Sunday, 7 March 2010

How Springy

March has been..  The sun is so glorious... The temperate is warming up...  Goodie, Goodie Gum yums!!

In this post I thought I would just skim a little on what I have done over the week..

On Monday I recieved this wonderful little book to add to my addiction.  The things in here are really simple to make I will be having a go and of course will share my crafty bits with you..

I bought a light box.  Simply because I am sick of wasting so much time and paper transferring patterns..  I have found it a really good investment for transferring on to light materials.  Seen as I rarely use dark ones I think it will be a good investment for me.

I treated myself to a wonderful bunch of flowers to cheer myself up..  It worked! I felt all springy as you do..

I primed up some pots for a new project I am playing with.. (It's not advisable to do this on the coffee table in front of the TV).

I'm not going to go nuts in explaining this because it's a sneak preview and my Colour Swap partner Country Girl might be snooping round to see what I'm upto.

I went to the garage this week to have Peter the Perv's (My Peugeot 307, we named him Peter the Pervy Peugeot...Go Figure!) tyre's done..  That was exciting because I never done it before, I always had Mark to reply on, but you know when a girl has to do something she pulls up her sleeves and gets stuck in..  I liked the EuroPit and I am going to have Peter serviced there on Tuesday, there prices are really good and Warren was very helpful telling me what they did blah blah.  Yawn.. But at least he took a little time out to explain to me things I know nothing about..

I had an meeting with the collage about Charlie going this year.  They are hopeful he will get in.  I am desperate he will get in.. I mean come on what do you do with a 6ft, 16 year old with Autism.  He needs to be occupied in a structured way. Although I am pretty organized I do tend to drift, and plus he needs to be out of the house.  I don't want him spending his time rotting his brain away doing nothing.  So hopefully fingers crossed he will be able to go off to college in September.

Mum had a wonderful birthday, as per usual I forgot to take Cameron the crazy camera with me.. So no pic's.  I really do have to get into the habit of taking Cameron with me.

I have finally finished mum's apron for mothers day YIPEEEEE!!! I can't wait to show you I think you will like it..  But for now I hope you all have a really Happy Sunday and enjoy the wonderful weather.

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  1. Now that was a very springy post ! I love your light box and of course the lovely flowers . All the best with the college application .
    .-= clare's craftroom´s last blog ..What's in the box ? =-.


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