Sunday, 13 February 2011

Happy Valentine x

Yes another valentines is but upon is.  I am single again this year, something that doesn’t actually bother me.  I have never really celebrated valentine in a romantic way.  But I made a decision and decided that, ‘poo’ I am gonna have a little valentines all of my own.  I love hearts so I made this cake


I used the recipe from my new favourite Cherry Menlove.  I absolutely love Cherry’s site, she is full of inspiration.

I also finished my little pillow


Wonderfully inspired by The DIY Dish

I do have another pillow on the go and I am hoping to run that up on the machine after I have finished blogging here. 

The thing I have found out about these projects that although they are NOT perfect, they are indeed handmade all by me.  I love the way they have turned out.  I think crafting for me is a sense of achievement rather than a perfect finish.

What does crafting give you?


  1. They are very nice, thank you! They are perfect, because you made them , my dear...

  2. Thank you Heidi for your support and lovely comment x


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Paula xx