Friday, 18 February 2011


Happy friday! What a weird ole day I had today!   I learned a new word called pedagogy, yeah it’s real.  It means something to do with teaching.  It did take us MDA’s a good 20 minutes how to even say it lol, then we did the thesaurus thing lol.

So here is the great news.  I went to the smoking cessation appointment I booked up.  Yes I am going to stop smoking.  Not only for my health but also because it’s a really bad habit and obviously over the years has got worse.  I noticed my breathing is just awful, sometimes it sounds like I have had a set of bag pipes shoved down in my chest.  Not good.  So yes me and the patches are on track. I’m all ready for tomorrow.

So for some nicely news.  I’ve finished my love pillow, but I need to just snag up some edges in order to look fab.  I started my heart pillow


I got the tutorial from Miss Ellie and this is how far I am.

Tomorrow I am off to the create and craft show, hopefully I will be able to take some snaps, depends on the rules and regs.

Have a wonderful weekend…

Ps. Have you have any signs of spring where you are?


  1. Paula,
    That is really beautiful! Will you post pics when it is finished?

  2. Loving the heart pillow! I'm in Indiana and it's sunny and 67 degrees (I think). I'm stuck inside at work.

  3. Yes Heidi, I will be glad to post when I have finished the projects.

    Hello Devonay and welcome to my blog. I wish the weather would start getting brighter here too it's absolutely freeeeeeeeezing. x


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