Saturday, 22 September 2012

It’s A Milestone

So when we were on holiday we visited this little place called Milestones.  We Love places that bring back a little nostalgia.  And of course, mum better than all of us.

Milestones is held in like a huge warehouse.  It was really airy and spacious and really light.  It was surprisingly big to be honest, and everything was life sized.  There was a little bar that sold all kinds of vintage beverages as well as the newer stuff in life.. 


This is Mary at the bar and she was playing the all time faves, that are still remembered in some circles today.  So of course we had  sing song as you do..  Anyone who is originally from the East End of London will know if there is a piano playing there will be a song sung.


Mum is drunk on Victorian Pink Lemonade and Sonny was filling out a work sheet that that give out so you can have even more fun.


Charlie opted for the audio route and was listening to all the happens going on.  It was a really good day. 

Well here is one of my little slave children. The other slave child has to be in the mood to have his photo done.  We have started the decorating cycle again. Clear, clean and decorate.  So we have started in the boys room cos its the most disgusting lol.


Wow looking at these pictures the room looks tiny.. Oh wait it is..

Happy Saturday xx

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