Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I Decided (...at last)

Helloooooooo everyone, what an absolutely beautiful day it is. Here in sunny Clacton it's just wonderful. The sky is powdered gently with cloud and they are all whispy and fresh. I even managed to get all my sheets and towels dry.. Lovely just wunnerful!

Anyhoooo so Sunday gone see mothers day here in the UK and I must be honest and say it was the best mothers day ever... Even though my kids never bother my mum and Marie made it special, with cards from them and some little candles which smell wonderful.. Mum and I, we had a really nice day. We went over into Colchester to Dunelm's and we spent lots and lots.. (Sometimes retail therapy is a great thing, but only sometimes lol) We then found a rather yummy little pub that was absolutely fabulous. It server proper old fashioned dinner. We all had Sunday roast beef with all the trimmings. I had Jam Roly Poly with lashings of custard and mum had Apricot Crumble with ice cream. We came home fully stuffed and vegged out with some choccies. A lovely day. I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day, and those who can't be with their children or children can't be with their mother, I hope that you had peaceful and happy memories remembering them.

The hook has returned! YEAH! I'm back at the stick thing with a hook at the end crocheting away. Well not away. I am really learning the stitches which seem to be sticking with me, I know with practice they will become more neater.

This is what my square should have looked like, the salmony coloured one on the left.

My first attempt came out like that, the greeny coloured on the right lol.. My mum was squealing like a pig, saying 'oooooooo look you can crochet', and all I could say was 'well yes, yes I can!' ha ha ha ha ha After a few million attempts I finally decided that I had mastered 'Shell Stitch' and completed a full square.

You know what that don't look to bad if I say so myself. I really need to get my tension right but I think it will come over time. I am so proud of myself and I really enjoy it too. After I finished the square I thought I would practice some circles. HEH HEH HEH!

Yeah its really wonky, more like a pretty flower of flower. It's supposed to be that way. Ok!!! it's not, I lied! It's supposed to be circular. I will practice until my fingers drop off. Well actually no that's a lie too! For the love of Gerard Butler, I have a bout of compulsive lying, I think it's the exciting news I have to share. (and no I am not pregnant, just before you go running off into the distance for knitting needles and wool) ANYHOOOOO!! After many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, more attempts this was the last circle I am practicing with.

(Flattens it down)

So I still need to practice but I think it's a lot neater. Currently I am learning how to do a granny square. My wrist has dislocated several times and that ain't no lie heh heh.. (ok it was!) Mummypoo is going to come and sit with me because I think I am sticking my hook where it shouldnt go, as you do in these times of trouble.

So my good news. I have made a HUGE, GINORMIC, HUMUNGIO decision. Which is (drum roll if you please)..................I have decided I am not going to be selling my flat.

After many nights awake pondering the benefits of a move, it dawned on me that why do I really need to move. I mean in oder to move I would have to get into some debt to cover the extra expenses of a bigger house. As a person who doesnt have the luxury of working my funds are counted each month like everyone elses. So why should I move, and get myself in to ooddles of debt so that everyone can have a bedroom? I spoke with mum about it and she was in total agreement, she said she would rather stay here and do it up and be comfortable, rather than move and struggle. So here we are staying put and the best bit is. I have full, full FULL rein over the decor YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!..

Watch this space I am totally going to renervate our home (of course with lots supervision and advice from queen mother, who has given me full rein HA!!.) I'm so excited!!!!!! *nibbles nails in anticipation*

I'm ready to send Miss Dawn a.k.a Country Girl her parcel, I really hope she likes her goodies. And I really Enjoyed doing the colour swap. I think it's made me braver to get more involved. I have put my name down for Claire's Pincushion Swap, and my partner is Katy from Girl Industries.

Well that's all for now, dinner to get ready and colour swatches to look at la la la la la

Have a great Evening/Night/Day !




  1. hi sweety

    gosh its been so long since i been to your blog. This is quite different from shades of me. Looks like you quite the crafty one. I would love to make crafts but everything I have ever attempted to male has fallen to peices lol so i just leave it to the people who know what they are doing now lol

    Have a great week sweets

  2. Hi!
    Sounds like you have been busy - don't blame you for staying put. House moving is one of the biggest stresses going!
    Well done on the crochet - I still haven't got the hang of it.
    And Yes! your parcel has arrived for the colour swap - what lovely things, thank you so much :)
    I haven't posted yours yet - such a busy week but will tomorrow, I promise!


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