Thursday, 20 September 2012

So My Friend

Trav had a birthday and I made him this card.  I realllllly loved colouring this, I am not so creative when it comes to masculine cards but hey…  I think I may have over done the buttons..



During the summer we went to a place called Monkey World, and yes Sonny did ask are there monkey’s there? *SIGH*  So anyhooo can you tell which one is excited to be there and which one isn't?  Ok let me help you Sonny on the left is excited and Charlie on the right isn't lol.  Charlie ‘doesn't do monkey’s’ but you know I was so proud of his tolerance and I even caught him staring at some of the more active monkeys..

Monkey World is a wonderful visit, but you must always be mindful that it isn't a zoo, its a rescue centre for abused monkeys.  So there maybe some disappointing moments when the monkeys just don't want to come and say hello and you are therefore looking at a leafy tree.  All in all though the day was a nice one and Sonny of course loved it and well the jury is still out with Char…


While we were there I discovered a few rare breeds that day..




Hope to see you soon xx


  1. Hey fool, where'd you get that picture of me?!

  2. I thought I did recognise that little red furry thing swinging about.


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