Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mamma’s Day

A big shout out for all the mamma’s in the world.  You are special to their children even if us children are rat bags, we will love you till the end of time..  Well I thought I would dedicate my blog post to my Mum as it is a day of celebration.  Well to be honest I hate the commercialisms, I can tell my mum she is special any time of the year not just one day..

Anyhoo my Mum was born in 1947 and she was number 3 of 8 children… She was born in Forest Gate a little town in East London.  But because it was post war most of the families were moving into Essex.  So there mum grew up in Dagenham Village.  She and her siblings went to school and grew up alongside all the other post war families that had been moved out.  In her teens she worked in East Ham, Woolworths dressing the window.  No I must say my mum is a bit of a travelling matt and she loves to travel.  So her and her sister did just that and travelled most of Europe, visiting lots of places including, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Turkey blah blah so many …  She met her husband who was a successful German engineer and moved to Germany.. 

That’s where all the fun happened IE MEEEEEEEE!!!! She met my dad who was an American Soldier posted at Hanau in Germany and mum was working on the base.  The met fell in love, sooooooo romantic and I was created a child born from pure love. *Insert Hair musical*  So she divorced her husband and came back to England alone and I suppose very afraid but there you have a strength of a woman.  I was born not quite white (dad was black African) So there she was, with me alone with nothing, but the support of her family.  And she worked and gave me all what she could, should lost friends because they couldn’t see past the colour of my skin.  Some family members were upset, but mum being mum, dug her heels in and raised me the best way she could.  Of course as I grew I became the biggest bitch ever and how I treated my mum was absolutely disgusting and disgraceful and shameful.  Once I finally grew up years and years later I came to realise actually what my mum had done for me and what my mum does for me now.  Yes she has her faults unfortunately she isn’t perfect like me, but she does try..  We are like chalk and cheese yet something there makes it work. 

Mum is quiet and timid, I am not.
Mum is patient, I am not.
Mum gets irritated easily, I do not.
Mum remembers everything, I do NOT.
Mum shouts, I do not.
I am bossy, she is not.
I am fussy, she is not.

OH the list goes on and on. Then there are the things that we don't clash.

We are both funny with great sense of humours.
We laugh so much that we usually end up needing oxygen.
We both snore ridiculously loud bwahahahahha!
We are so close now that we finish each other sentences. 

Again another long list but what my mum does for me still is amazing.

I have a mental breakdown, she picks up all the pieces.
I am not confident, and she gives me the confidence.
She supports me even when she thinks I am doing wrong.
She makes me laugh when I am on a low down.

What do I do for my mum….  I love her and I let her know it.  She is my best friend and my worst enemy, but she is my mum, she is my mother, my father, my sister and brother.  I am lucky to have my mum.  She has been sick and her body is starting to fail and I am the one who tries to give her all the best things…  I know I wont have her for much longer so what time we do have together, I want to make the most of it.

I made her card this year, and its a simple card because sometime fewer words just say it all.

Ahhhh There she is *sneak sneak*


Surprise *stuffs camera up her nose*
Giggle, giggle!


“Go Away!”
Bursts in to laughter


“ Seriously Eff off”
Does the shocked look, then laughs


Oh too funny, see what I mean about irritated, then again I do torment the life from her…..

Mothers day Tulips, they are so lovely and springy..


Wishing you all a wonderful mothers day!!!!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Show Must Go On!

SDC11383Hello lovely readers.. Hasn’t the weather been delightful. Let me just say I am beginning to shake off those winter blues and let the sun shine on through. Mind you I have been so busy the last few weeks, my sleeping pattern has gone right out the window.  Hopefully that will calm down as I start to settle into spring.

So what has this girl been doing…  I dunno if you noticed but I have had an ‘emo’ hair cut lol, not that I am an emo, I just love the style.  But the only problem is when the weather is damp or raining and I have to go curly I kinda look like the female version of Brian May….  So anyhooo lets get cracking, I have so much to tell you.

A friend of mine passed, yes the dreaded Cancer struck again.  It reminded me how short our lives are and we should grab opportunities and be brave enough to try new things or say things that we should say, like I love you, or you are special or do you know that you make me so very happy.  Letting a loved one or a friend know what they mean to you is worth more than all the gold in the world. 

I made another nappy cake this time it was for a colleague who works with my mum.  I also made the cards..  I think this one was much better neater that the last one.  Apparently she really loved it. I hope she did.


The same week I finally finished the crocheted baby blanket, I so enjoyed doing this..  I may do another just for the sake of it.  I wasn’t there because I do get embarrassed when people praise me.  I am like take it, I don’t want thanks.  So I tend not to go to these things.  I guess that's the joys of being shy..


Though looking at the blanket now I think I could have done it a lot better neater.

Mum had her 65th Birthday, unfortunately I was nursing her for a rotten bout of the cold.  She did say she liked her card, which I did totally different from other cards I made.  For one I used all colours I hated, and it did surprisingly turn out really nice.

The rubber stamp I searched for ever, mum has cross stitched a set of these and I thought that it would be nice for her card.


I made a thank you card for my tutor at college, we are nearing the end of the course, and all I can say is a big yippee! I want my Saturdays back lol..


I also had made a ruby wedding card for someone at mum’s work and a birthday card for mum’s best friend from childhood, and her friend at work. I never had a chance to photograph them because as soon as they were dry a certain person stole them and sent them off. *sigh*

So my masterpiece.  I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of me. Hmmm does that sound a bit too much.  Well anyway who cares this is my bestest piece I have ever done..  You might not like it, but I love her… Obviously she looks much better, I just cant take photo’s all that well, not that you would have noticed.. Bwahahahahahahahahaha…..


I think I could have done her hair better, white hair was really difficult for me, now its kinda grey but, I think it works well… 

Anyhooo that’s me out for now, be well and thank you for coming xx

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Something I learned Today

So this is new to me I learned it through a friend..  What the tube and spread this to someone..  Thank you..