Thursday, 23 February 2012

Most Embarrassing Moment of the Year!!

Nothing crafty to report, but I really must share my week so fart…  Get your favourite beverage and pull up a chair..

Monday was a lovely day, it went pretty well as my days do.  I went to work and decided on a soothing swim to see if I can sort this wretched leg of mine out.  Anyhoooooo those of you who know me, know my boobs could write their own blog cos they are so big.  Anyhooo so there I was in my most sexiest swimming cossy swimming happily away as you do when you are doing frog style.  I thought I would change stroke and do a few power lengths of front crawl.  Stopping to catch my breath I was watching the old guy coming along rather wobbly.. HMMM, when I looked down there were the girls swimming all by themselves how charming!!!!…  I hoisted them back into my cossy and swam very, very quickly away… I swear one of these days they are gonna take me to a high security unit..  Swimming swiftly along…..

Remember I can’t cook?  Yah that’s a pancake..  Lucky I am not a conformist and round ones are so boring…


After about 4987584546565565 I kinda got the circular thing bwahahahahahahaha…


Today I had my hair chopped off into EMO style its fabulous and I love it..


oh look at my doggy getting in on the act..  OH and my wardrobe door open tut..  LOL my hand looks like one of them giant hands you get at football..  Anyhooo I am off for now..  I have a few projects I want to finish x

Saturday, 18 February 2012

What are little boys made of ?

What are little boys made of ?
Frogs and snails
And puppy-dogs' tails
That's what little boys are made of.

Yes boys are stinky and if you are lucky enough to have one or two then you really will get to grips of why your partner is the way he is lol. The things they do is something in built, the things they say is part Martian.  For some reason or another we love them for it and we tend to love them to bits, spoiling them and babying them always.  As a mother to 2 of them they are a joy and a frustration.  Would I swap them?  (Ponders that last sentence..).  I would never swap them, however I would consider selling… They torment the life out of me, they do things that make me want to tear out my hair, they are moody and speak in some kinda of language they only understand..  BUT on the other hand, they are loving and they are funny, they make me laugh, they make me smile and I am soooooooooooooo proud *insert chest puffing here*.  I am proud to be their mum and I am proud of them.

Anyhoooo moving swiftly along.  Mum’s friend is having a baby yayyyyy another boy lol.. I have made some cards which I was asked to do and I also have a Nappy (diaper) cake to make. 

Card Ingredients:

Lily of the Valley baby stamp
Coloured with promarkers
Papers = I can’t remember
Flowers from Wild Orchard Crafts


Here is the box I made to pop my little cardypoo in. Nothing elaborate.


Yesterday I went off to the Creative Craft show in Maldon.  Put it this way it took me longer to get there than I was actually there.  I do love to see all the new crafts and I did pick up one Japanese craft that I will show you once I am done.  But I dunno my happy place seems to get really disrupted when i am being pushed and shoved all over the place. Why are people so rude?… There were lots and lots of goodies but I just couldn’t get to them so I just left..  But it was a nice drive out and I haven’t been out for a while..  Well last year lol..  How sad am I?  I need a friend.  I think I need to find me someone I can do stuff with.  But then on the other hand I tend to tire of people really quickly if they are in my space too much.  I know, I know, but its true *sigh* I hate being that way..

Anyhoooo I am off to play with some paper…

Friday, 17 February 2012

Love is in the air….

This little bloglet of mine today was inspired by a really lovely blogger Krista, you should totally check out her blog, she is so amazingly talented, and, and, and well just check her out..

A is for Artsy fartsy stuff.  Yeah you know what I mean, other peoples creativity just is amazing.

B is for Beach, my solace, my love, it calms me, excites me, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.  It can be thrilling and colourful, yet sad and lonely..  I could write a book about it but I wont lol..

C is for Charlie my eldest spawn.  Oh MY Gosh I am so proud to be his mummy.. I love him with all my heart..  I thank god for giving him to me. 

D is for Doggie, my doggie Rosie, my friend, my confident, the one who sits on my feet, my head, my shoulder, I am sure she thinks she is a parrot.

E is for Electrical Storms, you know the ones where the lightening streaks across the sky and lights it up like fireworks.

F is for films.  I love all kind expect for horror.  I like blood guts and gore.  At the moment 300 is still up there in my top five films let me give you a count down: 5) Conan the barbarian , say no more… 4) Gladiator the story of love keeping him alive long enough to avenge his family 3) 300 OMG I want to be a Spartan woman…  For Sparta… 2) The Piano, dark mysterious erotic,  1) The Notebook, I so want to be loved like he loved her *sigh* There is a pattern, its half dressed hunky men yum yum..   Moving swiftly along…

G is for guitar, I play badly, but I play because I love to hear the sound of the strings being plucked and some kind of tune dancing over the air waves soothing as they go..

H is for Heroes.  Thank god for them.  These men and women are the ones who keep us safe.  The keep our skies free our land in one piece and our waters calm.  Thank you so much for protecting my country, for protecting me and my family.

I is for the internet.  Such a wonderful, brilliant, invention.  I love the fact I can travel the world with a click of a button, learn to play a piano, find out who you are related to, have loads of fun playing addictive games, reading about other peoples lives.  Yes my favourite invention.  So wonderful, there is so much that I have learned and so much I need to find out.  I haven't even scratched the surface.

J is for my job.  I love it to bits and its my life saver.  I have the chance to make a difference in someone's life, to embed something that will mean them to follow a fabulous path makes me get up out of bed.

K is for my Kindle, save a tree buy a kindle.  I totally love my kindy.  It did take me a while to get used to the fact that I wasn’t page turning and feeling the books pages, but its great.  The amount of books I read its has definitely been a useful tool.

L is for light pastel colours that are so soothing to the eye and makes everything fluffy and sweet.

M is for mother. mummy. mum, parent of mine..  It’s a funny ole relationship between us and we are more like sisters.  She is the wind beneath my wings, but she is also the thorn in my side.  Right on sistahhhh!

N is for NYC i have visited a few times and each time was a new experience.  Americans are so open and welcoming, well the ones I met and even the ones I have met online are still very open.  I envy their openness or maybe their dialect. Oh well there is something about America that when I go I feel that I belong, I am home… Strange very…

O is for Optimistic I am one and I love being one too..  I love to be able to see both sides of everything and I always try to pick the positive side..  I know a few people who are my opposite and it pains me that they see something's so gloomy..  I was in town the other day and I was people watching (it’s something I  love to do) I watched how people are so gloomy looking, they walk along the street and there is no conversation, they eat at and there is no conversation, there is no laughing, no smiling.  All I see is frowns or blank expressions..  Are some people really that gloomy?  I wonder why?  I wonder what they could change to make them smile even if it was for one day.

P is for Paula, a simply complicated woman who loves life, and is learning to love again.  I have my ups and downs, but I try always to look on the bright side of life..  It’s wild how your prospective changes, let the sun in and you will shine… Totally!

Q is for quirky little cottages you find along those narrow lanes.  They are just all buried behind overgrown tree’s and foliage.  They are all wonky like the crooked man’s house, yet I find them telling a story in their old age.

R is for reading.  I love the way you can pick up a random book and just get lost in it.  I lose myself in biographical books or romantic dreams, fabulous.

S is for my baby Sonny, he is so grown up.  I love him so much.  He is the air I breath and god gave him to me.  Thank you God x

T is for Travel (Thank you Trav) I do love travelling, i love to explore new places and new things.  It’s like an adventure.  I like to travel in the car mostly, I do like to go abroad but my flying confidence is at an all time low.  My favourite place in the UK is west country.  It’s blissful and beautiful and another place I can call home.

U is for Umbrella.  I love the big clear ones that goes straight over your head so you can watch the rain and the sound is amplified, pitter, patter raindrops are falling… I like some of the designs of umbrella’s they have come out of the closet and gone tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I’m colourful buy me!

V is for vintage, I absolutely love this style, the big glamourous styles and decorative things..  Sometimes over bearing, sometimes understated, the vast array of jolly ole goodness is just fabbbbah!

W is for working dogs.  I sponsor a dog that is in training to become a working dog.  She will be homed with someone who is blind, her name is Misty and she is a black Labrador.  Other working dogs include, dogs for the deaf, dogs for the elderly, rehabilitation dogs, dogs for wheelchair users and the list goes on and on. 

X is for xylophone..  No lol what do I put in for X..  I could say x is for the x in sex and let your minds wander down the gutter…  Sex as in gender *wiggles eyebrows*  I actually love being a woman what can I say Winking smile

Y is for yellow, which reminds me of chicks, which means its spring and spring is my most favourite season..  The circle of life begins, everything starts to come alive and colours seem more vibrant after the dull winter months..  Ahhhhh bunnies and oooo Easter = chocolate = happy bwahahahahaha!!

Z is for zest. Lemon, orange, lime, clementine anything zesty.  It’s a smell that brings the scents of summer alive even in the coldest winters.. 

Woooo so there you have it skimming the cockles of my mind x

Thanks for reading xx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I got me some……



Yes I am wearing a red bobble hat and yes my mum has blinded me in my right eye…

Happy Sunday!! More snow last night BOOOOO!!! Rain this morning YAYYY!!! And now the sun is shinning happily though the window..  Happy Sun Happy Paula Pinkle.. How is your Sunday?..  Mine is fabulous as ever.  Today I am gonna be super lazy and have a day off..  So far I have coloured a new digi stamp with my new pencils..  Yes at larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrst they have come have a look at my workspace (which is actually a poufee bwahahahaha)


I got me some prisma coloursoft premier pencils, the 132 tin.  This is a really new way of colouring but the choice of colour is fabby and deep joy..  I must admit it will take me some time to get used to this way of shading but have a look what I picked up from Scrapbook Stamp Society and I am shading..  Thank the lord for people who can draw and share with people like me who cant lol..






Not quite sure about her eye smudge but I think its ok once she is carded up properly.

I finished the card from last week and at the moment there is not much difference between the derwent inktense and the prisma coloursoft..  Practise, practise, practise, practise.


I really love to create beautiful things, they may not be that way to you or to anyone else but to me, it is sooooooooooo theraputic, I can lose myself and indulge in a world of my own even if its for a short while, its a great feeling… 

Well blimey this morning I was reading Little K Smiths blog and apparently Google is closing its Google friends… WHY??? Oh who knows why lol…  Anyhooooooo good news Linky Followers have come to the rescue, and if you are like me and like to be liked then this will replace Google friends.

Heart breaking news today!  Unfortunately not shocking.  A talent given to us by God.  I guess, a woman who was struggling with inner demons, who knows!  Lets hope that Whitney Houston is resting now..  May god be with her family especially her daughter, lets hope that the hand of God rests on her and gives her some peace in her pain.


Good bye Whitney!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Banana wrapped in pancake

What a lovely Sunday!! I am sitting here all cosy after just finishing a superb Sunday roast, which I must say was absolutely scrummy yum yum..  Although with the gaps in my teeth I will probably be picking out pork for the next week.

So guess what happened???  It only went and done it didn’t it.  Yes! After months of promising the kids got their wish and the snow fell, and fell and fell.  Mum was on weather watch with my friend Gina who hates the snow… So every few minutes I have an update…  We call it Snow watch bwahahahaha! Anyhoooo we have snow..

I’ve not been upto much just practising my colouring and painting skills.  Inspired by Lena.  You should really check out her blog she is so talented..

Here is my feeble attempt at a little process of what I did.

I started with the leaves, usually I start with the hair. 

SDC11346SDC11348The Hair my favourite part.. 


The face I am really having trouble blending the right colours..  I am using Derwent Inktense which do throw out a really rich colour or INTENSE bwahahahahaha!


Flowers lastly..  I am not sure about them but ho hum.. 
I just have to do the background to make her pop but I want her really dry before I start sploshing about lol.

And just to make you really jealous NOM NOM NOM..  I love my mummy.. Banana wrapped in pancake with strawberries and cream *DIES*


Lastly in my business this week.  Oh wait no… I wasnt..  I did a little project that was in craft beautiful this month.

SDC11344 SDC11342SDC11343

This was sewwwwwwwww (exsquease the pun) simple even i managed it..


1.   Word processing program to make a word search
2.   One sheet of cotton sheets (I used A4 size from Crafty Paper)
3.   Printer
4.   Assorted coloured threads.
5.   Picture frame

Make the word search, print it, sew round the words or names whatev and then frame it TADAAAAAAAA

Happy days people xxx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Oh Miss he is so PENG!!

Peng!  What is Peng you ask?  Well its the new crazy word that I learned at school today. “P E N G Miss!!!, it means when you are hot and fit…  So there you have it the new lush is peng.

So Mr Mike had his baby, well not him personally his wifey Catherine lol Congrats to the happy couple.  Remember the nappy (diaper) cake I was making I finished it ..


Yeah it’s stuffed with nappies, diapers, bibs socks, soaps, dummies…  Loads!!  I even made sock and bib roses.



I made a card to go with


I matched the papers to the cake board


Completed lovely.  I then realised that I couldn't fit it in to an envelope…  Any tips on that would be much appreciated lol

Anyhooo I am off to start a new project..  I still haven't even don't my homework from Saturday yet!!!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!!! LOL!!

Have fun xxxxx