Monday, 4 June 2012

Western Swooper Mare pt1

Happy Bank Holiday everyone.  I hope you had a fabby day like we did..  Today we went over to Western Super Mare.  I must say again it was very pleasant and there were miles and miles of beaches..  But when the tide goes out it really goes out.. I did manage to get my beach fix though..
As you can see here there is no sea.  (Anyone know the random crisp eater?) The weather did behave and it never rained, the temp hung around 17 degrees which is ok for me…
Western Super Mare felt very old, it reminded me of a Margate of moons ago or a Yarmouth, when I was a child.  It was teeming with people doing traditional beach things.  It was like they were tagging a tad behind and not keeping up with the times..  Is that a good or a bad thing?  For me it was a pleasant thing.  No screams and shrill voices of parents and children.  For a bustling place it was very tranquil too..  There were still donkey rides and horse and cart rides along the beach, what impressed me the most (I am usually opposed to some of the working conditions) the donkey’s and horses had large buckets of fresh water and food and they also were allowed to roam rather than being tied in on spot all day.  I am hoping they had plenty of shelter too to keep the sun off.  I love donkey bonkey’s <3
If you wanted traditional food then this is also the place to be, from ice cream to fish and chips typical seaside stuff, candy floss and burgers, sticks of rock and even donuts.  It also had THOSE shops full of cheap goodies that lure you in and make you buy things you really don't want or need.  Lucky for me I do live in my own seaside town so these shops are easy not to go into.
Mum Checking out the menu, Me Checking out the local talent *SNORT*
Mum deciding on cod, chips with mushy peas.
Mum n Char
NOMOMOMOMOMOM Cod, chips and mushy peas although I hate mushy peas LOL!!!

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