Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Parcel

all for me sent from Dawn who was my colour swap partner..

OOOOOOOOO I was squealing and it was like Christmas all over again. But I did constrain myself and opened each little goody carefully..

This is the goodies Dawn sent me. ♫ Pink glorious PINK!!!! ♫

Cute little needle holder, handy for when I set off down the beach in the summer, or waiting for the kids when I'm on a school run.

A lovely little brooch for my spring jacket

I'm not quite sure what I would like to do with these pegs, yet but I am sure they will come to good use.. ooo maybe I might use them on my notice board.?

Nope not sharing LOL!! yummy yummy choccy in my tummy! I know what I will do with this little beauties EH EH!!

These little snotties will go into my handbag, as I do have a little tissue collection in there.

I nearly ate this scrummy postcard lol.. Isn't it delish!?

Strawberry anyone!? I am putting this into my kitchen when it's all done, I can see it now all in place on a cupboard door.

My pink fantastically knitted box is going to house my crochet wool in the car when I am sitting there waiting for the kids to come out of school.

Lastly some lovely, lovely ribbon which always comes in handy.

Thank you Dawn so much I really appreciate it and I was so happy to receive such lovely gifts. @@( Ü )@@




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  1. What a lovely parcel and a great idea!
    Can anyone join in the colour swap? I would love to take part.


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