Thursday, 28 April 2011

bless her manky knickers

This is me playing with my zoom zoom button on my camera……


This is mum giving me the evil’s..  How encouraging is she…  Actually though bless her manky knickers, she is really unwell at the moment.  After a few days of moaning and groaning about her ear aching, I finally snapped at her this morning to go and see the doctor *insert a few swear words*.  She went and was diagnosed with infection in both ears and was given hundreds of antibiotic’s..  Anyhooo less about her more about me..

How was your Easter?  Ours was pretty quiet like everything else we do, well quiet for us anyway lol..  We was off for ever and I did get so much done over the holiday’s it was really great.  I rested up my manky old foot and did loads of chores.. Back to work this week on Tuesday.  It was absolutely fabulous seeing everyone and the kids..  I love them all to bit’s. They all are so funny..  I must be the only person who loves going to work.  DO you love your job, or is a job you hate that you have no choice but to do?

I wanna show you something..


Do you like it?


Are you jealous?


You want one don’t you?


The colours are much better in life.  Would you like a closey?


Do you like that frilly edgy piece?


I really like this..  It’s kinda a put together with a pattern I used from Sarah London..  I kinda fiddled about and came up with this.. And Lucy inspired me for the wool.  So every one is a winner.. 

Especially me!

So the whole country has got the day off for the Royal Wedding!!


I’m not really a weddingy person, but mum is and so the TV will be on all day..  I’m off shopping, then I’m gonna sort out my closet and probably so something really mundane, like start some slip covers or something.  Who know what I will get up to!! What are you plan’s for the weekend?

So another long weekend for us as it is bank holiday on Monday..  We wont be doing anything as it’s a big year for me..  Char turns 18 and Sonny 14 so lots of pennies around June time, which I am saving for.

Well I am off now to discuss important things with my parent like, footstools and slip covers lol..

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you do xx

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Charlie who is bonkers

WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! I’m so happy it’s sickening *hands everyone a pink fluffy bucket with sparkling gems on it*

How are you all this week??.  I can’t remember the last time, I blogged, but since last time so much has happened, quick go and make a cuppa and I’ll tell you all about it..

This is the first week of the Easter Holidays, it has flown by but, I really have been proactive.. I mean super proactive.. Like sickly proactive you get where I am going here…… I found out what is wrong with my foot, I have the good old Plantar Factitious..  Pain is the operative word here, so while I’m off I am trying to rest is as much as possible.  I have been given a night splint and also exercises to help heal it..

Charlie who is bonkers chilling out!
Ma bambino!!SDC11108

I actually used my sewing table for the very first time.. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I made the boys a skirt for their bed.  I was just totally fed up to the back teeth of looking at the toot under it, so if I can’t keep it tidy, hiding it seemed the best way.



We went in to Colchester this week to my most fave shop and of course everything is based around London at the moment because of the royal wedding (I’m not really a monarchy lover, on the other hand mummypoo is).  Charlie absolutely loves anything Union Jacky so it was perfect.


I know you are jealous of me sewing table, I can tell!


So here it is all finished..  How I did was easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

  1. I stuck on the sticky velcro tape to the bed, dead easy…
  2. I measured the length and doubled adding a 1/4 inch hem on all hemlines. 
  3. To the front of the fabric I added velcro tape.  Sewed in place and then pulled it like a curtain tab until I got a lovely gather. 
  4. Stuck the velcro tape together Bob’s your Uncle and Fanny’s your aunt, one bed skirt all neat and tidy.


For my grand finale..  *hears heavenly trumpets playing in the background* I finally after 8 months finished my mummypoo’s lap blanket.  Well it was supposed to be a bed blanket but I got so bored with it lol I told her “oh look a lovely lap blanket for when your sitting there with a nip in the air”  Yes the eyes did go rolling round her head, but she loves it anyhoo ha ha ha!!!

Today I am finishing off my granny square cardi.  No I’m not showing it you yet you can see it when it’s all done.  I also cleared out 2 shelves of books and magazines, they are all off to the charity..  Now I’m watching The Tudors and chillaxing…

Off for now hope to see you soon. Oh and a big thank you to my little following friends, I really appreciate it.  It’a really nice to know I’m not a boring old fart. MEH!!!

Have a great week xxxx

Monday, 11 April 2011

It goes all lovely until……

Howdy do dah.  I hope you are all well, I am sure you are..  I mean how lovely has the weather been.  Last week was the last week of school before the spring break and it was absolutely gorgy. So gorgy that the sun burnt my arm, so I un earthed my sun cream (factor 50 and total block lol) and dusted off a few summer things and off to work I went.  It’s nice how the kids become all lazy when the sun comes out.  The girls working on their fake tans and the boys being horribly annoying as they do..

I did win a tin of sweeties.  Gina my lovely little friend bought me some raffle tickets, (simple cos she knew I would forget like I do everything) and I won..  She don’t know yet.  But I am being way to good I have kept them and they are still sealed.. YES they ARE!!! Anyhoo I’m going to take them back into work and share them out rather than gobble them all myself, which is actually tempting..  But no!! I am still battling the bulge, which you can read all about over there.

How easy is this pattern that the lovely Alice has shared with us and why am I going wrong LOL!! Somewhere I am having a mental breakdown and not counting properly..


It goes all lovely until row 8 then suddenly falls apart. 
(Hmmm!! It looks a bit royal weddingy doesn’t it?)


Mum has gone off to a meeting and when she gets back we are going to do the pattern together. (She reads, I crochet, her crochet is much neater than mine, you can really see the difference, from the moon see the difference….)

Hopefully I will be able to share the finished piece once I have finished farting about with it. It’s getting on my nerves a little bit, but I will not be defeated by a granny hahahahaha!

Yabby Dabby Dooooo!

Friday, 8 April 2011

The Flower Bed

Cooeee All..  It was my last day at work today for 2 weeks…  I dunno how I feel about that yet lol!

Anyhooo hasn’t the weather been just glorious.  I have been burned already.  I had to put my sun cream on or I would have been a little burnt crisp.

So while I was on my travels and journey’s blog hopping, I found this most scrumptious site.. I love it totally.  Loads of inspiring stories and stuff..  Check it out I’m sure you will love it too..  It’s called The flowerbed, and as far as I can tell it is dedicated to crochet flowers, which is great for someone like me who likes to learn new things and be inspired by what I’ve learned.


Anyhooo Here in the UK we are on our Easter Holidays!!! Are you up to anything over the break, or are you just chillaxing and taking each day as it comes?

Have a wonderful weekend xxxx

Monday, 4 April 2011

Kiki Is In Easter Heaven

Hiya all I hope you have had a great Monday.  Have I?  Yes I have had a Great day.  I love my days.  Although I have been hit by the extreme tired mallet..  Oh Well..

Some news!  Kiki over at Kiki Creates is having an Easter Extravaganza that starts today and ends on the 16th! 

blog button final

Why not hop over and check out her wonderful goodies, and bunnies..  There are many, many bunny things if you love bunnies.  If you are not a bunny lover then stay away lol xx

Have a wonderful evening x

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Here we are my mummypoo and I..  This is typically what we are like..  I love my mummy loads and even though I don’t tell her that, I think she does know.


My Mum has been there through the thick and thin of it.  Right from when I was born my mum struggled.  She gave up a lot for me to be here.  Her marriage, her home, her love, her life.


My mum was the only one who has understood me.  Although she probably wanted to strangle me at times, she never did.  She wasn’t the mum who dragged me up and passed me round and round.  She wasn’t the mum who had lots and lots of male friends, in fact i never did have an ‘uncle’. She looked after me, the best way she knew how. 

I drive her nuts. Yet she still loves me.  I fall down and she still loves me.  I get broken and she fixes me.

I just want to say a big huge thank you to my mum.  There are no words to say how much I appreciate her and love her..

Here’s to you pig face xxx Love ya squillions xxxx