Thursday, 21 June 2012

Picture Perfect

Fathers Day Card


For special friends




Oh he is so annoying!


Comfy Bird!?


Winter Wonderland Candy Cane

Hello everyone, I am still catching up with blogging but I still managed to make this really quick and simple card for Christmas..  It also gave me a chance to practice printing digi images..  The elf and the cane are both from Bugaboo Digi Stamps if you want the images.. 

Anyhoo over at Winter Wonderland Challenge Blog the challenge was to use a candy cane so here is my little entry…


Thank you for looking x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

And then.....

The wind started to howl and blow and blow until it blew all the phone lines down and there was no internet.  So I am back with a couple of posts to catch you up with what I was doing..  I can't remember be bothered to look where I was up to so lets hope I can pick up where I left off..



Have you guessed where we are going yet?


Here is a clue (the big mountainy thing covered in cloud)  Yes that could be Snowdon?  I'm not quite sure bwahahahhahaha!! Anyhooo this day we were in Wales


We stayed on a little farm which neither mum or I can remember the name of.. Crikey... It was beautiful though, we bought some homemade marmalade nom nom nom..


We went down this road where every shop or house was a different colour..  It looked just like a rainbow, ahhhhhhhhhhh!


And I spotted this sign in Cardigan..  I burst out laughing at the irony of it...  So this is the story.  My online friend has a screen name called Roland Of Ka Tet.  Not funny yet?  Hang on.. Everyone knows him as Roland...  This is a hair dressing salon sign...  The funny thing is that Roland has NO HAIR... 


Oh just me who thinks it's funny then!

*SIGH* I do try..

Anyhooo more from me soon xxxxxx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Western Swooper Mare pt2

We had a really nice little stroll hobble round town then we decided to go into a sandcastle exhibition. YAH!! You read me right.. Only, well look at the pic’s and you tell me what you think…..


Monday, 4 June 2012

Western Swooper Mare pt1

Happy Bank Holiday everyone.  I hope you had a fabby day like we did..  Today we went over to Western Super Mare.  I must say again it was very pleasant and there were miles and miles of beaches..  But when the tide goes out it really goes out.. I did manage to get my beach fix though..
As you can see here there is no sea.  (Anyone know the random crisp eater?) The weather did behave and it never rained, the temp hung around 17 degrees which is ok for me…
Western Super Mare felt very old, it reminded me of a Margate of moons ago or a Yarmouth, when I was a child.  It was teeming with people doing traditional beach things.  It was like they were tagging a tad behind and not keeping up with the times..  Is that a good or a bad thing?  For me it was a pleasant thing.  No screams and shrill voices of parents and children.  For a bustling place it was very tranquil too..  There were still donkey rides and horse and cart rides along the beach, what impressed me the most (I am usually opposed to some of the working conditions) the donkey’s and horses had large buckets of fresh water and food and they also were allowed to roam rather than being tied in on spot all day.  I am hoping they had plenty of shelter too to keep the sun off.  I love donkey bonkey’s <3
If you wanted traditional food then this is also the place to be, from ice cream to fish and chips typical seaside stuff, candy floss and burgers, sticks of rock and even donuts.  It also had THOSE shops full of cheap goodies that lure you in and make you buy things you really don't want or need.  Lucky for me I do live in my own seaside town so these shops are easy not to go into.
Mum Checking out the menu, Me Checking out the local talent *SNORT*
Mum deciding on cod, chips with mushy peas.
Mum n Char
NOMOMOMOMOMOM Cod, chips and mushy peas although I hate mushy peas LOL!!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Char n Chips

So we are here at The Old Milking Farm somewhere in the middle of somewhere lol… He loves it!. For him I think it is his respite, he is calm and thoughtful… And it’s those moments that make me realise why God gave him to me..  He is stood outside looking on into the field as I type.  I don’t know what he is thinking, or what he see’s but he is happy, oh so happy, and a happy Charloo is a happier Paula…. The accommodation is super clean, fresh, bright and breezy.  Everything you can possibly need has been supplied.  I think the only complaint I have is we can’t stay boooo…  There are 3 t.v’s but no one has had them on, I think its the tranquillity..

Saturday we left dreary Clacton on Sea at 7.23am..  yes 23 minutes behind schedule already.  Yippeeeee! If anything goes to plan then I ain’t going out the door. Mum, Charlie and I all got in the car and chose how long it would be before I got the huff with someone and had a moment of road rage.  Charlie said 1 mile (thanks for that!!) Mum said around 8 o’clock but I was optimistic and when for 12ish…  The actual time of road rage was 8.17 am so mum was nearest…  She got to pay for McDonalds for being so clever BAH!  Ok so there I was poodling on down the motor way as you do when I came across a twonk who was driving at like 2 mph in the fast lane, I was like why?  Then I was like f*&king hell, then I was flash, flash of my lights, get the hell over, then I did a naughty and over took on the inside YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOWWW… But c’mon….. 

Anyhooo the drive was wonderful and not as long as I had thought..  I was worrying quite a bit seen as it really is the first time I have travelled since my lovely little accident…  So I was a lot scary, but we are on day 2 and there is NO pain, thank you papa!   We drove to Winchester where we was going to get out and mosey on round the town BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where was the parking?  As far as we could see there wasn’t any but the town looked pretty huge, so we looked from our windows as we drove by and into Frome.


Now frome is a very quaint little town it is not a village, nor a city, it’s a town.  It has a mixture of all kinds here.  We parked easily by a little market, which sold lots of fresh produces and also plants and well markety stuff lol.. We walked through the town which had all your modern shops but also it had many traditional shops, like toy shops, haberdasheries, stationary also tea rooms, ice cream parlours and lots more.  This was one of the few streets that where scattered over the town.. We had a cuppa tea down this one and in the middle that is a gutter with running water.. It was quite tranquil sitting there..  Charlie was mesmerised, I think mum took pics?

Today we went off to Cheddar Gorge and I must say, I want to return before I go back.  Never have I seen such beauty.  If you sit and look at the wonder of all the crags its amazing.  The Gorge was an amazing piece of gods work for sure.  We did go in to the caves briefly but as we were going deeper and deeper, it did become less and less leg friendly, so I stopped going down further.  It was cool though, I had a little headset that was giving me all kinds of information. It’s amazing that the water from up above still falls and goes in to the Bristol whatevery..  In one part of the cave there was a huge errrrrr shelving thingy that was maturing all the cheese, there was no stench but my eyes kinda clouded over bwahahahahaha!!!

Cheddar is not at all for the faint hearted..  You need a good set of legs to battle the gradual climb and decent of the gorge, plus there are so many shops, I think maybe too many.  While we were there we went in nearly all the shops and attractions, but we never did it all and we have a valid ticket for 10 years if we want to go back and visit the remainder… 

Eating we popped into a place called Derrick's Tea Rooms.


Mum had ham, egg and chips, which I said looks like 2 boobs with a beard bwahahahahahaha..  Yeah she never though it was funny either..


I had just egg and chips OH MY FLIPPEN WORD lol NOMOMOMOMOM!!


And char? well Char and chips all round please..  Actually my little Tarzan has not stopped stuffing his gob since we have been here..