Wednesday, 20 June 2012

And then.....

The wind started to howl and blow and blow until it blew all the phone lines down and there was no internet.  So I am back with a couple of posts to catch you up with what I was doing..  I can't remember be bothered to look where I was up to so lets hope I can pick up where I left off..



Have you guessed where we are going yet?


Here is a clue (the big mountainy thing covered in cloud)  Yes that could be Snowdon?  I'm not quite sure bwahahahhahaha!! Anyhooo this day we were in Wales


We stayed on a little farm which neither mum or I can remember the name of.. Crikey... It was beautiful though, we bought some homemade marmalade nom nom nom..


We went down this road where every shop or house was a different colour..  It looked just like a rainbow, ahhhhhhhhhhh!


And I spotted this sign in Cardigan..  I burst out laughing at the irony of it...  So this is the story.  My online friend has a screen name called Roland Of Ka Tet.  Not funny yet?  Hang on.. Everyone knows him as Roland...  This is a hair dressing salon sign...  The funny thing is that Roland has NO HAIR... 


Oh just me who thinks it's funny then!

*SIGH* I do try..

Anyhooo more from me soon xxxxxx

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  1. AnonymousJune 20, 2012

    Roland approves of this post :)


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