Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm DIYing and I'm organsied(ish)

Blasted bloody blog, and that's all I have to say on that matter LOL!! Please bear with me with my blog layout, I'm adding and taking away all fun fun fun!!!

Ok so this week I have been up to not a lot, but it does feel like loads and loads. Those who know me, know my decision making skills are naff (and that's being complimentary to myself if I must say). So everything takes twice as long to do until I make a firm decision, which might take me weeks.  I often wonder if it's only me who can't make a decision, but I reckon there are many out there who are the same, well I hope there are!

Since I have decided to stay put mum and I are going to gut the whole place and redecorate. Finally after weeks of trying we have found a builder who we like and seems like he can do the job. (I hope he flipping well can!) His name is Vince and he seems like a nice guy.(I hope he is!) I put on all my charm (which didn't include pushing my over large boobs in his face) and he seemed to understand in my wafflings what it was we want.

So the mother and I have been looking for a new kitchen, because that where he is going to start. My goodness, there is some right ole poop out there. The kitchen I liked starting prices were £29,000. Well it was about £27,000 out of my price range so we looked again. This time settling for a homebase snazzy country kitchen called Amalfi, which is actually under our price range.  Saturday we have the kitchen guy in to do all the measurements (the kitchen not us!)

I started the boy's bedroom, I so far have stripped the window sill and half of the walls.

So I used this stuff, which stinks to high heaven, so if you do have a go of it make sure that your room is well ventilated..

This stuff was really easy to use, I pasted it on with a scraper and left it overnight for extraness.  It says about 6 hours or over night but I don't want to be going over and over it.

This stuff did this.  Literally took off years and years of paint over night..  Impressed, yes I was..

I'm as slow as a snail, so by the time the kitchen is finished I should be just about ready to paint in there LOL! I was inspired by some wrapping paper for the boys room which is really snazzy.

It's all in my head, I hope I can relay the idea's to the walls.

Last week I made some cakey's for my mum the oldies where my mum works.  They can't have this and that and the other becasue of diet.  So I made them some teeny weeny strawberry cakes.


Hmmm! who is this naughty ole crow?  I wonder??
The pic is blurred becasue I was laughing so much but here is a mouth watering close up that isn't blurred.

(The bottles of gaviscon at the back wasn't for the purpose of over eating these luscious lovies)

So I hope you do forgive me when my posts are irratic between the DIY and sorting housework and oooo the kids are off from tomorrow on their Easter hols.  Hopefully the next post will be a little bit more crafty...

Have a great Easter xx

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