Friday, 28 September 2012

What A…

Shitty week I just had.  That’s a literal thing bwahahha.. I caught some bug or another which caused me to be stinkinly ill. I never knew whether to put my head down the loo or sit on it..  Oh well, I lived through it.

So in between vanishing rather quickly to the lavvy, I managed to get a lot of decorating, I couldn’t go to work seen I was contagious (Mum has it now and is cursing me). I did get loads done.  I signed up for a monthly subscription from Simon Says Stamp.  I got my little parcel and made 4 cards lol, but that’s another post. It was just a little birthday present to myself.  Ooo Did I mention birthday?  Yusss missus you did!!. In my head you are all nodding frantically, I wish you could see it lol.  So I hit 23 36 42 last Monday and was so upset as I really couldn’t get excited seen as I was pretty rough feeling.  My shitty arsed BFF came with flowers and to curse me for giving her my lovely bug.  I do love to share!!

So piccy time…


Don’t they make you sick.  They are totally in love with each other, it’s quite puke inducing really, bwahahahaha!  I am so blessed to have them, just the way they are, although I wish I had a mute button sometimes lol.  When we were away in August, we visited the Isle of Wight.  That was a good day.  I didn’t take any pics of the ferry as I was passed out on the deck at the price of breakfast.  I am not even going there, no, no, no.

Poor Ole Mrs Gail...Yah Gail Lewis my lovely boss had some surgery to fix her manky old toes and well it didn’t go all to well and she ended up having the same surgery repeated..  I made her a iddy biddy card to cheery her up..  I didn't put the bit about having manky toes in, just so you know.  I love this little elfy and of course there a little bling lol..


I can’t remember what I coloured him in, in.  I think it was promarkers, might have been distress inks.  Anyhooo!!

Finally I am back on Facebook.  Just in case you wanna hook up?  I’m still working my way through my posts.  I am currently about 2 weeks behind now lol… 

Right I am going off to hang a little bit of wallpaper before I get to comfy..

Thanks for reading x

Saturday, 22 September 2012

It’s A Milestone

So when we were on holiday we visited this little place called Milestones.  We Love places that bring back a little nostalgia.  And of course, mum better than all of us.

Milestones is held in like a huge warehouse.  It was really airy and spacious and really light.  It was surprisingly big to be honest, and everything was life sized.  There was a little bar that sold all kinds of vintage beverages as well as the newer stuff in life.. 


This is Mary at the bar and she was playing the all time faves, that are still remembered in some circles today.  So of course we had  sing song as you do..  Anyone who is originally from the East End of London will know if there is a piano playing there will be a song sung.


Mum is drunk on Victorian Pink Lemonade and Sonny was filling out a work sheet that that give out so you can have even more fun.


Charlie opted for the audio route and was listening to all the happens going on.  It was a really good day. 

Well here is one of my little slave children. The other slave child has to be in the mood to have his photo done.  We have started the decorating cycle again. Clear, clean and decorate.  So we have started in the boys room cos its the most disgusting lol.


Wow looking at these pictures the room looks tiny.. Oh wait it is..

Happy Saturday xx

Thursday, 20 September 2012

So My Friend

Trav had a birthday and I made him this card.  I realllllly loved colouring this, I am not so creative when it comes to masculine cards but hey…  I think I may have over done the buttons..



During the summer we went to a place called Monkey World, and yes Sonny did ask are there monkey’s there? *SIGH*  So anyhooo can you tell which one is excited to be there and which one isn't?  Ok let me help you Sonny on the left is excited and Charlie on the right isn't lol.  Charlie ‘doesn't do monkey’s’ but you know I was so proud of his tolerance and I even caught him staring at some of the more active monkeys..

Monkey World is a wonderful visit, but you must always be mindful that it isn't a zoo, its a rescue centre for abused monkeys.  So there maybe some disappointing moments when the monkeys just don't want to come and say hello and you are therefore looking at a leafy tree.  All in all though the day was a nice one and Sonny of course loved it and well the jury is still out with Char…


While we were there I discovered a few rare breeds that day..




Hope to see you soon xx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Welcome Back Paula!

Hello Pretties. I hope you are all doing well? I have so much to tell you guys I am going to have to do it in bits and bobs and I hope not to miss anything out.

I had an ok summer with the boys, but I did feel like the hands of doom after a while lol..  The reason being was that every time I touched something it broke or fell off or exploded or vanished or dissolved and the list of or’s go on.  Hopefully now that everything is patched, glued and taped back together nothing will …….. I am not going to tempt fate here.


No this is not a hedgehog, just saying.  It’s a scarf that I knitted for McKenzie for her birthday.  It’s a funny material like a chiffon or something luxurious.  Of course when I see it in the wool shop I immediately thought of M and decided she may like one.  I hope she liked it..  I also made her a card which I absolutely love this digi from errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr somewhere or another..  Wait I know this…… A Day for Daisies.. I get there eventually..  Liquid pearls are to die for….


So I am out for today, until next time.