Wednesday, 18 February 2015

50 Shades of Boredom

imagesYeah so me and my BFF Emma have both read the book 50 shades of grey and decided that because the book was so literally terrible we should see if the film was any better, and also have our own opinion on the facts of the film.

The credits roll and wooohoo the film is off to a roaring start.  OH!! Oh no wait is that Emma sleeping – I look across and there she is with her eyes open but I do believe she is sleeping.  How does one do that?..  Maybe her eyes dried out..  My goodness we are only 5 minutes into the film… 

I really should not compare anything to the book, my imagination is far to wild for the likes of Christian and Ana.  He had thin lips – she was perfect.. But his lips were creepy lol!  Also I was waiting for the spark, maybe I am old and sinister but there was not spark, no charisma, no va va voom.  I just didn’t feel it.

As my swollen eyes glanced around the theatre at the other 3 strangers in there, two people are walking out.  Is the film that bad?  Yeah! Really! Yeah!  I am still trying to figure out the story.  I got the whole boy meets girl thing and for a while there I was waiting for a wolf to bound on to the screen but then I realised this wasn't twilight bwahahahaha!

For twilight fans this is a diabolical story of  Edward and Bella also known as Christian and Ana.. *SIGH* <Insert vom bucket here>  I mean, I am one for giving everything a second thought, I am a Libra, it’s natural to me to balance up the pro’s and the consssssss..  But honestly, please go see it but only if you need sleep not for entertainment.  Also see it if you want to join in the conversations at work.  I have honestly seen more action in a Disney film.

Verdict is…  if you must watch it then take lots of popcorn so when you get bored you can munch your way through..  Lot’s of lip locking… Lots of muff hair, does no one own a pube trimmer? All that money and you would think he would invest in a trimmer – blimey it would put a yeti to shame.   oh and Emma just said that Ana had a mole under her armpit.  You see what happens when one gets bored, we become critical ha ha ha ha.  Please Christian stop by the beauty salon and get yours and Ana’s muffs trimmed.  But then Emma just said maybe they had to have extra furry muffs for the camera Surprised smile  Does this mean they had muff extensions?  Emma also wants to add in this part (whose is this blog anyway) that if that’s the worst it can get…..  I am not even going to type what she said ….

So let me know your 50 Shades of Grey thoughts..

This is the sadder part of the story, I just have to watch the next ones, just for a laugh……

Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday’s Inspiration

So today I uploaded my first Inspirational Creation for Faery Ink.  I’ve known Manda forever and I thought I would like to be on her team and she pitied me and let me on it lol!!

Anyhooo here is what I have been playing with:

Gabbie as Alice in Wonderland


I hate the shadows, I really must invest in a proper light box thingy..  I am still practising hair from my Kit and Clowder Skin and Hair classes.  they are going not too well bwahahahahaha!!!

A close up of my oddities


I coloured her using ProMarkers and Tim Holtz Distress Pens
Bit’s and bobs from stash.

If you do end up over at Faery ink why not check out her challenge blog.  They are having an Enchanted Tea Party

Happy Creative Monday xoxox

Saturday, 7 February 2015


Yes tingo.  Tiddly (one of my fave digi stamp designers) is holding a compo over at her challenge blog.  And it’s been a millennium since I joined in one.  So what best way to jump back on the horse is to to a challenge.


So I picked ‘Guilty of Sweet Love’ from the sweet tooth collection and I don’t think she came out too bad at all.  I chose Distress/image/patterned paper (TINGOOOOOOO!!!!!!!) for this creation and the quote is a printable from livelaughrowe


I used promarkers and stuff from stash to make a mini wall calendar.

I hope you like it x

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Cirque Du Soleil


Mum and I were so lucky to go see this.  Seeing Cirque Du Soleil has been on my bucket list for a life time.  I have seen it on the telly and just would have loved to have gone live.  My wish came true and although I wasn’t feeling my best, I still enjoyed it more than 100%.   It has been the only show I can recall that has left me wanting to see more.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately I can’t share any pictures as you wasn’t allowed any photography.  But I can give you a few words to sum up the evening.  Breath taking, heart stopping, magical, enchanting, hilarious, moving,.  Mum said it was fantastic, wonderful, excellent, best thing ever..  I have to agree.  The atmosphere made the dome swell and when I say my heart was in my mouth on more than one occasion it was true.  If you ever do something in your time then try and do this.  


Of course the selfie at the Albert Hall.  The weekend was definitely a weekend of firsts.  I stayed in a Holiday Inn in Shepperton, which was very clean and tidy, I slept through the afternoon trying to sleep off a groggy head, that’s not like me at all.  I went to Prezzo and had my first Italianio meal.  I visited the Royal Albert Hall and went to see Kooza.  I visited Covent Garden and watched the street performers.  So for me a truly Magical time. 

For more pictures on Kooza search in your browser for Kooza LOL!!!

Have fun xx