Friday, 15 February 2013

……….strain your brain…

Hello my lovelies.  It feels like forever since I have written some news on my blog.  But I do actually have some time.  I dont like to rush my blog posts.  I like to think about what I am saying and take my time and try and tell you as much as I can.  I have lots of news today so bring up a chair, grab a beverage of your choice and lets do this.

I work at a school which I must say is my pleasure and don't be offended with what I say next.  I love my job to death, I get to spend time with kids who are in the world and know the world they love their life and seem to live it to their fullest ability.  It’s my escape and my time that I can laugh which I do the whole time I am there.  I love my boys to death and I really, really do that's no doubt.  But they are super hard work mentally and it’s so nice not having to strain your brain. Well this week I applied to be Senior MDA (mid-day assistant) which 3 years ago I wouldn't have even dared do that.  I think I am up for the challenge and I am keeping my fingers crossed.  But hey if I don't get it then that's ok too….Kinda, I hope I don't take the rejection to badly but then saying that, i will get over it.

I made a pen pal this week.  Now one thing you must understand is that I am not a social butterfly.  I am a shy little creature who likes to keep friendships at a safe distance.  I am really happy to do that.  It takes me a long, long time to even talk to people.  And this may or may not sound stupid, but even to write a comment on someone's blog I might have deleted it a billion times.  It’s an acceptance thing.  I don't do rejection very well and I like everyone to like me and if they don't my world comes crashing down. So I tend just to stay away for safety reasons.  Anyhoo I made this little card and sent of my letter.


I absolutely LOVE the way this card turned out.  and I did something completely different.  I used fabric for the hair ribbon and shaded it a little, although it hasn't come out very well.  But that's my crappy picture taking bwahahahahahaha!!!!

Also if you hadn't noticed all the roses, hearts, flowers and chocolates it has been valentines day (pancake day was the day before)  I made these yummy heart shaped hunks of chocolate goodness


I know you can’t really see them properly but let me just say they went a treat.  I made some for Sonny for the cadets and staff at St Johns Ambulance, they went down a treat, they sold about 20 for their fundraising..  I took the rest into work and came home with just 5 which mum took in to her work.  They were super simple to make, but definitely NOT for the faint hearted.

Hot Chocolate on a spoon/stick
(makes 10 – 15)

250g of good milk chocolate the best you can afford
60g of icing sugar
30G cocoa powder
1 teaspoon of salt
Additional Chocolate, sprinkles, marshmallows or whatever to decorate or add flavour.


  • Sieve the icing sugar, cocoa powder and salt in to a bowl, mix well and leave aside. 
  • Melt the chocolate, I used a double boiler basically a bowl on top of a saucepan of hot water, the reason is because I have full control over the chocolate, it wont burn either unless the bowl is sitting directly on the water.  if you want to use a microwave then just blast it for a few seconds at a time so not to burn it.  I melted the chocolate until it was runny but still shiny, this means its still at tempering stage and will set nice and shiny and not all brittle and bitty looking like some cheap old stinky chocolate.
  • Once the choccy has melted add the dry ingredients really slowly making sure its mixed in well.  You may not have to use them all.  Keep the bowl over the heat, but please be careful not to burn yourself.
  • Once the mixture is to a thick consistency then you can fill your mold.  I put my mold on to a baking sheet filled it up added a spoon and then popped in the fridge.  You can add addition flavours or such at this point, like coconut, orange peel, peppermint candy, whatever is not going to seize the chocolate.  They take about 10 minutes to set, but you can just feel when they have set. 
  • Pop them out of the mold, I recommend silicone as you just peel them out, add them too a small bag with some yummy goodness and give them to your friends.  Super easy peasy and super sweet.

Anyhooo I am out of here for today, I hope you try the recipe I got it from a site online and for the life of me I can’t even find in my history where.. Thanks for reading today x

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

…hippy chick…

Happy, happy Tuesday to you.  I am suffering listening to Les Mis, and I must say that Hugh Jackman has a brilliant voice, who would have thunk it lol.

How am I?  We funny as it seems I am very well considering the weather doesn’t know if it’s spring or winter *sigh* When I am working at school I do have to go into the playground to watch the kids, come rain or come shine *bursts into song, swaying like the hippy chick she is*  Ahem!! Anyhooooo! I’m doing lots of projects and I am managing to keep up with them without the feeling of being overwhelmed which means I am enjoying to the projects and that my friends is how I like to roll.

Mum asked me to do her friend from work a birthday card.  She is an avid tea/coffee drinker and when I was looking for a stamp I remembered this one from Faery Ink.  Amanda really does capture life as it is..  I love her work. Anyhooo you should check out Manda’s new layout and her new freebie it is so swoony.  Have a look and leave her a comment send her some hugs we all love them don’t we…


I am getting into the box making for the cards which are a lot less than flat lol.. The more I do the better I get.  My Measurements are still terrible, I think it could be my ruler?  You never know! 

Today I am proud that I am finally on the way to feeling less pointless.  What are you proud of?


Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Patch of Spring…

This Possibly may be the most famous grassy wreath on the internet lol.. So of course I just had to make one.  Mum keeps touching it every time she goes by it.  Which mean my grass may become worn, I will have to change the sign to please do not fondle the grass bwahahahahaha..  I have hung it on the top door to my little flat and when you come in from the cold you see it and for some reason it does make you have a little smile..



I couldn’t help myself I had to add the butterflies otherwise how would you know its mine lol? I would love to to make your own and just drop me a line or a comment and I will come and visit your patch of spring.

You can find Patty’s Tutorial to make your very own patch of spring here