Saturday, 31 December 2011

Yes they are slightly different.

OHHHHH I must say I do really really love these..  It does take a little practice to get used to them, but if I can do it, then you can for sure!  I haven't got many colours, but the colours I have are great.  So last night ( I know you shouldn’t colour at night ) mum, Sonny and I were watching Captain American (don’t bother) I decided to have a play with my promarkers

Now a few days ago into my inbox came this post from Pop.  Go check it out, she is so talented I love her work, and totally fell in love with Sugar Nellies Girls.  Pop described how easy it was to colour and I was like, yeah right!! In my dreams maybe.  But seriously I downloaded a few of the girls and yes they were easy to colour.  Why?  I shall tell you.  I am not an artist, I cannot draw, I have no clue about light, or colour, or which blends well together.  I pick up a colour and start colouring.  With the Sugar Nellie designs all the ‘arty’ stuff is done for you, all you have to do is add colour..

This is Joy from Sugar Nellies Home Grown Range over at Funky Kits


Yes they are slightly different.  I always do 2 of everything and pick the one I like the best, but to be honest with you, I just can’t pick.  I totally love the way she came out.  It is the same image I just flipped one over.  I so love them you can pick them up from Funky Kits.  You know why I like them, I like the fact I can print them in whatever size I like.  I much prefer digital stamps to rubber ones.  Less mess for a start and because I am super talented rubbish at stamping, I find it much less frustrating.

Anyhoooo today I am going to paint the same picture using my Derwent Inktense pencils and see how that comes out.

Buh-bye for now x

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

What can I say!! Another year gone, where does all the time go?  The children are not children any more but young men, going through all the challenges of life.  I’ve shared some good times this year, some bad times and a few sad times.  But look, I’m still here and so are you.. Lets have a little looksie what has gone on over the last year!


We has snow! Sonny is proudly showing off his snowwy endeavours.


We learned how to shoot pigeons (EWWWWWWW!)


We Chilled at the beach!


We did some bird watching.


We danced at the end of year party


We had fun at the pier…


We broke our Achilles Tendon (OK I!)

Errrrrrr we didnt do much after that LOL!!!!! We couldn’t.  But through it all we got to the end..

Wishing you all the best in 2012 and for the believers that the world is going to end.  I’ll see you on the other side..  Have a wonderfilled 2012…..

Monday, 26 December 2011

Another Christmas Over

Hello and a very merry Christmas, or happy holiday, or happy day if you don't celebrate at all..

Again another year of me being hostess with the mostest..  I am tired beyond belief.  As many of you know Christmas is not my favourite holiday BAH HUMBUG!!! I do enjoy the preparation's but I hate the day.. I must admit this year I have been a tad tipsy since Christmas eve bwhahahaha!

Today is Boxing Day, traditionally the day after Christmas day when the wealthy would basically box up their old stuff food toys clothes etc and give them to the servants or to the poor..  Charming!!!  Now its mainly just another glorified holiday for spending more money at the shops..  No I am not grinchy when I say that, I just feel that Christmas has lost its spirit.  What happened to Baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph, where did the carol singers go and what's with the heat wave in the middle of the winter LOL!!  Maybe a little grinchy.  The only good thing is that I spend the say with my closest..  My babies and Mum.. They are what make me get out my Christmas tree and do the festive things. Although I did get on my Mum’s nerves this year can you tell


I’m gonna so die when she finds out I have put this up.. Can you guess what she is saying??  Answers on a postcard!!!! Bwahahahahahahaa!


OMGoshly! Someone call childline! No wonder I am so scarred LOL!!!! *sings I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die*

Though we do still have a laugh I cut her fringe or bangs as you guys across the pond say..  A bit wonky I know this.. See below her beloved hair is ruined by my hand  *hangs head in shame, then laughs in abundance*


Although this pic does get all of my five chins in and guess what this is what we are..

Crafty things to come in the New Year and still my surprise to unveil. 

Wishing you a wonderful 2012 and I hope you are as happy as we all are,,