Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A Beautiful Start

**Cue spring time music ** When it's Spring again I'll bring again Tulips from Amsterdam.... *Sways happily*

Goodness me what a beautiful start to march. The sun shone bright yesterday and the first moon was absolutely stunning. I'm not photographer and I am working of taking pic's but at the time of taking this pic all I had on me was my iPhone. I am also trying to remember to take my camera out with me to snap up any delights. So here is my shabby attempt at taking a pic at night with my iPhone lol

What I was trying to capture was the moon shine on the water. It's super hard as it is pitch black down there at the beach, lets hope you get the jest of it lol.. So onto this morning.. Again another beautiful day, I skipped all the way down to the beach. The poor dogs were huffing and puffing all the way. I am walking them a little bit further these days in preparation for this year's Race for Life. I've never done it before and I thought it would be a good thing to do.. I have just got to pluck up the courage to sign up.. I don't mind doing it alone, but it would be good for others to join in.. I'm not going to run it because I would kill myself, and the object is to raise money for breast cancer, not be in the hospital for a lung transplant. I can still join in I'm just going to walk it lol...

I didn't have my camera no, but I did have the old trusty iPhone which I took some nice-ish pictures on our 3 mile trek.

The sea was so calm this morning. The waves were just lapping gently at the beach.. Lovely Jubbly!

Beach hut parade. Even today the winter weathered beach huts stood gloriously in the sunshine

Another piccy with the intent of caturing the wonderful sunshine reflecting on the water..

Ahhhhh I do love the spring, along with autumn it's my favourite season. New life is breathed across the land. Little flowers begin to pop their sleepy heads out to say hello.. The birds twittering and singing away doing their jobs.. Things are so much clearer. I am definitely more enthusiastic. For me the winter is the most depressing of times. I become very lazy and don't want to do anything but snuggle. Even when the sun shines it's either to windy or bitterly cold to go out to enjoy it. But when the spring comes the brighter days make me jump up and grab life.. Today I feel on top of the world.. It's so wonderful to be alive. Oh I miss you sunshine lol


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  1. We are having some beautiful sonshiney days, aren't we? Still a bit chilly for my liking though!
    Love your tulips picture.
    Progress is slow but sure on the colour swap front - so many projects, so little time!


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