Thursday, 11 March 2010

Blimey It's Thursday Already!


Shampoo & Shave - ☑
Housework - ☑
Ironing - ☑
Kids to school - ☑
Old TV to the dump - ☑
Car filled up - ☑
Car Washed - ☑
Post Office - ☑
Char to school - ☑
E-mails - ☑

What happened to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?  I have been really busy this week.  Catching up with stuff, like sorting out cupboards and taking the car in to get serviced.  But I think for me Yesterday was my most fruitful.  Let me start from the beginning .

This naughty girl (otherwise known as Mummy, shown here supporting brand new glasses), decided to blow up our telly.  Which was fun! I'm a tad concerned though. Only last week she blew up the dishwasher.  Holy Handbags Batman!!!!! WHY?!! If she keeps on she will be going in to a OAP home quicker than she planned.  I daren't let her touch me, in case I explode..  That wont be a fun job getting me out the carpet.  She doth protest saying that, they were dying anyway , but I have my own suspicions lol!! Poor ole mum! Or should be say  Demolition Donna?!

So off to Curry's we went to get a new TV, which we did manage to buy yippee!!!!! After a lot of oooooo, ahhhh, hmmmm, ohhhhh, we decided on this one. The TV's are all so snazzy these days, that you need a degree in electronics to work them.  Basically I just want to plug it in and watch it.

Anyhoo, Look how nice and sparkly it is..  No Wait! it's one of them dust hoggers, alread out of the box and it has sucked ever single dust particle in the air to it..  Good thing though I only have to dust in one place now ☺

Right so onward.  Mothering Sunday is this weekend in the UK if you don't know you should have, bad you!.. I have finished mum's apron to go along with her other goodies I bought for her from her amazon wish list.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Made all by myself.  Graciously modeled by my chair, thank you chair.  (looks at the chair at the side sneaking in to the photo).  It was the first apron I have ever made, so lots of wonky bits.  The cupcake case is a pocket, which took me ages..  I have trouble with measuring and cutting lol..  I knew I should have learned to count. I hope Mum likes it.  She blooming better like it!!..

At Last my second copy of Art of Crochet has come. (ooo where did that piece of ribbon sneak in from?)

I subscribed back in January, but due to high demand I only received the second issue yesterday.  They expected around 7 - 8000 copies to be sold.  They sold over 50,000.  Woooooooooooo it's popular.  So I will be back at my crochet hook this afternoon learning some new stitches.  I get so excited, I never thought I would be able to crochet, and for the love of pancakes, mum tried to teach me over the years but it would end up with me getting huffy and mum sticking the needle in my eye.  So when this series came out, I thought that's it, I'm gonna learn..  Funny though I picked it up almost immediately..  So if you are someone who can't crochet and wants to learn, I highly recommend this series, it teaches you everything..

Finally a sad moment *insert depressing music here*

Remember those fabulous bright flowers I showed you, well they are fading away  *Shed's a tear, wipes away the snot droplet* Although I am impressed, the colous have held really well, even though they have wilted.  I'm not gonna throw them away just yet..  I don't care if the petals are falling off, or the stems are mouldy.  I don't even care if they stink to high heaven, I love them unconditionally.. LOL!! Yeah I am sad..

Anyhooo enough for me and my antics today, I have a tax form to fill out and also I treated the house to a new gaget suggested by one of the girls on my RSS list..

Have a great Thursday everyone..


  1. Thanks again Paula for being so generous with this giveaway. I blogged about it here and will drop you a line when I blog about my day out.
    .-= Kella´s last blog ..Happy Valentine's =-.

  2. Oops! I forgot to give you the link to the blog posting:
    .-= Kella´s last blog ..Happy Valentine's =-.

  3. Hi There,
    Just visiting via Kella's Blog and thought I'd send you a your Blog! Its Fab!
    I look forward to stopping by again soon.
    .-= Emma´s last blog ..Writers Workshop - Dear Emma =-.


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