if you please)..................I have decided I am not going to be selling my flat.

After many nights awake pondering the benefits of a move, it dawned on me that why do I really need to move. I mean in oder to move I would have to get into some debt to cover the extra expenses of a bigger house. As a person who doesnt have the luxury of working my funds are counted each month like everyone elses. So why should I move, and get myself in to ooddles of debt so that everyone can have a bedroom? I spoke with mum about it and she was in total agreement, she said she would rather stay here and do it up and be comfortable, rather than move and struggle. So here we are staying put and the best bit is. I have full, full FULL rein over the decor YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!..

Watch this space I am totally going to renervate our home (of course with lots supervision and advice from queen mother, who has given me full rein HA!!.) I'm so excited!!!!!! *nibbles nails in anticipation*

I'm ready to send Miss Dawn a.k.a Country Girl her parcel, I really hope she likes her goodies. And I really Enjoyed doing the colour swap. I think it's made me braver to get more involved. I have put my name down for Claire's Pincushion Swap, and my partner is Katy from Girl Industries.

Well that's all for now, dinner to get ready and colour swatches to look at la la la la la

Have a great Evening/Night/Day !



Thursday, 11 March 2010

Blimey It's Thursday Already!


Shampoo & Shave - ☑
Housework - ☑
Ironing - ☑
Kids to school - ☑
Old TV to the dump - ☑
Car filled up - ☑
Car Washed - ☑
Post Office - ☑
Char to school - ☑
E-mails - ☑

What happened to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?  I have been really busy this week.  Catching up with stuff, like sorting out cupboards and taking the car in to get serviced.  But I think for me Yesterday was my most fruitful.  Let me start from the beginning .

This naughty girl (otherwise known as Mummy, shown here supporting brand new glasses), decided to blow up our telly.  Which was fun! I'm a tad concerned though. Only last week she blew up the dishwasher.  Holy Handbags Batman!!!!! WHY?!! If she keeps on she will be going in to a OAP home quicker than she planned.  I daren't let her touch me, in case I explode..  That wont be a fun job getting me out the carpet.  She doth protest saying that, they were dying anyway , but I have my own suspicions lol!! Poor ole mum! Or should be say  Demolition Donna?!

So off to Curry's we went to get a new TV, which we did manage to buy yippee!!!!! After a lot of oooooo, ahhhh, hmmmm, ohhhhh, we decided on this one. The TV's are all so snazzy these days, that you need a degree in electronics to work them.  Basically I just want to plug it in and watch it.

Anyhoo, Look how nice and sparkly it is..  No Wait! it's one of them dust hoggers, alread out of the box and it has sucked ever single dust particle in the air to it..  Good thing though I only have to dust in one place now ☺

Right so onward.  Mothering Sunday is this weekend in the UK if you don't know you should have, bad you!.. I have finished mum's apron to go along with her other goodies I bought for her from her amazon wish list.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Made all by myself.  Graciously modeled by my chair, thank you chair.  (looks at the chair at the side sneaking in to the photo).  It was the first apron I have ever made, so lots of wonky bits.  The cupcake case is a pocket, which took me ages..  I have trouble with measuring and cutting lol..  I knew I should have learned to count. I hope Mum likes it.  She blooming better like it!!..

At Last my second copy of Art of Crochet has come. (ooo where did that piece of ribbon sneak in from?)

I subscribed back in January, but due to high demand I only received the second issue yesterday.  They expected around 7 - 8000 copies to be sold.  They sold over 50,000.  Woooooooooooo it's popular.  So I will be back at my crochet hook this afternoon learning some new stitches.  I get so excited, I never thought I would be able to crochet, and for the love of pancakes, mum tried to teach me over the years but it would end up with me getting huffy and mum sticking the needle in my eye.  So when this series came out, I thought that's it, I'm gonna learn..  Funny though I picked it up almost immediately..  So if you are someone who can't crochet and wants to learn, I highly recommend this series, it teaches you everything..

Finally a sad moment *insert depressing music here*

Remember those fabulous bright flowers I showed you, well they are fading away  *Shed's a tear, wipes away the snot droplet* Although I am impressed, the colous have held really well, even though they have wilted.  I'm not gonna throw them away just yet..  I don't care if the petals are falling off, or the stems are mouldy.  I don't even care if they stink to high heaven, I love them unconditionally.. LOL!! Yeah I am sad..

Anyhooo enough for me and my antics today, I have a tax form to fill out and also I treated the house to a new gaget suggested by one of the girls on my RSS list..

Have a great Thursday everyone..

Sunday, 7 March 2010

How Springy

March has been..  The sun is so glorious... The temperate is warming up...  Goodie, Goodie Gum yums!!

In this post I thought I would just skim a little on what I have done over the week..

On Monday I recieved this wonderful little book to add to my addiction.  The things in here are really simple to make I will be having a go and of course will share my crafty bits with you..

I bought a light box.  Simply because I am sick of wasting so much time and paper transferring patterns..  I have found it a really good investment for transferring on to light materials.  Seen as I rarely use dark ones I think it will be a good investment for me.

I treated myself to a wonderful bunch of flowers to cheer myself up..  It worked! I felt all springy as you do..

I primed up some pots for a new project I am playing with.. (It's not advisable to do this on the coffee table in front of the TV).

I'm not going to go nuts in explaining this because it's a sneak preview and my Colour Swap partner Country Girl might be snooping round to see what I'm upto.

I went to the garage this week to have Peter the Perv's (My Peugeot 307, we named him Peter the Pervy Peugeot...Go Figure!) tyre's done..  That was exciting because I never done it before, I always had Mark to reply on, but you know when a girl has to do something she pulls up her sleeves and gets stuck in..  I liked the EuroPit and I am going to have Peter serviced there on Tuesday, there prices are really good and Warren was very helpful telling me what they did blah blah.  Yawn.. But at least he took a little time out to explain to me things I know nothing about..

I had an meeting with the collage about Charlie going this year.  They are hopeful he will get in.  I am desperate he will get in.. I mean come on what do you do with a 6ft, 16 year old with Autism.  He needs to be occupied in a structured way. Although I am pretty organized I do tend to drift, and plus he needs to be out of the house.  I don't want him spending his time rotting his brain away doing nothing.  So hopefully fingers crossed he will be able to go off to college in September.

Mum had a wonderful birthday, as per usual I forgot to take Cameron the crazy camera with me.. So no pic's.  I really do have to get into the habit of taking Cameron with me.

I have finally finished mum's apron for mothers day YIPEEEEE!!! I can't wait to show you I think you will like it..  But for now I hope you all have a really Happy Sunday and enjoy the wonderful weather.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A Beautiful Start

**Cue spring time music ** When it's Spring again I'll bring again Tulips from Amsterdam.... *Sways happily*

Goodness me what a beautiful start to march. The sun shone bright yesterday and the first moon was absolutely stunning. I'm not photographer and I am working of taking pic's but at the time of taking this pic all I had on me was my iPhone. I am also trying to remember to take my camera out with me to snap up any delights. So here is my shabby attempt at taking a pic at night with my iPhone lol

What I was trying to capture was the moon shine on the water. It's super hard as it is pitch black down there at the beach, lets hope you get the jest of it lol.. So onto this morning.. Again another beautiful day, I skipped all the way down to the beach. The poor dogs were huffing and puffing all the way. I am walking them a little bit further these days in preparation for this year's Race for Life. I've never done it before and I thought it would be a good thing to do.. I have just got to pluck up the courage to sign up.. I don't mind doing it alone, but it would be good for others to join in.. I'm not going to run it because I would kill myself, and the object is to raise money for breast cancer, not be in the hospital for a lung transplant. I can still join in I'm just going to walk it lol...

I didn't have my camera no, but I did have the old trusty iPhone which I took some nice-ish pictures on our 3 mile trek.

The sea was so calm this morning. The waves were just lapping gently at the beach.. Lovely Jubbly!

Beach hut parade. Even today the winter weathered beach huts stood gloriously in the sunshine

Another piccy with the intent of caturing the wonderful sunshine reflecting on the water..

Ahhhhh I do love the spring, along with autumn it's my favourite season. New life is breathed across the land. Little flowers begin to pop their sleepy heads out to say hello.. The birds twittering and singing away doing their jobs.. Things are so much clearer. I am definitely more enthusiastic. For me the winter is the most depressing of times. I become very lazy and don't want to do anything but snuggle. Even when the sun shines it's either to windy or bitterly cold to go out to enjoy it. But when the spring comes the brighter days make me jump up and grab life.. Today I feel on top of the world.. It's so wonderful to be alive. Oh I miss you sunshine lol