Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Here we are my mummypoo and I..  This is typically what we are like..  I love my mummy loads and even though I don’t tell her that, I think she does know.


My Mum has been there through the thick and thin of it.  Right from when I was born my mum struggled.  She gave up a lot for me to be here.  Her marriage, her home, her love, her life.


My mum was the only one who has understood me.  Although she probably wanted to strangle me at times, she never did.  She wasn’t the mum who dragged me up and passed me round and round.  She wasn’t the mum who had lots and lots of male friends, in fact i never did have an ‘uncle’. She looked after me, the best way she knew how. 

I drive her nuts. Yet she still loves me.  I fall down and she still loves me.  I get broken and she fixes me.

I just want to say a big huge thank you to my mum.  There are no words to say how much I appreciate her and love her..

Here’s to you pig face xxx Love ya squillions xxxx



  1. Paula, you are a blessed woman to have such a wonderful Mom...

  2. I guess we think / feel the same way about our Moms--how lucky can we be to have such wonderfull ones! It's really nice to meet her :) If you'd like to meet mine, com'on over for a visit here:
    Teresa from Portugal (by the way, I like the name of your blog!)

  3. Two peas in a pod! I can tell I'd adore her. It's good to have wonderful family :)


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